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    Sharia & health huda Sharia & health huda Presentation Transcript

    • More than Honey & Black Seeds Islam’s Contribution to Human Health Hatem al-Haj, MD, PhD
    • ‫إسهبم الشريعة في حفظ الصحة‬ Sharia’s Contribution to Human Health1. General Guidance Regarding ‫1. هداٌة عامة لحفظ‬ Health Maintenance ‫الصحة‬2. Specific Advice ‫2. نصائح خاصة‬3. Liberation of Human ‫3. تحرٌر العقل البشري‬ Intellect
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • Guiding Humanity to a Healthy LifestyleIs Sharia’s Greatest Contribution to Health
    • Iman | Faith
    • HEALTHY TO HAVE FAITH ِ‫"الَّذين آهنُىا وتَطوئن قُلُىبُهن بِذكر َّللاِ أَ ََل بِذكر َّللا‬ َّ ِ ْ ِ َّ ِ ْ ِ ُ ُّ ِ َ ْ َ َ َ ِ ْ ُّ َ ْ ".‫تَطوئِن القُلُىة‬ ُ “Those who have believed and whosehearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured." [Sahih International: ar-Ra‟d: 28]
    • HEALTHY TO HAVE FAITH Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School "foundthat faith quiets the mind like no other form of belief.” [i] Dr. David B. Larson of the American National HealthResearch Center says, “Among Americans religious believers suffer60% less heart disease. Suicide rate is twice is high for non-religiouswomen than religious women. Religious believers are seven timesless likely to have bad blood pressure.”[ii]
    • Research … RelianceAm Heart J. 2006 Apr;151(4):934-42.Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer (STEP) …Benson H, Dusek JA, Sherwood JB, …. - Mind/Body MedicalInstitute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.Abstract… CONCLUSIONS: Intercessory prayer itself had no effecton complication-free recovery from coronary artery bypass graft(CABG), but certainty of receiving intercessory prayer wasassociated with a higher incidence of complications.
    • Qadar & Mental Health ٍ ‫ِ ْ ُ ِ يب ٍ ف اْل ْ ِ ََ ف ْ ِ ُ ْ إا ف ِ ت‬ ‫"ما أَصاب من مص َة ِي َْرض وَل ِي أَنفُسكم َِل ِي ك َاب‬َ َ َ ِ ‫إ ا ذل عل ل ِ ي‬ ‫من قَب ل أَن َبرأَىا ِن ٰ َِك ََى الاو َسير * ِكيََل َأْسوا‬ ِ ْ َ ‫ل َْ ت‬ َ َ َْ‫ْ ْ ِ ْ ن‬ ٍ ‫عل ٰ َ ف ات ُ ْ ََ ت َ ُ ب َ آت ُ ْ َ لو َ يِ ُّ ُل ُ ْت‬ ‫ََى ما َ َكم وَل َفْرحوا ِما َاكم والا ُ َل ُحب ك ا مخ َال‬ “.ٍ ‫َ ُو‬ ‫فخ ر‬ “No misfortune can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before We bring it into existence: That is truly easy for Allah *In order that ye may not despair over matters that pass you by, nor exult over favors bestowed upon you. For Allah loves not any vainglorious boaster.”
    • Sunni Belief in Qadar (Predestination) Herbert Benson, MD says, “Faith in God is the bestpreventative tool for such stress and to promote healthy immunesystem. Believing that one hand is in control of everything easesthe mind.” [iv] Edward T. Creagan, M.D., Mayo Clinic, describes the bestway of stress management: “Acknowledging that life is notalways fair, and the good guys do not always win...”[v]
    • Moderation, on Both Ends “…ُ‫“... ٌِى١َْل ذَأْعٛا عٍَٝ ِا فَاذَىُ َٚل ذَفشدُٛا تِّا آذَاو‬ ُْ َ َ ْ ََ ُْ َ ٰ َ َْ َ َ“…In order that ye may not despair over matters that pass you by,nor exult over favors bestowed upon you...”َْ‫"أَدْ ثِةْ دثِ١ثَه ًَ٘ٛٔا ِا عغٝ أَْ ٠َىْٛ تَغ١ؼه ٠َِٛا ِا ٚأَتغغْ تَغ١ؼه ًَ٘ٛٔا ِا عغٝ أ‬ْ َ َ ْ َ َ ِ ِْ َ ً ْ َ َ ِ َ ُ ْ َ َ ْ َ َ ً ْ َ َ َ ُ "‫٠َىْٛ دثِ١ثَه ٠َِٛا‬"Love those you love with moderation, for they may be your foesone day. And hate those you hate with moderation for they maybecome your beloved one day." [At-Tirmidhi from Abu Hurairah]
    • Bipolar Disorder According to a Psychological Science study basedarticle by Fulford, Johnson, Llabre and Carver, “... fallingbehind …we feel negative and motivated to increase effort, ifprogressing faster than expected we feel positive and areinclined to slack off a bit… Drawing on literature relating BDto elevated goal-approach sensitivity, we hypothesized thatpersons with BD would be less responsive to unexpectedly highprogress than would control subjects …study confirmed ouroverall hypothesis...”[i]
    • Ibadat | Acts of Worship
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • ObsessionsAbu Hurayrah  said: The Messenger of Allah  said:ُ‫”ٌَٓ ٠َُٕجٟ أَدذا ِٕىُ عٍُُّٗ. لَااٌُٛا: َٚل أَٔاد ٠َاا سعُاٛي ؟َِ لَااي: َٚل أََٔاا َِِل أَْ ٠َرَغّاذِٟٔ ؟‬ َ َ ْ َ َ َ َ َ ْ َ َ َ ْ ُ ْ ِ ً َ َ ِّ ْ .“‫تِشدْ ّح عذدٚا ٚلَاستُٛا ٚاغذٚا ٚسُٚدُٛا ٚشٟء ِٓ اٌذ ٌْجح ٚاٌمَظْ ذ اٌمَظْ ذ ذَثٍُغٛا‬ ُ ْ َ ْ َ ْ َ ِ َ ُّ ْ ِ ٌ ْ َ َ َ ُْ َ ِ َ ُ ِّ َ ٍ َ َ“No one of you will be saved by his deeds.” They said: Not evenyou, O Messenger of Allah? He said: “Not even me, unless Allahbestows mercy upon me. So do good deeds properly, and try tocome close, and worship Allah in the forenoon and in theafternoon and during a part of the night, and adhere tomoderation that you may reach your target.” [Al-Bukhari]
    • Health Maintenance & Hygiene
    • Fitrah | Natural Inclination
    • Natural InclinationThe Prophet  said: ‫“اٌفطشج خّظ: اٌخراْ ٚاَلعرذذاد ٚلض اٌشاسب ٚذمٍ١ُ األظافش‬ ”‫ٚٔرف اَلتؾ‬•“The fitrah (natural inclination) is five things:c i r c u m c i s i o n , removing the pubes, trimmingthe moustache, cutting the nails, and plucking thearmpit hair.” [Agreed upon - from Abi Hurayrah]
    • Natural InclinationThe Messenger of Allah  said: ‫"عشر من الفطرة : قص الشارب وإعفاء اللحٌة والسواك واستنشاق الماء وقص األظفاار وسساا الاارا‬‫ونتااا اطاااط وحلااق الاانااة وانتءاااص الماااء . قاااا ريرٌااا : قاااا مباااب : ونسااٌا الااشاارة إ كن تيااون‬ " ‫المضمضة‬“Ten [practices] are of the fitrah [natural inclinations]: trimming themoustache, letting the beard grow, brushing the teeth, rinsing thenose, clipping the nails, washing the finger joints, plucking thearmpit hair, shaving the pubes and washing oneself with water afterusing the lavatory.” Zakariyya said: Mus‟ab said: And I forgot thetenth or it may have been rinsing the mouth. [Muslim from „Aishah]
    • Hygiene
    • Health Maintenance• Hygiene: Rinsing the nostrils, the mouth, and brushing the teeth “Siwaak” Proper toileting practices. Using the right hand for drinking and eating and left for cleaning. Abstention from sexual relations during the menstrual cycle and the postnatal discharge.
    • Removing Impurities
    • Removing Impurities Impurity of dog and pig • Wash 7 times, including 1 time with soil (Hanafi 4 times) • Wash 3 times Other Impurities • Other position: 1 effective Impurity on the ground • Pour Water over itMale infant’s urine • Sprinkle the areaProstatic secretion (Madhee) with waterTrivial amount of blood, • Excused pus, and similar things
    • Guidance, Even There!
    • Using the LavatoryThe Prophet  said: ".‫"ِِرا تَاي أَدذوُ فََل ٠َأْخزْ روشُٖ تِ١َّ١ِٕٗ َٚل ٠َغرَٕجٟ تِ١َّ١ِٕٗ َٚل ٠َرََٕفظْ فِٟ اإلَٔاء‬ ِ ِ َ ِ ِ ِ ْ ْ َ ِ ِ َ ََ َُ ُْ ُ َ َ َ“When any one of you urinates, he should not hold his penis in his right hand orclean it with his right hand; and (when drinking), he should not breathe into thevessel.” [al-Bukhaari].Hafsah (may Allah be pleased with her) reported that, ". ‫ واْ ٠َجْ عً ٠َّ١َُٕٗ ألَوٍِٗ ٚششْ تِٗ ٚٚػُٛئِٗ ٚثِ١َاتِٗ ٚأَخزٖ ٚعطَائِٗ ٚ٠َجْ عً شّاٌَُٗ ٌِّا عٜٛ رٌِه‬ ِٟ‫"أَْ إٌث‬ َ َ َ ِ َ َ ِ ُ َ َ ِ َ َ ِِ ْ َ ِ َ ِ ُ َ ِ ُ َ ِ ْ ِ ُ َ َ َ“the Prophet  used to use his right hand for eating, drinking, making wudoo‟,getting dressed, and giving and taking things, and he used to use his left hand forother things. [Ahmad; Saheeh al-Jaami‟]
    • Using the LavatoryAbu Hurayrah reported that the Prophet  said: "ٍُِّٙ‫"اذمُٛا اٌَلعَٕ١ْٓ لَاٌُٛا ِٚا اٌَلعَٕاْ ٠َا سعُٛي ؟ِ لَاي اٌزٞ ٠َرَخٍٝ فِٟ ؽَش٠ك إٌاط أَٚ ظ‬ ِْ ِ ْ ِ ِ ِ َ ِ َ َ َ ِ ِ َ َ ِ ِ“Fear the two things that bring curses.” They asked, “What are thetwo things that bring curses, O Messenger of Allah?” He said:“When a person relieves himself in the road where people walk or inthe place where they seek shade.” [Abu Dawud; Saheeh al-Jaami‟]The Prophet  also said, ".‫"ذّ١ؾ األرٜ عٓ اٌطش٠ك طذلح‬“Removing something harmful from the road counts as a charityfor you.” [al-Bukhari from Abi Hurayrah]
    • Wudu’ and GhuslMinor and Major Ablution
    • T h e d a n ge rs o f n o t wa s h i n g yo u r h a n d s • Despite the proven health benefits of hand washing, many people dont practice this habit as often as they should — even after using the toilet. Throughout the day you accumulate germs on your hands from a variety of sources, such as direct contact with people… If you dont wash your hands frequently enough, you can infect yourself with these germs by touching your eyes, nose or mouth. And you can spread these germs to others...
    • Madmadah & Siwak
    • Nasal Irrigation The study concluded that nasal irrigation has an enormous potential of improving the quality of life of millions of patients in a very cost effective way. Tomooka L. et al. (2000) Clinical Study and Literature Review of Nasal Irrigation. The Laryngoscope Nasal Douching as a Valuable Adjunct in the Management of Chronic Rhino Sinusitis. Rhinology 37:29-32 (Netti Pot)
    • BathingRequired after ejaculation of semen, intercourse, menstruation and postnatalbleeding. Some added upon conversion to Islam, and Ibn Taymiyah said, forJumu‟ah if one has an offensive odor…etc. We even wash the dead and themajority considers it a communal obligation.Recommended in religious gatherings, as well as all types of gatherings, andthat includes: Jumu‟ahs, the two Eids, eclipse prayer, prayer for rain, standing in„Arafah, in al-Mash‟ar al-Haram, before stoning the Jamarat. It has also beenstated by the scholars that it is recommended upon change of one‟s mental orphysical condition, such as for the one who went insane or fell unconscious whenhe recovers, and after cupping…etc. It is also recommended for some acts ofworship, such as entering ihraam. Some hold it recommended after washing thedead based on a controversial hadeeth.Times Online March 26, 2009: The Dirty Secrets of Bath timeYear 1000 CE. The Crusaders return from the east with the news of a delightfulcustom – the Turkish bath. Bathhouses are built all over Europe.
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • Prayer
    • And Bow With Those Who Bow.Meshino, J. “The Role of Spinal Inverted Taking Traction in Chiropractic Practice.” ACA tension off discsJournal of Chiropractic 18 (Feb. 1984): 63-68.• Study stated the hip flexed position (90/90) facilitates lumbar traction by flattening the lumbar spine and decreasing the loading effect of the psoas muscle on the lumbar spine during traction. Lost Flexibility! Lost Flexibility!• Study stated inversion helps to negate the Never Stop Bowing! Never Stop Bowing! effect of gravity on the spinal column.• Study stated inversion offers promise as a form of prevention, maintenance, and therapy.
    • A n d P r i o r t o T h i s , T h e y We r e I nv i te d t o P r o s t ra te
    • Research … Prayer HelpsAnn Saudi Med. 2002 May-Jul;22(3-4):177-80.Evaluation of new physical exercise taken from salat (prayer)… inthe rehab of geriatric and disabled patientsReza MF, Urakami Y, Mano Y. - Department of RehabilitationMedicine, Hokkaido University School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan.Abstract… CONCLUSION: Physical activities involved in theperformance of salat helps in the rehabilitation process in disabledgeriatric patients by improving blood flow and increasingmusculoskeletal fitness
    • YogaAccording to Dr. Karima Bruns, MD, the Five salatpositions activate all seven “chakra” points. Easternbeliefs say that activation of the chakra points promotenerve and “energy” health.Bruns says modern science shows this to be true and thatthe salat actually does this better than yoga, because it ismore moderate and constant.
    • Putting It All TogetherAccording to the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind BodyMedicine - Harvard University:Elicitation of the relaxation response is actually quite easy.There are two essential steps:1. Repetition of a word, sound, phrase, prayer, ormuscular activity.2. Passive disregard of everyday thoughts thatinevitably come to mind and the return to your repetition.[i]
    • Components of Prayer Islam Christianity Judaism Eastern Secularism ReligionsPhysical ● ○ ◐ ● ●Mental ● ● ● ● ●Spiritual ● ● ● ◐ ○Obligation ● ◐ ◐ ○ ○Frequency(daily obligation) ● ○ ◐ ○ ○ ● Consensus ◐ Partial ○ Non-existent
    • Congregational Prayers & HealthTHE AMMAN DECLARATION - Health Promotion: AnIslamic perspective…the fifth stage of Bracht et al. (1999) model isdissemination and reassessment…updating communityanalysis and profiles, “which involves looking for changesthat might have occurred in leadership, resources, andorganizational relationship..”…In addition several otherchannels of communication can be identified within anIslamic community, which include the Mosque...
    • Zakat
    • Zakat and HealthIn comparing the third pillar to what was stated in the OttawaCharter (WHO, 1986) it fits … action point of building healthypublic policy:“Health promotion policy combines diverse but complementaryapproaches including legislation, fiscal measures, taxation andorganizational change … Joint action contributes to ensuring saferand healthier goods and services, healthier public services, andcleaner, more enjoyable environments” De Leeuw and Hussein(1999) in illustrating the „Islamic Charter‟ links this action point tothe Islamic concept of Waqf, …
    • Zakat and Health… The Ottawa charter action point Strengthen communityaction, which states: “Community development draws onexisting human and material resources in the community toenhance self-help and social support… there is also a linkwhich as well fits within this Islamic pillar of alms giving.
    • Sharia and Social Health • Legislations of communal obligations • Congregational services • Zakat and Charity
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • Sawm | Fasting
    • Fasting Research into how to slow human wear and tear down has beenfocusing on “caloric restrictions” and fasting to successfullyreverse and slow cellular decline. Richard Weindruch Ph.D. andRoy Walford M.D., have both conducted extensive researchsubstantiating this claim. A study performed by JA Mattison, MA Lane, …NationalInstitute on Aging in Baltimore in 2003 found that caloricrestriction extended lifespan in and reduced the incidence and ageof onset of age-related diseases.
    • Fasting Dr. Goldhamer‟s research also found that fasting is particularly effectiveand commonly recommended to counter uterine fibroid tumors. … Dr.Goldhamer has found that a correct fast will often dramatically reduce the sizeand effect of these tumors and allow surgery and drug use to be completelyavoided. Similar success has been experienced with ovarian cysts and cervicaldysplasia; In another study conducted by Dr. Goldhamer, 151 of 154(98%)consecutive cases of high blood pressure (hypertension) were able to achieveand maintain normal blood pressure through fasting, without medication…wasnot unusual to see a drop in cholesterol of as much as 100 points…
    • Ramadan: No Harm for HealthyEur J Clin Nutr. 2003 Dec;57 Suppl 2:S30-8.Effects on health of fluid restriction during fasting in Ramadan.Leiper JB, Molla AM, Molla AM. Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, AberdeenUniversity, UK.…majority of the studies found significant metabolic changes, but few healthproblems from the fast. A reduction in drug compliance was an inherent negativeaspect... Common findings … increased irritability and incidences of headacheswith sleep deprivation and lassitude... small body mass loss is a frequent, but notuniversal, outcome of Ramadan... No detrimental effects on health have as yetbeen directly attributed to negative water balance at the levels that may beproduced during Ramadan.
    • No Weight Problems in for FetusArch Dis Child. 1990 Oct;65(10 Spec No):1053-6.Ramadan and birth weight at full term in Asian Moslem pregnantwomen in Birmingham.Cross JH, Eminson J, Wharton BA.Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham.Abstract: The birth weights of 13,351 babies born at full term from1964-84 to Asian Moslem mothers in Birmingham were analysed ...Ramadan had no effect on mean birth weight at whatever stage ofpregnancy it occurred … We conclude that the Ramadan fast has noeffect on the birth weights of babies born at full term.
    • Fasting & BreastfeedingClin Sci (Lond). 1984 Mar; 66(3):291-8.The effect of water abstention on milk synthesis in lactating women.Prentice AM, Lamb WH, Prentice A, Coward WA.Abstract: … ten lactating Gambian women who were fasting during Ramadan…Fasting consisted of total water abstention from 05.00 hours to 19.30 hours and wasaccompanied by high insensible water losses. … Plasma indices of dehydration ..showed a greater rise in the lactating women than in the control over the period offasting. However, the 19.00 hours values remained in the normal range obtained onnon-Ramadan days. … The lactating women appeared to have adapted bysuperhydrating themselves overnight … Fasting caused changes in milk osmolality,lactose, sodium and potassium concentrations indicative of a marked disturbance ofmilk synthesis.
    • Fasting & Type 2 DiabetesInt J Clin Pract. 2010 Apr 30.Maintenance of glycaemic control with the evening long actingsulphonylurea in male type 2 diabetic patients undertaking theRamadan fast.Zargar AH, Siraj M, … Dept. of Endocrinology, Sher-I-KashmirInstitute of Medical Sciences, Kashmir, India.Abstract … Conclusion: Male type 2 diabetic patientsundertaking the Ramadan fast can safely maintain glycaemiccontrol with evening administration of gliclazide...
    • Fasting & Sports EnduranceBr J Sports Med. 2010 Jun;44(7):516- The Messenger of Allah  said, ِ َ َّ ".‫"لَ ٌْس مِنْ البِر الصوم فًِ السفر‬ ِّ ْ21. ُ ْ َّ َEffects of Ramadan fasting on 60 min “It is not righteousness to fastof endurance running performance inmoderately trained men. whilst travelling.” [Ag - Jabir]Aziz AR, …Performance Services Dept., Yet, he fasted along with someSingapore Sports Institute, Singapore. other companions.Abstract:...The 60 min continuous endurance running criteria test consisted of …Subjects ran significantly further during the 30 min TT run in the CON compared toRAM … Physiological responses during the 30 min TT run (heart rate, bloodlactate…) were, however, not significantly different … There were also nosignificant differences in the subjects daytime sleepiness or mood profile …CONCLUSION: Ramadan fasting has a small yet significant negative impact onendurance running performance, although the impact varies across individuals.
    • Fasting & Sports EnduranceBr J Sports Med. 2010 Jun;44(7):490-4. Epub 2010 May 19.The effects of fasting on metabolism and performance.Maughan RJ, Fallah J, Coyle EF. School of Sports and Exercise andHealth Sciences, Loughborough University, UK.Abstract: … limited evidence suggests effects of Ramadan-stylefasting on exercise performance are generally small… subjectivesensations of fatigue may be the result of loss of sleep or disruptionof normal sleep patterns. Modifications to competition timetablemay minimize or even eliminate any effect on performance, butthere may be negative effects in some events.
    • Fasting & Blood LipidsAnn Nutr Metab 1997; 41: 242-249.Fasting during Ramadan induces a marked increase in high- densitylipoprotein cholesterol and decrease in low density lipoprotein cholesterol.Aldouni A, Ghalim N, Benslimane A, Lecerf JM, Saile R.Am J Clin Nutr. 1993 May;57(5):640-2.Marked increase in plasma high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol afterprolonged fasting during Ramadan.Maislos M, Khamaysi N… Dept. of Medicine, Soroka Medical Center, Ben-Gurion U. Faculty of Health Sciences, Beer Sheva.Abstract: … There was a striking nonpharmacologic improvement in plasmaHDL-C and ratios of TC to HDL-C and LDL-C to HDL-C,…
    • Fasting & Lipids & WeightBody weight loss and changes in blood lipid levels in normal men on hypocaloricdiets during Ramadan fasting.Hallak MH, Nomani MZ.Division of Family Resources, West Virginia University, Morgantown 26506-6124.…By end of Ramadan, body weight, blood TGs, and high-density lipoproteincholesterol had decreased significantly, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol hadincreased, and total cholesterol had not changed … findings contribute to betterunderstanding of contrasting results reported … and may be useful in regulatingblood lipids through Ramadan.
    • Fasting & Lipids & WeightBr J Nutr. 1987 Jul;58(1):41-8.Effects of fasting in Ramadan on tropical Asiatic Moslems.Husain R, Duncan MT, Cheah SH, Chng SL.Abstract: … Both male and female subjects experienced a decrease in body masswith the reduction in energy intake during fasting…Among the subjects examined,the Ramadan regimen did not result in changes in the pattern of fluid exchange.
    • Normalizing Blood PressureJ Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2001 Jun;24(5):335-9.Medically supervised water-only fasting in the treatmentof hypertension.Goldhamer A, Lisle D, Parpia B, Anderson SV, CampbellTC.Center for Conservative Therapy, Penngrove, Calif, USA.Abstract … CONCLUSION: Medically supervised water-only fasting appears to be a safe and effective means ofnormalizing blood pressure and may assist in motivatinghealth-promoting diet and lifestyle changes.
    • Even Hajj
    • Hajj and HealthAmman Declaration - Health Promotion: An Islamic Perspective… spiritual journey encourages Muslims to share experiencesand knowledge... Its link to health, at the indirect point onIslamic health continuum, can be said to be the psychodynamicsof rituals, beliefs and prayers which play a big role in building upof an individual‟s „sense of coherence‟ through salutogenicmechanism as described by Levin (1996..) but also throughreinforcing factors in the sharing of knowledge, beliefs andvalues…strengthening their positive attitudes
    • Interactions
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessed youwith this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • Financial
    • Gambling | GhararJ Psychiatr Res. 2010 Jul 16.DSM-based problem gambling: Increasing the odds of heavydrinking in a national sample of U.S. college athletes?Huang JH, Jacobs DF, Derevensky JL. College of Public Health,National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.Abstract:... This study aimed to empirically examine the prevalencepatterns and odds of at-least-weekly alcohol use and heavy episodicdrinking (HED) … Multivariate results indicated that all levels ofgambling were associated with significantly elevated risk of at-least-weekly HED…
    • Gender & Family
    • No t to Po i nt F i n ge rs , b u t to S h o w C o n cern fo r o u r H u m a n R a c e! ُ ‫وَلَ َقْرُواْ َِّى ِا‬ ‫َ ت َب الزن إنو‬ ‫َ َ ف ِ شة َ َاء‬ َ ‫كان َاح َ ً وس‬ ً‫س ِيَل‬ ‫َب‬ Nor come near to fornication: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils). (Al-Isra,17:34)Lowest Prevalence in Muslim World
    • Emotional Health • Love is not limited to love of a member of the other gender!
    • Love of Members of Other GenderNot Condemned – Only Regulated! ُ ‫َ ِ ْ آي ت ِ ْ خل َ ل ُ م ْ ِ ُ ْ ْ َ ً لت ْ ُن إل ْ َ َ َ َل ب ْن‬ ‫ومن َا ِو أَن ََق َكم ِّن أَنفُسكم أَزواجا َِّسك ُوا َِييا وجع َ َي َكم‬ ‫او ا ً ورحم ً ِن ِي َِك ََل َات ِّقَوم ََ َ ارون‬ َ ُ ‫م َدة َ َ ْ َة إ ا ف ذل َ ي ٍ ل ْ ٍ يتفك‬And among His Signs is this, that He created for youmates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. (Ar-Room,30:21)
    • Emotional Burden of Casual Sex ِ‫ر‬ ِ ‫ل ْ ِن ي ُ ض‬ ‫”قُل ِّْلمؤم ِين َغ ُّوا من أَبصا ِىم‬ ْ َْ ْ َ ُ ‫وَح َظُوا فُروجيم َِك أَزكى‬ َ ْ َ ‫ُ َ ُ ْ ذل‬ ‫َي ْ ف‬ “.‫َيم ِن الاَ َِير ِما َص َعون‬ َ ُ ‫ل ُ ْ إ ا ل و خب ب َ ي ْ ن‬ ”Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty.”
    • Deviation from Fitrah
    • Family in Islam: Treatment of the Problems of Old Age َ ََ َ َْ ِّ َ ِ َ َ ِ ِّ ُّ َ َ َِٟٔ‫"ٚاخفِغْ ٌَُّٙا جَٕاح اٌزي ِٓ اٌشدْ ّح ٚلًُ سب اسْ دُّّٙا وّا ست١َا‬ ْ َ ".‫طغ١شا‬ ً َِ “And lower to them the wing of humility out ofmercy and say, My Lord, have mercy upon them asthey raised me when I was small." [Sahih International: Israa‟ 17:24]
    • Family in Islam: Treatment of the Problems of Old Age ٌََٰٗ ِِٚ ‫"أََ وٕرُُ شَٙذاء ِِر دؼش ٠َعمُٛب اٌّٛخ ِِر لَاي ٌِثَٕ١ٗ ِا ذَعثُذْٚ ِٓ تَعذٞ لَاٌُٛا َٔعثُذ ِِ ٌََٰٙه‬ َ َ ُ ْ ِْ ِ َ ُ ْ َ ِ ِ َ ْ ُ َْْ َ ْ َ َ َ ْ َ َ ُ ْ ُ ْ ".ٍِّْٛ‫آتَائِه ِِتشا٘١ُ ِِٚعّاع١ً ِِٚعذاق ِِ ًٌَٰٙا ٚادذا َٚٔذْ ٓ ٌَُٗ ِغ‬ َ ُ ْ ُ ُ َ ً ِ َ َ َ ْ َ َ ِ َ ْ َ َ ِ َ ْ َ“Or were you witnesses when death approached Jacob, when he said tohis sons, What will you worship after me? They said, We will worshipyour God and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac- one God. And we are in submission to Him." [al-Baqarah 2:133]The Prophet  said, "َُ‫"اٌخاٌَحُ تِّٕضٌَح األ‬ ِّ ْ ِ ِ ْ َ َ ْ“The maternal aunt is like the mother.” [al-Bukhari from al-Baraa‟ ibn „Azib]
    • Punishments
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • QisasAllah said, ".ُْٛ‫"ٌَٚىُ فِٟ اٌمظاص د١َاجٌ ٠َا أٌُٟٚ األَ ٌْثَاب ٌَعٍىُ ذَرم‬ َ ُْ َ ِ ْ ِ َ ِ َ ِْ ُْ َ“And there is for you in legal retribution [saving of] life, O you [people] of understanding, that you may become righteous.” [Sahih International: 2:179]
    • Qisas and Hudood for Deterrence, not Simply PunishmentPunishment for Drinking and fornication but noteating pork, gambling and usury.Deterrence Theory:Crime can ultimately be prevented throughaltering the cost benefit ratios of such behavior.
    • Qisas and Hudood for Deterrence, not Simply PunishmentPutting severity of punishment back in deterrence packagePolicy Studies Journal| December 22, 2001 | Mendes, SilviaM.; McDonald, Michael D. Policy Studies Organization.We find, in literature and our own empirical analysis, thatonce punishment is correctly accounted for in a model, theseverity of punishment has a significant negative effect oncrime and does indeed matter as deterrence theory tells us.
    • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): Saudi Arabia: …no significant drug production reported for the country… …no significant transit trafficking … Under Saudi Islamic Legal Code, drug trafficking is a capital crime and enforced on Saudis and non Saudis alike. There appears to be a decline in executions in the past years. Nevertheless, this issue features regularly in reports of human rights organizations.
    • Rape Statistics - United States: 95,136#2 South Africa: 52,425#3 Canada: 24,350# 69 Estonia: 73# 70 Seychelles: 64# 71 Saudi Arabia: 59
    • Everybody Enjoys Security UK: Foreign and Commonwealth Office Crime The crime rate is low and is not usually a problem for travellers in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia Still current at: 23 July 2010 Updated: 20 July 2010
    • Customs and Character
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • Better for the SabireenAllah said, "‫"وإِن عاقَ ْبتُم فَعاقِبُوا ِِثْل ما عُوقِْبتُم بِه ولَئِن صبَ ْرُت َلُو خْي ر لِّلصابِرين‬ َ ِ َّ ٌ َ َ ُْ َ َ ِ َ َ ِ ‫َ ْ َ ْ َ ِب‬“And if you punish, punish with an equivalent of that with which you wereharmed. But if you are patient - it is better for those who are patient.” [Sahih International: an-Nahl, 16:126] ُّ ُِ َ ِ ِ َ َ َ َ َ َ ِ ِ َ َ ِ َّ َّ َ ِ َّ َّ ‫"الَّذين يُنفقون ِِف السراء والضراء والْكاظمني الْغَْيظ والْعافِني عن النَّاس واللَّهُ ُيب‬ ِ ِ َ ُ َ "‫الْمحسنِني‬ َ ُْ ِ “Who spend [in the cause of Allah ] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people - and Allah loves the doers of good” [Sahih International: Aal Imran, 3:134]
    • ForgivenessJ Religion and Health. 2010 Feb 24.Forgiveness Therapy: A Clinical Intervention for Chronic Disease.Elliott BA. Dept. of Family Med., U. of Minnesota Medical School, USAAbstract: … chronic conditions, including addictions, obesity, mental health, COPD andcirrhosis… with social and interpersonal etiologies… research investigating forgivenessinterventions…, which may have enormous personal and public health impact.Psychol Health. 2009 Jan;24(1):11-27.The effects of a forgiveness intervention on patients with coronary artery disease.Waltman MA, Russell DC, …Dept. of Education Psychology, U. of Wisconsin, USA.Abstract: … Patients assigned to the forgiveness group showed significantly fewer anger-recall induced myocardial perfusion defects … as well as significantly greater gains …
    • Eating
    • Eat Little ُّ‫٠َا تَِٕٟ آدَ خزٚا ص٠َٕرَىُ عٕذ وً ِغْجذ ٚوٍُٛا ٚاششتُٛا َٚل ذُغْشفُٛا ُِِٔٗ َل ٠ُذة‬ ِ َ ِ ََ َ ْ َ ُ َ ٍ ِ َ ِّ ُ َ ِ ْ ُ ِ ُ ُ َ َ َ ِ ُْ ٓ١ِ‫اٌّغْشف‬O children of Adam, take your adornment at every masjid, andeat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not thosewho commit excess. [Sahih International: Al-A‟raf 7:31] ِْ‫: "ِا َِلَ آدِٟ ٚعاء ششا ِٓ تَطٓ تِذغة اتْٓ آدَ أُوَلخ ٠ُمِّٓ طٍُثَُٗ فَإ‬ ‫لاي‬ ْ ْ َ ْ ٌ َ ُ َ َ ِ ِ ْ َ ٍ ْ ْ ِ ًّ َ ً َ ِ ٌّ ِ َ َ َ َ .ٞ‫واْ َل ِذاٌَحَ فَثٍُُث ٌِطعاِٗ ٚثٍُُث ٌِششاتِٗ ٚثٍُُث ٌَِٕفَغٗ" طذ١خ اٌرشِز‬ ِ ِ ٌ َ ِ َ َ ٌ َ ِ ِ ََ ٌ َ َ َ َ َThe Prophet  said: “Man does not fill any vessel worse thanhis stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a fewmouthfuls, to sustain him. But, if he must do that (fill hisstomach), then let one third be for food, one third for drink andone third for air.” [Saheeh al-Tirmidhi from al-Miqdam ibnMa‟deekarib.]
    • Calorie Restriction a Possible Antidote to Aging and DiseaseUniversity of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health(SMPH) anti-aging researcher Richard Weindruch, PhD,published a major paper in Science showing monkeys on calorie-restricted diet were looking so good.Clive McCay, PhD, of Cornell U., found laboratory rats kept on aseverely reduced-calorie diet lived almost twice as long asexpected, as long as they had proper nutrients.
    • Calorie Restriction a PossibleAntidote to Aging and Disease Canto, 27, at left, is on a calorie-restricted diet, while Owen, 29, eats whatever he wants.
    • Eat Wholesomeْ‫٠َا أَ٠َُّٙا إٌاطُ وٍُٛا ِّا فِٟ األَسْ ع دَلَل ؽَ١ِّثًا َٚل ذَرثِعُٛا خطُٛاخ اٌش١طَا‬ِ ْ ِ َ ُ ََ ً ََ ِ ْ ِ ُ ٌ ُّ ٌّ ُ َ ْ ُ ٓ١ِ‫ُِِٔٗ ٌَىُ عذٚ ِث‬O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan.Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. [Sahih International: Al-Baqarah 2:168]Praised in Quran and Sunnah:•Olives and Olive Oil•Honey•Pomegranates•Habbat al-Barakah Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)
    • The Slaughtering of the Animal ‫عٓ أَوً اٌّجثّح‬ ِ‫عٓ أَتِٟ اٌذسْ داء سػٟ ؟ عٕٗ لَاي: "ََٔٙٝ سعُٛي ؟‬ ِ َ َ ُْ ِ ْ ْ َ ُ َ َ ِ َ ْ َ .‫ٟٚ٘ اٌرِٟ ذُظثَش تِإٌثًْ". طذ١خ اٌجاِع‬ ِ ُ ْ َ ِ َAl-Tirmidhi reported from Abu‟l-Darda‟  that theMessenger of Allah  forbade eating al-mujaththamah,which is the animal that has been [tied and] shot to deathwith arrows. [T - Saheeh al-Jaami‟].
    • The Fodder Given to the Animals ‫ عٓ أوً اٌجَلٌح ٚأٌثأٙا" سٚاٖ أدّذ ٚأتٛ داٚد‬ ٟ‫اتٓ عّش: "ٔٙٝ إٌث‬ . . . "‫ٚاٌرشِزٞ ٚلاي دغٓ غش٠ة. ٚطذذٗ األٌثأٟ فٟ "اإلسٚاء‬At-Tirmidhi & Abu Dawood reported from Ibn Omarthat the Prophet  forbade eating the filth eating animals,and drinking their milk.”Filth eating animals and feeding corpses to livestock: theruling that makes prohibited eating filth eating animalsand feeding corpses to animals is the stronger opinion.
    • Mad Cow? are normally herbivores. In nature, cattle eat grass.In modern industrial cattle-farming, feeds may contain ingredientsincluding antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, and proteinsupplements. The use of meat and bone meal, from the ground andcooked left-overs of the slaughtering process as well as from thecadavers of sick and injured animals, as a protein supplement in cattlefeed was widespread in Europe prior to 1987.How do cattle develop BSE (Mad Cow)? most likely explanation is that cattle developed the disease fromeating feed containing the ground-up parts of infected animals. Thatswhy most countries now ban the use of mammalian protein in feedintended for cows …
    • Prohibition of All HarmThe Prophet  said, ".‫" ضرر و ضرار‬“There should be no harm or reciprocationof harm.” [Ahmad from Ibn Abbas, and it is sound].
    • Prohibition of All Harm - SmokingAMMAN DECLARATION - Health Promotion: An Islamicperspective…WHO EMRO (2000) compiled empirical data on the impactof smoking on health. They then presented this information toMuslim Scholars who analyzed the information,…and came tothe conclusion that smoking is harmful and … declared itHaram (forbidden). This replaced a former ruling that wasmade at the time when smoking impact on health was not fullyconsidered, which stated smoking as disliked.
    • Alcohol! 50% of Highway Fatalities! Homicide, Suicide, Family breakdown, Child abuse, Homelessness, Liver cirrhosis and failure, Mental disorders, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome…etc.
    • completely avoid = 0% ‫ي ي َ ل ِ َ َن إن َ ْخ ْ ُ َ َ ْ ِ ُ َ َنص‬‫َا أَُّيا ااذين آم ُواْ ِاما ال َمر وا ْلميسر واْل َاب‬ُ ُ َُِ ‫وا َزَلَُ ِجس ِّن َمل ال اي َان َاج‬ ‫َ ْل ْ م ر ْ م ْ ع َ ِ ش ْط ِ ف ْ تنبوه‬ ‫َعاكم ُفِْحون‬ َ ُ ‫ل َل ُ ْ ت ل‬O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by)arrows, are an abomination,- of Satans handwork: completelyavoid such (abomination), that ye may prosper. (Al-Maeda, 5:90)
    • Eat ProportionatelyIbn masood reported from the Prophet that he said: ‫"عٍ١ىُ تأٌثاْ اٌثمش فإٔٙا ذشَ أْ وً اٌشجش ٚ٘ٛ شفاء ِٓ وً داء" ٚفٟ سٚا٠ح‬ ُ‫اٌطثشأٟ فٟ اٌىث١ش: "عٍ١ىُ تأٌثاْ اٌثمش فإٔٙا دٚاء ٚأعّأٙا شفاء ِٚ٠او‬ ."‫ٌٚذِٛٙا فإٔٙا داء‬"I prescribe for you cows milk, for they eat of all trees, andthose have cure from all diseases. And in a different report byat-Tabarani, the Prophet said: "and stay away from cows meetfor it is [a cause of] disease.“ [Saheeh al-Jame 4061]
    • Eat Mindfully ً‫ " أٔٗ ٔٙٝ أْ ٠ششب اٌشج‬ ٟ‫عٓ أٔظ ٚلرادج سػٟ ؟ عٕٗ عٓ إٌث‬ "‫لائّا ً" لاي لرادج: فمٍٕا فاألوًَ فماي: ران أشش ٚأخثث‬Muslim reported from Anas and Qatadah that theProphet  forbade anyone from drinking while standing.Qatadah  said, we said, what about eating? And he replied, that is worse and more harmful.”
    • Putting an End to Mindless MunchingBy MELINDA BECK - Durham, N.C.The Wall Street Journal, page D1First, ask yourself how hungry you are… take time to appreciate thefood …," says Sasha Loring, a psychotherapist at Duke IntegrativeMedicine, part of Duke U. … and stopping just before youre full,ideally about 5½ on that 7-point scale… it takes discipline andpractice. Its a far cry from the mindless way many of us eat whilewalking, working or watching TV...
    • Sleep Guidance
    • Perfect Sleep RxAbu Barzah al-Aslami  said, "‫ واْ ٠غرذة أْ ٠ؤخش اٌعشاء ٚواْ ٠ىشٖ إٌَٛ لثٍٙا ٚاٌذذ٠ث تعذ٘ا‬ ٟ‫"أْ إٌث‬“that the Prophet  liked to delay „Isha, and disliked to sleep before it or talk after it.” [al-Bukhari from Abi Barzah al-Aslami]The Prophet  said: َ‫" أدة اٌظَلج ٌِٝ ؟ طَلج داٚد عٍ١ٗ اٌغَلَ ٚأدة اٌظ١اَ ٌِٝ ؟ ط١اَ داٚد ٚواْ ٠ٕاَ ٔظف اٌٍ١ً ٚ٠مَٛ ثٍثٗ ٚ٠ٕا‬ ." ‫عذعٗ ٚ٠ظَٛ ٠ِٛا ٚ٠فطش ٠ِٛا‬“The most beloved of prayer to Allah is the prayer of Dawood (peace be upon him) and themost beloved of fasting to Allah is Dawood’s. He used to sleep half the night, pray one-third,and sleep one-sixth, and fast one day and not the next.” [Agreed upon from Ibn ‘Amr]Anas  reported that the Prophet  said: "‫تءٌا‬ ‫"قٌلوا فإن الشٌاطٌن‬“Take a mid-day nap, for devils do not.” [al-Tabarani; Al-Saheehah]
    • D a i l y Ro u t i n e & P hys i ca l H e a l t h Benefits of: Waking up for Fajr*, Fasting,Benjamin Franklin’s Having a “traditional family.”“Early Rising: ANatural, Social and • "Staying Up to Beat the Blues." WebMD; Yang, Sarah.Religious Duty” • "Are you Sleeping Enough – Or Too Much?“WebMD; DeNoon, Daniel. Reporting a six-year study of more than a million Americans by Daniel F. Kripke, MD
    • Sleep Stages and Brain ActivityScientific American:Stage 1 (Drowsiness) - lastsfive or ten minutes. Eyesmove slowly, muscle activityslows down, easilyawakened.Stage 2 (Light Sleep) - Eyemovements stop, heart slows,temperature decreases.Stages 3 & 4 (Deep Sleep) -difficult to awaken, and ifawakened…, groggy anddisoriented for severalminutes.Deep sleep… Blood flow decreases to the brain, redirects towards muscles, restoring physicalenergy…immune functions increase...REM (Dream Sleep) – At about 70 to 90 minutes into sleep, …three to five episodes pernight… associated with processing emotions, retaining memories and relievingstress...Breathing rapid, heart rate increases, BP rises...
    • NIH News Release -Power Nap Prevents BurnoutEvidence is mounting sleep - even a nap - enhances information processing and learning. Newexperiments by NIMH grantee Alan Hobson, M.D., Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., and colleagues atHarvard U. show a midday snooze reverses information overload and a 20 percent overnightimprovement in learning a motor skill is largely traceable to a late stage of sleep some earlyrisers might be missing… longer 1-hour naps contained more than four times deep, or slowwave sleep and (REM) sleep than half-hour naps…Previous studies by the group tracedovernight memory consolidation … to amounts of slow wave sleep in first quarter of the nightand to REM sleep in the last quarter. Since a nap hardly allows enough time for the latter earlymorning REM sleep effect to develop, a slow wave sleep (SWS) effect appears to be theantidote to burnout… improved performance was directly proportional to the amount of stage 2NREM sleep they got in the fourth quarter of the night…
    • Now, Medicines!
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • An Ounce of Prevention!Besides all we mentioned, anticipatory guidance wasalways present in his guidance :The Messenger of God  said: ".‫•"أَطفِئُىا السراج‬ َ ْ•"When you go to sleep, extinguish your lamps. “ ".‫•و"خوروا اآلنية‬ ّ•"Cover the vessels.“ [Agreed upon from Jabir]
    • Principles of Treatment
    • There Is Cure for All DiseasesUsamah ibn Shareek said: „The Bedouins said, “OMessenger of Allah, should we seek treatments?” He said: ‫"ذذاٚٚا فإْ ؟ ٌُ ٠ؼع داء َِل ٚػع ٌٗ شفاء َِل داء ٚادذ لاٌٛا: ٠ا سعٛي‬ "َ‫؟ ِٚا َ٘ٛ لاي: اٌٙش‬“Seek treatments, for Allah has not created an ailmentexcept He created its cure, except for one.” They said,“O Messenger of Allah, what is it?” He said: “Aging.”‟”[al-Tirmidhi, who said: saheeh hasan.]
    • Defer SurgeryIbn „Abbas said that the Prophet said: "ٟ‫"اٌشفَاء فِٟ ثََلثَح فِٟ ششْ ؽح ِذْ جُ أَٚ ششْ تَح عغً أَٚ و١ح تَِٕاس ٚأََٔا أََٔٙٝ أُِرِٟ عٓ اٌى‬ ِّ َ ْ ْ َ ْ َ ٍ ٍ َ ْ ٍ َ َ ِ َ ْ ٍَ ِ َِ َ ٍ ُ ِّ“Healing is to be found in three things: the instrument of the cupper, drinkinghoney and cauterization with fire, but I forbid my ummah to usecauterization.” [al-Bukhaari]Jabir said: I heard the Prophet say: َٚ‫"ِِْ واْ فِٟ شٟء ِٓ أَدٚ٠َرِىُ أَٚ ٠َىْٛ فِٟ شٟء ِٓ أَدٚ٠َرِىُ خ١ش فَفِٟ ششْ ؽَح ِذْ جُ أَٚ ششْ تَح عغً أ‬ ْ ٍ َ َ ِ َ ْ ٍَ ِ ِ َ ٌ َْ ُْ ِ ْ ْ ِ ٍ ْ َ ُ ُ ْ ُْ ِ ْ ْ ِ ٍ ْ َ َ َ ْ "َٞٛ‫ٌَزعح تَِٕاس ذُٛافِك اٌذاء ِٚا أُدةُّ أَْ أَور‬ َ ِ ْ ْ ِ َ َ َ ُ َ ٍ ٍ َ ْ“If there is anything good in your medicine it is in the instrument of the cupperor drinking honey or cauterizing with fire that suits the ailment, but I would notlike to be cauterized.” [Agreed upon]Jabir said: " ِ‫"سِٟ أُتَٟ ٠ََٛ األَدْ ضاب عٍَٝ أَوذٍِٗ فَىٛاُٖ سعُٛي ؟‬ ُ َ ََ ِ َ ْ َ ِ َ َ ْ ٌّ َ ِ ُ“Ubayy was struck by an arrow in his medial arm vein on the day of al-Ahzaab,and the Messenger of Allah  cauterized it. [Muslim]
    • Islamic Position Re ContagiousnessThe Prophet  said, ".ٌ‫" َل عذٜٚ َٚل ؽ١َشجَ ٚ٠ُعْجثُِٕٟ اٌفَأْي لَاٌُٛا ِٚا اٌفَأْي لَاي وٍِّحٌ ؽَ١ِّثَح‬ َ َ َ ُ ْ َ َ ُ ْ ِ َ َ ِ َ َ َْ“There is no „adwa (contagion) and no tiyarah (bird omens), but I like good omens.” Theysaid: What is a good omen?” He said: “A good word.” [Ag from Anas]The hadeeth doesnt negate communicability of diseases, because he  also said, ِ ُ َْ ".‫"َل عذٜٚ َٚل ؽ١َشجَ َٚل َ٘اِحَ َٚل طفَش ٚفش ِٓ اٌّجْ زَٚ وّا ذَفِشُّ ِٓ األَعذ‬ َِ ْ َِ َ َ َ َ َ َ ِ َ َ َْ“There is no „adwaa [contagion], no tiyarah [bird omens], no haamah [venomous creature,worm or owl calling for revenge], and no Safar [regarded as unlucky month], and fleefrom the leper as you would flee from a lion. [B from Abu Hurairah]For sure owls and venomous creatures exist, as well as the month of Safar, but theprophet  condemned beliefs attached to them at the time.
    • ContagionWe become more certain of that when we see the Messenger  say, ".‫"َل ٠ُٛسدْ ِّشعٌ عٍٝ ِظخ‬ ِ ُ ِ ُْ َِ“Do not have the owner of sick camels bring them onto the herdof one whose camels are well”[Ag from Abu Hurairah]Causes lead to results but the ultimate effector is Allah alone. Thatis why the Prophet said to the bedouin, "َ‫"فّٓ أعذٜ األٚي‬"Who then infected the first one?"
    • ContagionOne who believes that contagion spreads with its own power, will not havereliance and will have excessive fear.One who knows disease is under the ultimate control of Allah will not hesitateto do what is necessary for the patients after taking appropriate precautions.The Prophet struck a perfect example for us in this regard, so while he wasthe one who said, ".‫"ٚفِش ِٓ اٌّجْ زَٚ وّا ذَفِشُّ ِٓ األَعذ‬ َِ ْ ِ ُ َْ َ“Flee from the leper as you would flee from a lion.” [B from Abu Hurairah]He was the one who ate with the leper and took him by the hand and said, “Eat,with certainty in Allah and reliance on him” [T from Jabir]
    • Modern Quarantine ‫"عٓ عثذ ؟ِ تٓ عاِش تٓ ستِ١عحَ أَْ عّش خشج ٌِٝ اٌشاَ فٍّا جاء عشْ غ تٍََغُٗ أَْ اٌٛتَاء‬ َ َْ َ َ َ ِ َ َ َ َ َُ َ َ ِ ِ َ ‫لذ ٚلَع تِاٌشاَ فَأَخثَشُٖ عثذ اٌشدّٓ تٓ عٛف أَْ سعُٛي ؟ِ طٍٝ ؟ عٍ١ٗ ٚعٍُ لاي ِرا‬ َ َ ٍ َْ َ ْ ِ َ َ(‫عّعرُُ تِٗ تِأَسْ ع فَل ذَمذِٛا عٍ١ٗ ِٚرا ٚلَع تِأَسْ ع ٚأَٔرُُ تٙا فَل ذَخشجُٛا فِشاسًا ِٕٗ." )ق‬ َ ُ ْ ْ ْ َ ٍ َ َ َُْ ٍ ِ ْ َِْReported al-Bukhari and Muslim that when Omar approached andreached a place called "Sargh", news came to him that a plague tookplace in ash-Sham and Abul Rahman ibn Awf said to him that theMessenger of Allah  said, "When you hear about its occurrencein a land, dont go to it, and when it happens in a land, dontflee it out of fear from it."
    • Learning & LiabilityIslam pioneering the liability of physicians, andsetting standards:The Messenger of Allah said, "ِٓ‫"ِٓ ذطثة ٌُٚ ٠عٍُ ِٕٗ ؽة فٙٛ ػا‬“He who practices medicine without being knownfor that, shall be liable.” [Abu Dawood from „Amr ibn Shu‟aib] [i]
    • Now, Medicines!
    • ٞٛ ‫ذ اس ٠ خ ا ٌ ر ظ ٕ ١ ف فٟ ا ٌ طة ا ٌ ٕ ث‬ H i sto r y o f t h e D i s c i p l i n e o f at - T i b b a n - N a b aw i• Abu Bakr ibn as-Sunni (D: 364 H) - ‫أتٛ تىش تٓ اٌغٕٟ )463٘ـ( "اٌطة‬ • "Medicine in Hadeeth" "‫فٟ اٌذذ٠ث‬• Abu Ubaid ibn al-Harrani (D: 369 H) - "Al- (‫أتٛ ٔع١ُ األطثٙأٟ )034٘ـ‬ • Tibb an-Nabawi" (Prophetic Medicine.)• Abu Nuaim al-Asbahani (D: 430 H) (‫أتٛ اٌعثاط اٌّغرغفشٞ )234٘ـ‬ •• Muwaffaq ad-Deen Abdullateef al- (‫أتٛ اٌماعُ إٌ١غاتٛسٞ )604٘ـ‬ • Baghdadi (D: 629 H) ٞ‫ِٛفك اٌذ٠ٓ عثذ اٌٍط١ف اٌثغذاد‬ •• Alaa ad-Deen al-Kahhaal (D: 720 H) (‫)926 ٘ـ‬• Adh-Dhahabi (D: 748 H) Mentioned ideas (‫عَلء اٌذ٠ٓ اٌىذاي )027 ٘ـ‬ • and terminology from the Greek-based (‫اٌز٘ثٟ )847٘ـ‬ • system. (‫اتٓ ل١ُ اٌجٛص٠ح )157٘ـ‬ •• Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti, who died in 1505 (911 H) (took out references to Greek (‫اٌغخاٚٞ )209٘ـ‬ • medicine.) (‫اٌغ١ٛؽٟ )119٘ـ‬ •
    • Prophetic Medicine (At-Tibb an-Nabawi)!• There is no medical Genre under the ‫• ؽة اٌشعٛي‬ category of Prophetic Medicine. (ٍُ‫)طٍٝ ؟ عٍ١ٗ ٚع‬ There is Prophetic guidance related ً ِٓ ‫ٌ١ظ فشعا‬ to health and sickness, which is ‫عٍَٛ اٌشش٠عح‬ sometimes specific, but mostly ‫ٌٚ١ظ عٍّا ؽث١ا‬ ً ٍٝ‫ِرىاَِل ٠ٕثٕٟ ع‬ general advice addressing the ‫ٔظش٠اخ ِغرمٍح‬ approach to health and disease and ‫عٓ اٌظذح‬ providing guidance to a healthy .‫ٚاٌّشع‬ lifestyle.
    • Al-Talbeenah (Boiled Barley)„Aishah reported that the Prophet  said: ."ْ‫"اٌرٍث١ٕح ِجّح ٌفؤاد اٌّش٠غ ذز٘ة تثعغ اٌذض‬"Al-Talbeenah (boiled barley +/- honey) is relieving forthe heart of patients, and takes away some sadness."And he  said, "‫"ٚاٌزٞ ٔفغٟ ت١ذٖ ِٔٙا ذغغً تطٓ أدذوُ وّا ذغغً ِدذاوٓ ٚجٙٙا ِٓ اٌٛعخ‬“It cleanses your stomachs like you cleanse your facesfrom dirt.”
    • IngredientsBarley, cooked1.00 cup200.00 grams270.00 calories DV Nutrient Worlds Healthiest Nutrient Amount (%) Density Foods Ratingdietary fiber 13.60 g 54.4 3.6 very goodselenium 36.40 mcg 52.0 3.5 very goodtryptophan 0.12 g 37.5 2.5 goodcopper 0.64 mg 32.0 2.1 goodmanganese 0.62 mg 31.0 2.1 goodphosphorus 230.00 mg 23.0 1.5 good Superior to Barley drinks because it is ground barley consumed.
    • Sharia’s Impact on Muslim Progress in Sciences Including Medicine
    •  ‫ٚظ١فح اٌشعٛي‬ The Role of the Messenger The Prophet  said, : ‫لاي سعٛي ؟‬ “You know better about ‫" أٔرُ أعٍُ تأِش‬the affairs of your world.” (َ) ".ُ‫دٔ١او‬ (M – Anas & Aishah)
    • ‫اعرذاٌح اٌرعاسع‬ No Conflict• We must have certainty in the infallibility and miracle of ‫٠جة‬ ‫اإل٠ّاْ تعظّح اٌىراب‬ the Quran and authentic Sunnah. They are the ً‫ٚطذ١خ اٌغٕح ِٓ و‬ ‫خطأ ٚتإعجاصّ٘ا‬ revelations of the creator, so His universal signs and ‫َٚل عجة فٟ رٌه‬ ‫فّٙا اٌٛدٟ إٌّضي‬ revealed word will never contradict one another, but ٌٝ‫ِٓ خاٌك اٌىْٛ ذعا‬ corroborate each other. َ‫ٚٚاػع ٔاِٛعٗ فٍض‬ ٗ‫ِٓ رٌه أْ آ٠اذ‬• Unsurprisingly, the advancement of medical sciences ‫اٌىٛٔ١ح ٚاٌششع١ح َل‬ ‫ذرعاسع ٚذرٕالغ‬ did not bring forth anything that contradicts a clear .‫تً ذرعاػذ ٚذرٛافك‬ authentic text or established consensus.
    • Liberation of the Human Mind
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • Sharia Values the Human IntellectIn fact, there are four things a good Muslim may never defy:1. An un-abrogated authentic revelation. ‫1. نص محكم صحيح‬2. A clear confirmed consensus. ‫2. أو إجماع ثابت صريح‬3. The mental axioms. ِ ‫3. أو بدائو العق ل‬4. The things perceptible by the senses. ‫ُ الحس‬ ِّ ‫4. وأوائل‬
    • He  Taught Us to Learn, So We Learned, and We Became theForerunners … We Will Always Be Indebted to Him! 
    • NO MORE DECEITIn his outspoken book The Intellectual Development of Europe, John William Draper says:"I have to deplore the systematic manner in which the literature of Europe has contrived to put out of sight our scientific obligations to the Mohammedans. Surely they cannot be much longer hidden. Injustice founded on religious rancor and national conceit cannot be perpetuated forever.”
    • THE TRUTHIn The Making of Humanity Robert Briffault says:“Science is the most momentous contribution of Arab civilization to the modern world.The debt of our science to that of the Arabs does notconsist of startling discoveries or revolutionary theories;science owes a great deal more to the Arabs; its ownexistence…
    • WHY IS IT SO “…Observation and experiment are the two sources of scientific knowledge… Greek method of acquiring scientific knowledge was mainly speculative; hence science could make little headway…Neither Roger Bacon nor his later namesake has any title to be creditedwith having introduced the experimental method…Roger Bacon was nomore than one of the apostles of Muslim science and method to ChristianEurope; and he never wearied of declaring that knowledge of Arabic &Arabic science was for his contemporaries the only way to true knowledge.”
    • SCIENCES CREATED BY MUSLIMS“Modern Trigonometry, as well as Algebra and Geometry are in considerable measure Arab creations.” [Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs, wrote in Arabic] The Columbia History of the World First Edition pp 287
    • MEDICINEIn the words of Dr. William Osler,* the Qanun has remained "a medical bible in Europe for a longer time than any other work ."* One of the founders and second president of the Medical Library Association.
    • HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE CANON • Influence of dietetics, climate and environment on health • Surgical use of oral anesthetics. • Advised to treat cancer in earliest stages, ensuring removal of all diseased tissue. • Recognizes contagious nature of phthisis (tuberculosis of the lung) and spread of disease by water and soil. • Noted the close relationship between emotions and physical condition
    • ‫هنهج التنبول‬Approach Strategy
    • Keep in Mind All of the guidance is without mistakes. That is only part of the wisdom. Guiding Humanity to a Healthy Lifestyle Is Sharia‟sGreatest Contribution to Health. Why Muslims now are not always healthier. Use this knowledge to grow your faith, increase yourcertainty, and deepen your love for the one who blessedyou with this guidance, and the one who conveyed it all.
    • We Need ‫نحتاج إلى‬ Perspicuous Confirmed Authentic Scientific Fact Report ‫حقٌقة علمٌة ثابتة‬ ‫نص محكم صحٌح‬ Clear Link ‫رابط واضح‬ .‫السببٌة والحتمٌة، الخ‬
    • ‫ثبوت النص‬ Authenticity of Reports• No room for using weak ‫• ميان لالحت اج‬ evidence in discourse with ‫االضاٌا على‬ others – OR accept from ‫الغٌر كو ترضى‬ them to use it against you. .‫كن ٌحتج علٌك اه‬
    • ‫التأوٌل‬ Allegorical Interpretation• Conditions of Ta’weel ‫• شروط التأوٌا‬• Types of Words ‫• كنواع األلفاظ‬• Types of Implications ‫• الد ا‬
    • ‫تقسٌم األلفاظ من حٌث الوضوح‬ Classification of Clarity Clear Unclear Zahir Khafi (manifest) (Obscure) Mushkil Nass (Explicit) (Difficult) Mufassar Mujmal (Unequivocal) (ambivalent) Muhkam Mutashabih (perspicuous) (Intricate)Increasing Increasing Clarity Ambiguity Courtesy of SAA student, Salahuddeen As-Seeni
    • ‫تقسٌم األلفاظ من حٌث الوضوح‬ Classification of Clarity Clear Explanation from the Sunnah ClearMutashabih Mujmal Mushkil Khafi Zahir Nass Mufassar MuhkamUnclear Insufficient Explanation from the Lawgiver Courtesy of SAA student, Salahuddeen As-Seeni
    • ‫الدالالت‬ Implications Conveys a Has Open to ta’wil Not Open to Clear Meaning Contextual Abrogation Harmony Zahir (Manifest) Nass (Explicit) Mufassar (Unequivocal) Muhkam (Perspicuous) Increasing ClarityCourtesy of SAA student, Salahuddeen As-Seeni
    • ‫‪‬‬ ‫المنهج العلمً‬ ‫‪Scientific Method‬‬‫‪• Logical reasoning‬‬ ‫- المنهج ا ستد لً كو الرٌاضً: ٌسار فٌه‬ ‫من مادك إلى قضاٌا تنتج عنه االضرورة،‬ ‫.‪and abstraction‬‬ ‫وهو منهج الالو الرٌاضٌة.‬ ‫- المنهج الت رٌاً: ٌاتمد الت راة طثااا‬‫‪• Experimental‬‬ ‫بحة فرضٌة ااٌنها كو خطئها، وهو‬ ‫.‪Method‬‬ ‫منهج الاحث فً الالو الطاٌاٌة.‬ ‫- المنهج ا ستردادي: تحلٌا الماضً عن‬‫.‪• Historical Method‬‬ ‫طرٌق ما تريه من آثار، وٌستخد فً‬ ‫الالو التارٌخٌة واألخالقٌة.‬ ‫عبد الرحمن بدوي: مناهج البحث العلمً، الكوٌت: وكالة المطبوعات 7791 ص81-91.‬
    • ‫الربط والسببٌة والحتمٌة‬ Causality and Reproducibility
    • ‫نحتاج إلى‬ We Need ‫إخالص‬ Sincerity
    • ‫نحتاج إلى‬ We Need ‫همم‬ High Aspiration
    • ‫نحتاج إلى‬ We Need ‫صبر‬ Patience
    • ‫نحتاج إلى‬ We Need ‫هؤسسبت لضبظ‬ ‫وتحسين البحىث‬ Institutions for Better Performance
    • Blessings and Peace Be on theProphet, Our Guide, Allah’s Most Beloved, and His Family and Companions. 