Testing group’s work on fault localization
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Testing group’s work on fault localization






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Testing group’s work on fault localization Testing group’s work on fault localization Presentation Transcript

  • Testing Group’s Work onFault Localization Tao He elfinhe@gmail.com Software Engineering Laboratory Department of Computer Science, Sun Yat-Sen University The 2nd Workshop of Testing Group Mar 2011 Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China 1/37
  • AcknowledgementsThanks to Prof. Zhou and Prof. LiAlso grateful to all the Testing Group members, they are Hao Li, Hailiang Huang, Yiming Xu, Xiaoxuan Yang, Zhiwei Guo and Lingmeng Lan.
  • Outline What did we do? What is blocking progress? What will we do? 3/37
  • What did we do? Software Testing Techniques: A Survey A Simple Comparison between Java Coverage Tool Suites
  • What did we do? Coverage Based Fault Localization: A Survey (Hypothesis and Exploratory Experiment included)
  • What did we do? Coverage Collection on objects: grep, gzip, sed, space, flex, make, vim, and bash. Records and Review of each Fault
  • What did we do? Smart Debugger online: A web-based Fault Localization tool to help college freshmen debug more efficiently Smart Debugger: A eclipse plug-in of Fault Localization to help college freshmen debug more efficiently Etc.
  • What is blocking progress? Uncertainty on Priority of Research Questions  Coincidental Correctness  Coverage Equivalence
  • What is blocking progress? Tagging Coincidental Correctness  A Sustainable Research Topic?  Rich in potential and novel Hypothesis? Is it worthwhile?  Finding Coincidental Correctness manually for evaluation may be a tedious work
  • What is blocking progress? Lacking a somehow preliminary infrastructure because  Different Objects have divergent formats for  Test Cases  Testing Scripts
  • What will we do? Raise, estimate and rank Research Questions Pick one and come up with a Hypothesis Hypothesis Testing  Exploratory study  Controlled experiment Package and share Results
  • What will we do? Research Questions
  • Q&A 13/37
  • Thank you!Contact me via elfinhe@gmail.com 14/37