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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1.
  • 2. The video takes place in a warehouse, with just the band performing and some objects in the background. The video is all performance with no narrative . This video appears to be very low budget.
    Camera Angles-
    A variety of shots used.
    Close ups on band members to see emotion and facial expressions while performing the song. Close ups are also used on instruments.
    Medium shots are used to show one or two band members together.
    Long shots give the viewer a perspective of the whole band performing together.
    The camera mainly comes back to lead singer but there is not one main focus, the band is portrayed as one, equals.
    The video is shot in black and white, though the video is fairly bright , the viewer can see lighting in some shots illuminating the lead singer.
  • 3. Mise en Scene
    Costumes- Band are just in their everyday clothes, informal.
    Setting – warehouse , this connotes being hidden and away from everything.
    Props – Instruments, amplifiers, Christmas tree, religious pictures.
    The following quote is from the lead singer James Mattock.
    "The video was shot on a shoestring budget, so we decided to take the generic 'band practice' formula and try to make something a little more unique with it,". "It is in fact our rehearsal space we are playing in. The religious paraphernalia hung on the walls were merely props for something to look at, but have hilariously raised question regarding our holy beliefs."
  • 4. Editing
    A variety of transitions are used including fades, straight cut and flashes giving the video a medium to high tempo.
    During the chorus when the bassist joins in singing two shots are overlapped so the viewer can view both band members. Another effect that is used includes making the shot look like its on celluloid film reel. This gives the video a very raw and aged feel, this strongly represents what Sharks music is about with regards to their music.
    Is this video typical?
    It is defiantly typical of the punk rock genre because it is mainly performance based. It also doesn’t have much editing or effects included that might distract the viewer from the performance or song.
    It is also typical for their band size in terms of how well known they are and how much money they receive. As a band of their size would really only have a performance side to their video or a short narrative. They cant afford big productions or extras.
  • 5. Genre
    Sharks primarily fit in to the punk rock genre.
    -Punk Rock has been around since the early 1970s and began in America, UK and Australia.
    -Punk Rock can been characterised as fast, hard edged music with stripped down instrumentals and anti-establishment lyrics.
    -Punk Rock became a recognised genre and movement by the late 1970s with popular bands such as Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones, it eventually went global, and became a ‘major cultural phenomenon’ in the UK.
    -Punk Rock soon influenced many sub genres including hardcore, pop punk, Oi!, Emo and alternative rock.
    Sharks are known not to fit into just one genre or music scene.
    Sharks say that they "believe in an uncompromised art to be embraced by any one who wants to listen. We don't seem to fit too comfortably in any particular music scene anyway, and we'll continue to take it as a compliment and to be our own".
  • 6. Background Information
    Sharks are a 3 piece band from Leamington Spa, near Birmingham who formed in 2007. The bassist recently left the band for reasons unknown.
    Since then they have released 5 EPs and a compilation album.
    They have toured with major bands including Gallows, The Ghost of a Thousand and Gaslight Anthem. The Gaslight Anthem are a huge American band and this tour promoted Sharks to the American music world. This lead Sharks to a 4 month American tour which they have just finished. They are part of the Vans Warped Tour this summer. They are also playing at Reading and Leeds festival.
  • 7. Promotion
    Sharks have pages on all major social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Twitter. They are regularly updating their pages and informing their fans of any news.
    Music Player
    Tour Dates
    Store – To buy merchandise
    By creating pages on all social networking sites Sharks have a great amount of exposure. And there name is popping up again and again in music magazines and online articles.
    They spend little on advertising, if anything at all. They let their music speak for them. They have got to where they are today by word of mouth.
  • 8. Success
    In terms of sales they are yet to have a single or album in the British charts, but I doubt they care. They are obviously able to carry on as a band with the money they receive at the moment.
    All of Sharks EPs and their first album received excellent reviews.
    They just released their album Show of Hands on 12” vinyl in different colour variations. They also only had a limited number of each colour. These sold out within a couple of days.
    They also regularly produce new T shirt designs again extremely limited numbers (some as low as 25) and sell them via there website. From what Sharks say on their website they sell a lot of T shirts.
  • 9. Reinforcement of Branding
    As you have seen Sharks have an emblem, three diagonal lines. This emblem is a great design for many reasons. Its.....
    For these reasons it is very popular with the fans and represents Sharks very well.
    It has been included on nearly everyone of their T- shirts and even official tattoos.
    Use of Synergy
    As a small band with a low income, Sharks are yet to spread across different media forms and create new products rather than the usual T shirts and CDs. But Sharks have started to synergise by creating a relationship with Coffeebreath & Heartache screen-printing so Sharks can produce vinyl's as well as CDs, which will slowly increase their profits.
  • 10. Engagement with Fans and Overall Impression
    Sharks are regular users of their social networking websites, and I believe this is where they engage their fans the most. They will usually respond to any question or comment on their Facebook profile which is rare for any band.
    Therefore I believe fans have a very good impression of Sharks. A band who come across to care about their fans and thank them for their successes.