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  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?I believe my media products both challenge and conforms with the typical codes and conventions of realmedia products.My music video contains both traditional and unconventional methods which combine together to createan original music video. It is split into two parts. One band performance and the other stop motionanimation.My stop motion is unconventional for a Punk Rock music video. I made the decision to include thisanimation in my music video so it appealed to a wider audience. For many people a whole 3 minutes of aband performance can become quite boring to say the least, so by adding the stop motion animation itincreases interest and popularity while still keeping the traditional codes of a Punk Rock music video with ashorter band performance.I had always wanted a band performance in my video since I had chosen the track becausePunk Rock has always been about real music and live performances.When researching music videos on YouTube I noticed how music sites such as Blank TVand Everything Sucks TV had an animated production logo. So I created my own. I believemy animated production logo rivals any professional logo.I believe my product follows traditional codes and conventions with my band performance. Imade sure to make it as realistic as possible by instructing the actors where they should beplaying on the fret board with the guitar and bass.I used straight cut transitions between the band performance clips. I also used a variety ofclips of short duration, this is very common in band performance music videos and it keepsthe viewer interested.The following video is an example of an animated production logo – It is Everything SucksTV logo, who upload videos of live band performances in the South West London area.
  3. 3. How effective is the combination of your main product andancillary texts?I think that there is an effective combination between my ancillary tasks and music video.When creating my ancillaries I made sure to synergise between the two products, a magazine advertand a website. For example using the same fonts. Although this only seems a small feature, itbecome’s recognisable over time for the reader/viewer. All well Known products have recognisablefonts. I also used similar colour schemes across both ancillaries. Although there are similarities between my ancillary tasks I haven’t combined these with my main product a great deal. I didn’t want my ancillaries to have the same theme/look as my music video, I wanted new publications as viewers can get bored with the same look. I think synergy is great for marketing and advertising strategies but there is synergy and then there is unoriginality. I like it when bands create new logos or come out with a new look. Otherwise if bands keep releasing similar looking products they can become predictable and boring. For example My Chemical Romance change there look and style very often and are a hugely successful Rock band.2004 200 2010 6
  4. 4. Similarities between my ancillaries Same font ELF TV Similar colour schemes logo Same Picture
  5. 5. What have you learned from youraudience feedbackI gained my audience feedback through a website called survey monkey. I created my questionnaireonline then sent it to friends over Facebook.Although my video went against the typical codes and conventions of a Punk Rock music videoeveryone who filled out my questionnaire enjoyed it. They all said they would watch it more thanonce and show it to a friend. This shows that new media products don’t always have to follow thenorm. Creativeness and originality appeals to everyone.What Went WellOriginal and creativeEasy to follow stop motionEqual mix of stop motion and performanceKeeps audiences interestEven Better IfThe lighting remained the same in the scenes.The stop motion aspect ratio was the same as the band performance – this was my only optionwhen converting it to MP4.I also learnt that even the smallest glitches will be noticed by the viewer. For example the lighting. Ithought the viewer would not note the changes in lighting, but they did! Unfortunately this was notsomething I could change but I don’t think it spoils the product.
  6. 6. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Throughout this process I have been constantly using new media technologies to create my products.In the research and planning stages I used a new website called ‘band camp’ to listen and download thetrack I used for my music video. It allows a band/artist to upload their music onto their self designed bandcamp page where internet users can listen to their songs and share it with friends. The band/ artist cancharge people to download their track, ask for a donation or allow users to download it for free. It is arevolutionary website in the music world as it allows any band/artist with an internet connection to makemoney from their music. This means that bands and artists no longer have to be signed by or pay money inorder for their music to be published.During my construction stage I used an editing program called Sony Vegas Pro to create my logo. Thisprogram usually retails at around five hundred pounds, but I simply downloaded a free thirty day trial. Thiswas brilliant for two reasons, my logo would look very professional and it’s completely free.My original logo was just a picture but with Sony Vegas it has become animated and now has a soundtrack.As it’s free this allows anyone with an interest in film production to have ago at editing like a professional.The following video is my production logo.
  7. 7. New Media Technologies continued To film my band performance I used a digital Sony Handy cam, Last year I used a DV tape video camera. The Sony Handy cam had a built in hard drive and touch screen display. This allowed me to look view the footage I had just filmed, and if I wasn’t happy with it I could delete it. This saved me a lot of time when it came to importing my clips onto the Mac as I only had footage I was going to use on the camera. The Sony Handy also offered great quality recordings. This became apparent when editing my footage in full screen. Unfortunately there was a decline in quality once I had exported my music video. Another new media technology I used was a website called Slide share. This is how you are viewing this PowerPoint now on my blog and my other documents such as my storyboards. This website allows users to upload and share/host their documents for free. SlideShare also provides users the ability to rate, comment on, and share the uploaded content. The following video is an introduction to slideshare.