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WES 2014 - Thought Leaders Panel - Freda Wolfendon, Senior Lecturer, Education and Development, The Open University


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WES 2014 - Thought Leaders Panel - Freda Wolfendon, Senior Lecturer, Education and Development, The Open University

WES 2014 - Thought Leaders Panel - Freda Wolfendon, Senior Lecturer, Education and Development, The Open University

Published in: Education
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  • Recognition of centrality of teachers to the quality agenda
    Key to this is teacher education but teachers saturated by teacher training programmes in SSA. Across the world limited examples of teacher training bringing about change at classroom level
    Need for new approaches

  • TESS-India is an OER based International development project at the Open University (UK)
    DfID funding received in November 2012 and current phase ends May 2015
    The project works in 7 states in India outlined here
    Focussing on the subjects at both primary and secondary level.
    125 Pan-Indian teacher development OER study units are being created in
    Materials were developed collaboratively between OU and Indian academics
    Teacher development units are stand alone and are self directed in the nature of study - again they look at supporting teachers in making changes in their practice.
  • Use of mixed media including text, images and video
    Contain multiple activities
    Developed using a structured content system to enable flexibility
    Materials available in multiple formats

  • Modelled through MOOC structure
    Access existing content (OER) TI & other content
    Support base understanding of TI materials
  • Transcript

    • 1. Teacher Education through School-based Support in India World Education Summit Freda Wolfenden 7 August 2014
    • 2. Quality Education in Schools
    • 3. New architecture for teacher education • At scale • Congruent with national policy frameworks but locally relevant • Harness technology platforms and open content • Focus on teachers’ classroom practices; pedagogic skills and capabilities • Classroom as site of learning
    • 4. TESS-India An innovative, scalable & sustainable teacher education response that aims to improve the quality of teacher education Collaborative production and use of Open Educational Resources ( text and AV) to improve teachers’ classroom practices. Led by The Open University, UK, working alongside the Indian Government Subject areas English, Maths, Science, Leadership, Language & Literacy Photo: TESS-India CC-BY-SA Focus States Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal
    • 5. TESS- India OER: from policy to practice in classroom teaching and learning Teachers learning through participation in activities in their own classrooms Enhances teacher agency and diminishes teacher isolation Possibilities of endless adaptation and development of the OER
    • 6. Photos: TESS-India CC-BY-SA Multiple forms of access
    • 7. Multiple modes of use and support Pre-service eg BTC / D.El.Ed Professional Development programmes: CRC level training, Block training Strengthening their academic role
    • 8. TESS-India AV OER Video clips support teachers’ learning; inspire, illustrate and explain ( commentary to identify key learning points) Organised by themes ( 10) - key practices in the pedagogy of the TESS-India OER Schools in range of contexts
    • 9. Very early lessons  importance of broker to mediate and support teacher engagement ( range of actors in this role)  finding a balance between the local and global  need to exploit new technologies progressively - off line formats including print still essential  collaboration critical for scale and quality
    • 10. TESS-India MOOC  Aimed at Teacher Educators – professional learning  Building capacity in their use of TI and other OER in teacher education  Developing their understanding of principles and practices of openness Photo: TESS-India CC-BY-SA