WES 2014 - Cultivating Innovation in School Education - Farzana Shakeel Ali, Principal, City International School, Lucknowa shakeel ali, principal, city international school, lucknow

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WES 2014 - Cultivating Innovation in School Education - Farzana Shakeel Ali, Principal, City International School, Lucknow

WES 2014 - Cultivating Innovation in School Education - Farzana Shakeel Ali, Principal, City International School, Lucknow

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  • 1. CULTIVATING INNOVATION IN SCHOOL EDUCATION By- Farzana Shakeel Ali Principal Tender Hearts School, LUCKNOW
  • 2. ‘Education is the world challenge that underlies all other world challenges.’
  • 3. When it comes to Education, what does the word ‘INNOVATION’ mean to us?
  • 4. Being INNOVATIVE is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice.
  • 5. We have more than two decades of experience in using technologies in education. Then, Why have we progressed so little in developing innovation and creativity in our schools?
  • 6. How can we cultivate innovation?
  • 7. How can we develop in our children the capacity for innovation?
  • 8. Children should learn to ‘explain what exists’ but they should also learn to ‘create what never existed ’.
  • 9. INNOVATION is driven by- a commitment to excellence a continuous improvement INNOVATION is based on- Curiosity Willingness to take risks Experimenting to test assumptions Questioning and challenging the status quo Recognizing opportunity and taking advantage of it
  • 10. NOW is a great time to get involved.
  • 11. Educational systems and processes need to be more about achieving self-realization for the student and supporting teachers who are ready to do that.
  • 12. Why INNOVATE?
  • 13. What would happen if we all had the confidence to try something new? ?????????? Our students’ world is ever changing So We can’t stand still.
  • 14. What students want? An education that meets their individual needs. Opportunities that connect them to what is happening around the globe. Teachers to be innovative. Learning environments which are more exciting, challenging and rewarding.
  • 15. Students’ world is borderless that offers them limitless connection, data and mobility. They access knowledge whenever they want and participate in dialogues globally. They want Education that is compatible and support their world view and their strong bond with communication technology.
  • 16. We need a bigger ambition than improving education.
  • 17. What if school wasn’t preparation for real life............. What if school was real life?
  • 18. OUR ROLE • Success of innovative projects in schools is directly proportional to strong leadership. • We as leaders must align organization’s culture, capability and connections .
  • 19. Effective leader- is flexible in being open to new ideas. is prepared to allow distributed leadership. builds trust and gives confidence to staff members who are trying new practices. ensures any risks associated with changes to practice are identified, managed and minimised. is prepared to commit resources. must align organisation’s culture,capability and connections.
  • 20. If a teacher really believes in what they want to do (innovate) and you know they have the passion, capabilities and skills support them 100% because they will make it work.
  • 21. Be prepared to give staff the time required to plan and facilitate change and innovation.
  • 22. Lets give opportunity to the teachers and students to –  Research  Collaborate  Create  Present  Network  24/7  Anytime  Anywhere
  • 23. ‘RETHINK ’ Teach me the way I want to learn.
  • 24. THANK YOU... farzanashakeel@ymail.com