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SecureIT 2014 - Technological Framework for Safe & Secure Cities -  Prem K Gautam, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
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SecureIT 2014 - Technological Framework for Safe & Secure Cities - Prem K Gautam, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)


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SecureIT 2014 - Technological Framework for Safe & Secure Cities - Prem K Gautam, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

SecureIT 2014 - Technological Framework for Safe & Secure Cities - Prem K Gautam, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

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  • This is what is in original notification mandating the jurisdiction for the Economic Offences Wing After securities scam of 1992 Economic offences division was created
  • E g there can be info from FBI that some Ips are being used for uploading pornographic content.there can be info that some Ips have been used to cheat a person in UK.We get request from diff countries like user details of mob,resolving of IP,preservation requests
  • G8 24 * 7 channel to request for preservation of Dta.Data is preserved for --- days. Quite good Most of the countries respect it we get request from LEAs and immediately sent through this channel The confirmation of preservation is useful while sending requests thru LRs/MLATs CCIC reprent INDIA at various forums Recently one of Inspectors trained with Europol on forensics on open source LINUX
  • CBI actively involved with MEA for dialogue on various conventions mainly Budapest Convention CBI maintains regular interaction with CERT In and other stakeholders. CBI generally takes up cases of defacement of Govt websites
  • Transcript

    • 1. Secure-IT Environment -perspective of CBI investigation and e-governance
    • 2. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 2 CBI (ECONOMIC OFFENCES WING 1964) The Economic Offence Wing in CBI was first created vide Resolution No. 24166/64-AVD, dated April 29, 1964 to deal with offences under various Sections of IPC and Special Acts notified under section 3 of DSPE Act mainly pertaining to serious frauds in Banks, Stock Exchanges, Financial institutions, Joint Stock Companies, Public Limited Companies, misappropriation of public funds, criminal breach of trust, violation of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Customs Act, IMPEX Laws, counterfeiting of currency, narcotics, drug trafficking, arms peddling and offences related to antiquities, adulteration, black marketing etc
    • 3. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 3  Money laundering,  Insurance frauds  Credit Cards frauds  Stock Market Manipulations  Cyber Crimes  Fake Indian Currency Notes/ Counterfeiting  Theft of Antique items  Fake Lottery Frauds  Money Circulation Schemes / Multi-Level Marketing/ Ponzi Schemes NOW ALSO LOOKING INTO
    • 5. CBI • CCIC created in the year 1999 & commenced functioning from March, 2000. • CCIC earliest in country to start Cyber Crime Investigation. • Handled more than 5000 Cyber Crime instances. 3/20/2014 5CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
    • 6. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 6 CASES OF FOLLOWING TYPE • Phishing website • Credit Card Fraud/ Debit Card Fraud • Lottery fraud/ job fraud • Pornography • Fake websites for cheating • Source code theft • Domain name theft • Software piracy 6
    • 7. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 7 CASES OF FOLLOWING TYPE • Data theft case • Manipulation of stock price case • Custom duty draw back case • Cheque truncation fraud • Fake Income Tax Refund fraud • Malicious script to Terminal-3 Server • RTGS Fraud • Website defacement 7
    • 8. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 8 CBI- Nodal Point for Interpol in India We get:- • Information from different countries (Actionable). • Intelligence from different countries. • Request of assistance from different countries.
    • 9. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 9 CBI- Nodal point for Interpol in India Outward:- • Member of informal channel G 8- 24x7 for interaction with 58 member countries • Member of Cybercrime Technology Information Network System (CTINS), a network mainly of Asia Pacific countries. • CCIC represent India in various conferences/ trainings • Forward different request of LEAs for preservation of data 9
    • 10. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 10 CBI- The Nodal Point • CBI Nodal point for suggestion of LEAs for Cybercrime convention/ dialogue. • Maintains close ties with Govt. organisations like CERT- In and Non-Profit bodies like NASSCOM and DSCI etc. • Nodal agency for investigation of Defacement of Govt. website. • CBI has crack teams based at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata for cyber crime cases. Every Zone of CBI has well equipped Technical and Forensic Support units (TAFSUs)
    • 11. CHALLENGES • High internet connectivity. • Link person to IP. • Social Networking sites like facebook, orkut twitter etc. • All the major servers are based outside India. • India is yet not the signatory to the convention on cyber security. • Multiple agencies 11CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
    • 12. CASE STUDY • In one of the case accused, the disgruntled ex- employee, managed to introduce a malicious script in Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) and Baggage Reconciliation Server (BRS) of Terminal-3, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and thereby these services were disrupted at the Airport for 12 hrs on 29.06.2011. The case was investigated, detected successfully and ended in conviction. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 12
    • 13. CASE STUDY • Investigation of a case established that accused was having two Debit Card against two of his accounts of a nationalized bank in India. Though, the accounts don’t have the sufficient balance, he attempted to withdraw the money using the Debit Card, during his visit to Australia and became successful. Thereafter, he made 3692 transaction of amounting around Rs. 3 Crores, using these Debit Cards without having required balance. Investigation established this could be done due to faulty response code mapping of Bank Server to Visa Server. 3/20/2014 13CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
    • 15. CASE STUDY • CBI successfully investigated 3 different RTGS frauds in a renowned bank, in which crores of rupees were transferred to different accounts, using ID and Passwords of different bank officers. The bank had punished the said employees. One of such case was earlier investigated by Local Police and two of the bank officers remained in jail for months. CBI investigation successfully detected the case but not against the bank officers, Identified and traced the different accused persons who had managed the transfers from accessing the bank network from outside the bank, by extending the network of bank through Modem. Accused are in judicial custody for 2 years. 3/20/2014 15CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
    • 16. CASE STUDY • CBI has detected two cases of cheque truncation-CTS. In these cases the bank employees have been found responsible for sending cheques for clearing, changing the account numbers from the data being sent for clearing. Due to this the amount of around Rs. 4 Crores was credited to the accounts of others-than the genuine account holders. Later the data was again changed to the genuine one. 3/20/2014 16CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
    • 17. Case study • Income tax refund case. The accused persons managed to issue income tax refunds in the name of different persons who were not entitled for the same. For this purpose accused persons managed hundreds of PAN cards and accounts in fake/assumed identities and encashed the refund amount of around 10 crores. 3/20/2014 CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION 17
    • 18. Thank You