Public Safety, Security and Disaster Management- Mike Morrow, EmerGeo Solutions


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  • Welcome. Describe your objectives for this quick introduction:Sample: “Thank you for joining me today. My objective is to provide you with a brief introduction to EmerGeo both the company and products plus a demo of our crisis management technology called Fusionpoint.So, who is EmerGeo?EmerGeo was formed in Vancouver BC in 2002 and went public on the Toronto Exchange in 2008. The company develops and implements crisis management and situational awareness software and provides a complete set of installation, integration, training and support services.
  • As the worlds population grows, so does the impact of disasters on people. The cost in human life and the monetary effect has grown to alarming proportions. With wide spread media attention to disasters and more people around the world having access to media outlets, the ordinary person is now realizing how vulnerable they are.
  • Public Safety, Security and Disaster Management- Mike Morrow, EmerGeo Solutions

    1. 1. Disaster Management Information Systems December 2011 Sharing Lessons & Global Best PracticesMike MorrowPresident, EmerGeo SolutionsPhone: 888.577.0911 x804Email: Enabling interoperabilityWebsite: through data fusion technology
    2. 2. Disasters – A Global IssueLoss of life, property and environmental damage and economic loss from disasters throughout the world have reached alarming proportions.Since disasters know no political boundaries, we must enable multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction interoperability through open technology and standard protocols.
    3. 3. “Plan as you operate operate as you plan” Risk Assessments Exercise/Simulations Diagram from National Disaster Management Authority of India
    4. 4. Challenge: Achieving Interoperability Multiple AgenciesCrisis & Call Centre Software with GPS/AVL Essential Systems That Don’t Talk! CCTV & Biometrics Computer Aided Dispatch 4
    5. 5. Case Study 1: Exercise Central Gateway I2011 Joint US-Canada Cross Border Info Sharing Exercise Canada Bomb! United States
    6. 6. Exercise Central Gateway I Objective: Capabilities Based Planning Scope: 6 Local Jurisdictions + 100 State/Federal Issues: Incompatible Logging/Mapping Systems Lessons:  Data Exchange Standards  Standardized GIS Map Layers
    7. 7. Case Study 2:Vancouver 2010 Olympics Objective: Create Common Operating Picture Scope: 2,600 athletes, 82 nations, 5000 military, 5700 members of 120 police agencies Issues:  Rapid Decision Making  Information Overload
    8. 8. Vancouver 2010 Olympics Lesson 1: Role-based Portal Event Logging & Resource Feeds from Management 9-1-1 Dispatch Integrates Live Feeds from CCTV Cameras Security Systems Links to Plans and Web Applications Feed from GPS/AVL Alert Notification
    9. 9. Vancouver 2010 Olympics Lesson 2: Early Warning System Automated Rule-based Alerting “Notify key emergency management staff and people near an incident BEFORE it becomes a disaster” 911 & Alert Feeds Incidents Alerts Email/SMS (alert subscribers) Logged EmerGeo Map Processor (what critical infrastructure affected within proximity?) Messages (Fusionpoint) 9
    10. 10. Case Study 3:Formula1 (Abu Dhabi 2010-2011) Objective: Rapid Deployment & Efficient Comms Scope: 25+ major local/federal security agencies Issues: Portability
    11. 11. Case Study 3:Formula1 (Abu Dhabi 2011) Lessons:  Portable Solution  Local Language  Workflow Analyzed + Understood + Agreed To  Centralized Historical Log
    12. 12. Disaster ICT Solutions Must Be ...  SIMPLE Single coherent dashboard interface for all information  OPEN Interoperability and data sharing among agencies/jurisdictions using international standards (XML schemas).  PORTABLE Ready to deploy anytime/anywhere  INTELLIGENT Threat detection & alerting  SPATIAL Multi-hazard predictive modelling  TURN-KEY Integrated solution
    13. 13. Bringing it all together to protect people, property and the environment