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Online and Mobile Healthcare- Exploring Technologies, Services and Business Models- Manish S Nachnani, Health IT Consultant


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. Gamification and Healthcare. Manish S NachnaniManish Nachnani 1
  • 2. State of the Nation Youngest Nation Healthy / Unhealthy nation – Make a choice now ? Diabetes destination of world Rapid urbanization leading to lifestyle related diseases Pillars of the nation – Workforce , Students Focus on recovering illness – not promoting “Wellness”We are treading a path marked by developed nations , andwill reach a state where they are in a decade , withirreparable damage . So its time to start now. Our lifestyle could be a DISEASE in itself. Manish Nachnani 2
  • 3. Future of the Nation Highest GDP growth Ever increasing per capita income Move towards westernization The generation of “Fast Food” and “Cough potatoes” Move from traditional gaming to online gaming If trend continues the future looks scary . We have more fast food stores in the country than the wellness centers and gym . Manish Nachnani 3
  • 4. Games – Universal part of culture  Games are beyond the divide of  Rural and Urban  Sex  Age  CountryA person in urban India will playaXbox game ,while in rural India willplay a gilli danda. Manish Nachnani 4
  • 5. Introduction to Gamification Gamification The art of converting a routine process (personal/business/health ) in a game like format coupled with rewards and recognitions is called gamification. Example – Say if regular medication for chronic diseases is converted in a game and patient adhere to taking medication on time , wouldnt it help them. Similarly at ground level – Sanitation , Hygiene can be taught using power of games. Manish Nachnani 5
  • 6. Potential segment for Gamification Everyone who has a mobile phone How many people in India have a mobile phone ? Key segment  Youth  College students  Corporate sector employees Example – If a school/college starts a regime , if you get fit , you will get additional 10 marks .Parents in India will ensure that their “Golu molu” healthy kid turns fit . Manish Nachnani 6
  • 7. Why does “Gamification” work Gamification leverages human emotions and behavior  Recognition  Rearwards  Competition  Cooperation  Peer pressure  Games are the biggest source of learning and information – Rural and Urban Example – How about a gym members ship that’s FREE , and you only pay a penalty if you miss on some day or don’t do a scheduled work out . Manish Nachnani 7
  • 8. How Gamification helps Gamification creates an environment of community It brings together friends and families Creates a social infrastructure to perform Leverages human emotionsThe toughest of the tasks can be achieved with ease usinggamification  Reduce obesity  Changing lifestyle  Taking medicine on time  Doing regular health checkups  Doing regular glucose/ hypertension checkup 8
  • 9. Integrating health – social media andgamification Games for health is emerging trends Flood health games on all platforms –iPhone, android. Games work because of peer pressure friends and family . Lets add social media to this Social media in more than one ways creates a traditional gaming environment for young India. Linking rewards from friends and family , conversation and feedback. Manish Nachnani 9
  • 10. Social Media Creates emotional connect Healthcare is about human emotions Its about trust and relationship Provides Identity Means to express emotion , share feelings Like , Dislike , Poke , Retweet all are emotionsSocial Media can influence human behavior. 10
  • 11. Example of Gamifications Lifestyle changes Weight loss Chronic disease management Medication adherence Is behavioral change possible ? Gamification & Social Media can achieve this. Manish Nachnani 11
  • 12. Example of Gamifications 12
  • 13. Kinnect for Healthcare Manish Nachnani 13
  • 14. Future is Gamification Natural Human Interface- The need of Healthcare Kinect for physiotherapy Kinect for medical simulation Kinect in Operation theaters Kinect to treat autism Kinect to conduct “TELEMEDICINE”Looking to see an “Indian Hospital” be theleaders in adopting Kinect. Manish Nachnani 14
  • 15. Questions Manish Nachnani 15