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ICT Infrastructure, Data Centre and Applications- Prashant Chaudhary, CA Technologies
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ICT Infrastructure, Data Centre and Applications- Prashant Chaudhary, CA Technologies






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  • But let’s forget the technology for just a minute and focus on the fact that we live in a service-centric world. What I mean by that is that you and I as consumers and employees; the organisations we work for; the companies and consumers we do business with – all have service level expectations. Those expectations reflect the time in which we live so they demand seamlessly integrated and interrelated services be delivered anywhere, anytime, through many different devices and interfaces; instantaneously. Regardless of whether or not there are explicit service level agreements. When consumers experience good service they spend money and become potential advocates. Equally when their expectations are not met they move on and become potential advocates. Knowing what potential customers are experiencing is a strategic imperative. The reality is that cloud computing is part of an evolutionary continuum. It represents the logical evolution of efficiencies the industry has been striving for since inception.
  • Show the importance of transactions
  • Now let’s talk about applications and, more specifically, transactions. IT is increasingly measured by its relationship to revenue, employee productivity and business success. Your applications are “out there” - customer-facing and customer-impacting. Maybe the applications are the foundation of your business--maybe they are the business itself. In any case, the success of IT is critically linked to the quality of user experience. No one gets a free pass - user experience, revenue and customer loyalty are inseparable.The CA solution for application performance management is widely viewed as the market leader and with release 9 it gets even better. Let’s spend a minute talking about why. CA APM monitors all applications and transactions across the entire infrastructure – from the end user to the mainframe – to quickly pinpoint and resolve problems before your customers are affected. To accelerate and highlight the tie between the application environment and the business, the latest APM release adds more “business centricity.” with applications and transactions displayed in the context of business process. Application maps visualize interdependencies to make troubleshooting even faster. And we even made it easier to configure and deploy. A major insurer recently selected CA APM precisely for its customer experience monitoring. They have specific expectations for their customer facing applications and found that we can provide it, along with a strong ROI. Many customers use CA APM to ensure they can honor their SLAs. Customer experience monitoring and management of the infrastructure go hand in hand. Across every organization – enterprises, government agencies and service providers – business applications and services are critical components of the customer experience.  Web-based sales and services, unified communications and traditional applications all depend on a maze of interconnected infrastructure, systems, applications, networks and databases; an issue in just one of these domains can ripple out and degrade the customer experience. Our patented technology for automated root cause and impact analysis proactively identifies problems, determines their criticality to service delivery, and gives the information you need to correct them. And our fine-grained network traffic analysis and passive monitoring lets you can understand, enterprise-wide, how applications, users and locations are consuming network resources. Visibility into your end-user experience is the only way to understand how well you are serving both internal and external customers. Control over the infrastructure that can make or break a customer’s experience is essential. CA gives you the visibility and control you need to ensure your applications are a positive reflection of your business.
  • Service Assurance requires merging Infrastructure Management and Application Performance Management to bring you new valuable insights for managing IT services better. To outline the key capabilities, it’s helpful to look at major categories in a historical context. First: Infrastructure Management’s pivotal insights are integrated fault, performance and configuration management status of infrastructure components. This enables fast MTTR through root cause analysis – including faults due to improper configurations -- and showing you infrastructure performance trends so you can proactively stop degradations before they impact users.CLICK SLIDE: Application Performance Management’s pivotal insight are focused on the user experience and transaction performance, for any application, as a key context – so you can measure an individual user’s actual experience and create and track SLAs per individual user, branch location or transaction.Monitoring business transactions enables you to see where in the infrastructure transactions are degrading – to help you pinpoint root cause of application problems.CLICK SLIDE: Finally, Service Analytics synthesize information from the dates sources and analytics from the first two domains to give you entirely new insights about service quality, what affects it and what puts it at risk. CLICK SLIDE: Read statement in blue box to punctuate the valueCLICK SLIDE: slot in products at the bottom to highlight star performers
  • In order to fully embrace and leverage the opportunities brought by Consumer Driven IT, IT organizations will need to re-examine all aspects of their Virtualization and Automation Capabilities
  • - What this means is that we are improving the “IT Supply chain” with less hardware and more software.- Now… this gets into how CA AppLogic works… 2 critical points.CA AppLogic takes all of the complex aspects of a data center and moves them to the software layer, creating (1) a fully flexible environment at the software level and a highly commoditized environment at the hardware level.CA AppLogic also provides High Availability, so that if a server goes down, the application continues to function.CLICK THROUGH ANIMATION AND EXPLAIN WHAT IS HAPPENING.With CA AppLogic your customers can:Virtualize the entire application AND its supporting infrastructureCreate, deploy and manage it all as a “single unit”Instantly scale or migrate the entire application and infrastructureThe ability to configure and provision new instances of your application in minutes lets you get business services up and running faster while lowering labor costs. - Now – I’d like to actually walk you through the product…
  • Announce CA’s Unified Automation approach (announced at CA World) – step through the build and explain according to these notes:WE BELIEVE THAT AUTOMATION CAN AND SHOULD EVOLVE SIMILAR TO MONITORING OR SECURITY, WITH INTIATIVE FOCUS ON INFRASTRUCTURE (IE SERVER) AUTOMATION, starting 5-7 years ago, THEN EVOLUTION TO APPLICATION automation where we’ve seen significant increased demand AND now SERVICE AUTOMATION, which is cloud, given Cloud is Automated IT Service DeliveryThis page summarizes what we will walk through with you today. A summary of CA’s approach to Unified Automation that we will take you through todayAnd so ca has over the last several years put together strength in infra automation, coupled with application automation, And complemented by service automation, all integrated in a unified manner an made intelligent through capacity management configintelligencyAnd that this unified approach can be the game changer IT organizations needIn 4 years at CA, I’ve never been more excited about what we are bringing together for our customers – Helping organizations transform IT Service Delivery

ICT Infrastructure, Data Centre and Applications- Prashant Chaudhary, CA Technologies ICT Infrastructure, Data Centre and Applications- Prashant Chaudhary, CA Technologies Presentation Transcript

  • ICT Infrastructure, DataCentre and Applications Managing & SecuringPrashant ChaudharyTechnology Evangelist eindia.eletsonline.com
  • eGOV Services A service is a deliverable of the Govt. as perceived by the Citizens Treasury Small Sales/ Registration Income Excise/ Information ULB Savings Tax VAT Taxes System Application SDC Systems Other DCApps & DB’s SWAN Security Internet Servers Storage CSCNetworks Citizen eindia.eletsonline.com2
  • Typical IT Infrastructure will…— Consist of − Routers − Switches − Modems − Links − Firewalls − Servers − Operating Systems − Databases − Applications − Element Managers eindia.eletsonline.com
  • IT is Complex Services FS Applications Applications Storage Security Collaboration IDS Anti-Spam Business Content Filtering Identity Management Intelligence/ Network & Systems Analytical Management Applications Management Vendors Vulnerability Assessment Regulatory Compliance Application Integration Management Firewalls Application AV/Spyware Monitoring Provisioning Grid Development Tools Database OS Computer Network Storage Hardware Platform eindia.eletsonline.com4
  • Data Centers are Faced with...—Where are the performance bottlenecks?—Identify components which are consuming excessive resources—Identify if servers are oversized for a particular application!—How to do Capacity Planning?—What is the Appropriate Tool ?—How to secure citizen transactions?—Automation Challanges eindia.eletsonline.com
  • Its all about the Service eindia.eletsonline.com
  • Key Challenges Remain... Application+ Infrastructure ComplexityPersonal FastDynamic Access Ubiquitous Service Sophistication Progressively obscured Technology Complexity Progressively enhanced User Experience Access Virtual Private NetworksService Bus Hub Wide AreaApp Server HubNetworking TechWeb Server Hub Packetized, Server HubConnectionlessMainframe Hub 1990 1980 1990 2000 2005 1980 2000 2005 2010 Complex journey to sophisticated services requires sophisticated technology management eindia.eletsonline.com
  • Putting Transactions Front and Center CLOUD PROVIDERS MSP DATA Citizen ENTERPRISE DATA CENTER CENTER On-Demand Storage Mobile Web Portal 3rd Party Devices Servers Applications On-Demand Applications Database WAN/ Identity Mainfram App Server WWW Virtualized e Applications End User Infrastructure Private Cloud Web Services What went where, when, and what happened? eindia.eletsonline.com
  • Actual end-to-end transaction experience End-user transaction experience % available Web Server 99% Systems 99% Mainframe 99.999% Database And who is 99.9% measuring the real user experience… 99.99% Network and managing the whole service 99.9% Application End-User Service ? Unavailable or Slow Available, Performing as9 Expected eindia.eletsonline.com
  • End-to-End Transaction Visibility Link Transactions to the Infrastructure Understand Monitor all business Proactively detect issues; diagnose end-user experience; transactions through the IT root cause of application-based establish SLAs infrastructure; measure problems response & SLAs BACK END SAP PSFT MAINFRAME Siebel IMS DBCitizen NETWORK FRONT END CTG DB2 MIDDLEWARE CICS WAN/ Router Firewall Switch Load State Portal Portal MQ App Server Datacom WWW Balancer End User Web Services z/OS Databases 3rd Party Applications 10 eindia.eletsonline.com
  • Building blocks for Infrastructure Monitoring INFRASTRUCTURE APPLICATIONS SERVICES —networks (data & —web portals & app —end-to-end serviceCOMPONENTS servers models voice) —JEE, .NET & back-end —top-to-bottom —systems (physical & virtual) —client/server infrastructure —TCP/IP mapping —databases —unified —SLA management —environmental communications PIVOTAL fault, configuration, end user experience, infrastructure impact INSIGHTS performance & application and on service quality, flow analysis transaction visibility risk & performance Dramatically simplifies IT management by linking applications, services and transactions to the underlying infrastructure 11 eindia.eletsonline.com
  • The Application Silo Challenge High security administration costs No centralized security enforcement Expensive coding and maintenance No standardized security process Poor user experience No central auditing capability Citizens Department Contractors/Partners Employees App1 App2 App3 Security Krishna PKI Cert Biometric Layer 1211960 Application Layer User Active SQL 2000 LDAP Store Directory Operating System eindia.eletsonline.com
  • The Application Silo ChallengeHigh security administration costs No centralized security enforcementExpensive coding and maintenance No standardized security processPoor user experience No central auditing capability eindia.eletsonline.com
  • The Virtualization and Automation Implications Advanced Automation will be a must − Resources, processes, workloads and provisioning will all require advanced automation to keep up with the growing demand − Automation, reporting, and policy-driven controls will be the key to enabling IT to adopt radically new processes and technologies in the consumer-driven future Virtualization Maturity will be a must − Complete control of your resources, spanning physical, virtual & cloud environments A “Unified Automation” Approach is needed − Automation will need to be unified across not only infrastructure and applications but also integrated with service automation as well − This will help to transform Service Delivery with a focus on end- users – increasingly they will see the direct results eindia.eletsonline.com
  • More Software, Less Hardware Many complex aspects of IT moved to the ―software layer‖SoftwareHardware Web Server Layer 7 Code Database Server Operating System Operating System Operating SystemRouter Gateway SAN Servers eindia.eletsonline.com
  • Need for Unified Automation Service Catalog Service Catalog Service Process Automation Application Capacity Workload Configuration Management Automation Platform Automation Infrastructur e Network Server Client Automation Automation Automation Virtual Physical Network Storage Applications Internal External Grid Pools Servers Cloud Cloud Fabric eindia.eletsonline.com
  • To Summarize …— As computing environments become more complex, enterprise management software simplifies IT management & security.— Government organizations & departments − can see, manage and secure data, information and IT assets regardless of the physical or virtualized platform, hardware or operating system, across on-premise and cloud-based environments. − can automate critical and time-consuming processes to improve the cost and quality of services.— As a result, they can − reduce costs and risks, − improve IT services and eindia.eletsonline.com − ensure that citizens are happy
  • Thank You! eindia.eletsonline.com