ICT Innovations Revolutionalising Healthcare- A Bottom- up Approach - Nikunj Thakkar, HP


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  • Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange has enabled large hospital chain to support further growth, automate key accounts payable processes, and refine workflows to support greater profitability. Key benefits from the solution include:Improved invoice search and retrieval. Employees no longer spend 53 hours a month manually collecting, retrieving, and distributing invoices to other employees in the organization. By integrating Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange with its document management system, invoices are now centrally stored, easily retrievable, and properly versioned, saving the company more than $26,000 a year.Improved accounts payable processor and coordinator productivity. By automating specific workflows associated with invoice management, the hospital has reduced the time it takes for accounts payable coordinators and processors to track invoices, seek approvals, and settle accounts. As a result, employees are able to focus on other tasks and be able to maintain the same size workforce despite additional growth.Increased compliance and improved payment efficiency. Because invoices are now centrally stored, tracked, and audited, this hospital has improved its relationships with suppliers while simultaneously keeping accurate records of invoice activities to ease compliance of financial regulations.Self-service management. By compiling invoices into a central location and integrating various workflows, management has a greater ability to ensure proper tracking, approval, and payment of invoices without having to consult other colleagues or call suppliers.
  • How do we sell the solution? 5 MINUTESCLEVELAND – Oct. 20, 2009 – The nationwide launch of the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program is looming. Healthcare providers of all sizes and types are busy preparing for it as not being ready will yield some pretty severe consequences. Think overpayment findings resulting in money owed to Medicare. Think adding staff to accommodate audit requests. And think burying already overloaded employees with mountains of new work. Designed based on the experiences of providers who were part of the RAC pilot program, the OnBase RAC Administration Solution can help. But it can do more than just support the RAC process. It can also give the American Hospital Association (AHA) valuable data to help providers effectively take on RACs. For this reason, the AHA has named the OnBase RAC Administration Solution “RACTrac Compatible."Lacking information about how RACs will impact hospitals, the AHA responded by creating RACTrac. Using RACTrac Compatible solutions, the program will collect RAC data quarterly. This will allow the AHA to evaluate why claims are being denied across regions and nationally. With this information, providers will be educated on what areas they should look at more closely and where specifically they need to improve. Also, the data will serve as evidence to propose RAC program changes to Congress. Because the solutions have been proven to provide the appropriate claim level tracking abilities, as well as promote advocacy aimed at improving how hospitals manage RACs, the AHA recommends choosing RACTrac Compatible solutions.“The clinical side, with patient care and the electronic medical record (EMR) , is being paid an awful lot of attention,” said Susan deCathelineau, healthcare solutions manager for Hyland Software. “But the reality is that healthcare providers are also dealing with more revenue cycle and administrative matters than ever. The RAC program is one of the major reasons for this brighter spotlight. It’s also making it very clear why always knowing where the money is, where it’s coming from and where it’s going is so valuable.” The OnBase RAC Administration Solution was developed with the same OnBase technology that is used successfully by more than 800 healthcare organizations. In fact, the AHA endorses OnBase as the recommended content management software suite for all functions of a healthcare organization. This includes areas such as EMR integration, administrative, revenue cycle management and human resources.“Effectively and efficiently managing processes, documents and content is what it takes to successfully handle RAC requests,” said deCathelineau. “These are exactly the types of things content management solutions like OnBase are designed, and proven, to do. Choosing technology that doesn’t have any sort of track record is a risk, especially when the consequences of non compliance are so dire.”
  • ICT Innovations Revolutionalising Healthcare- A Bottom- up Approach - Nikunj Thakkar, HP

    1. 1. Hyland OnBase for HealthcareNikunj ThakkarBusiness ProcessConsultant© 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice eindia.eletsonline.com
    2. 2. HP in Healthcare HP + EDS Revenue $4,254 Mn1. Global thought leader and industry transformation advocate PROVIDERS HP + EDS Revenue $1,145 Mn HEALTH MGMT/ PAYERS2. Unique clinical and IT solutions that address critical client needs3. Extensive partner ecosystem and delivery capabilities4. HP HLS Footprint: $10B HP + EDS Revenue $3,309 Mn LIFE SCIENCES 1. IT Revenue: $8.7B* 2. #1 Technology Provider globally 3. Strategic client relationships across Commercial, State and Federal Source: IDC Health Insights’ “Worldwide Life industries Sciences, Healthcare Payer and Healthcare Provider Revenues for the Top 25 IT Vendors, 2010 (Document #HI222329) eindia.eletsonline.com
    3. 3. WE UNDERSTAND HOSPITAL LOB NEEDS Pharmacy Admissions“Patient on boarding is time Nurses Stationsconsuming: Now, where do I put “We utilize over 25 paper Faxing is our primary means ofthe Alert codes on these forms, now if I can only find the right receiving prescriptions. Now, if onlywristbands? one. we could eliminate prescription fraud. Information Marketing Finance, AP Technology and HR“Nursing stations need more “Competition is heating up, now if “We have over 30 people in APspace, now if only we could only we could capture those post dealing with paper invoices. Now ifeliminate the fax, scan, print and discharge care dollarrs. we could automate our invoicecopy devices” processing. ” 3 eindia.eletsonline.com
    4. 4. OnBase Enterprise Healthcare Solutions Ambulatory Reference Facilities Center Lab ManagementPharmacy Clinical Care Physician Office Medical ImagingRegistration Emergency Home Care/ Ambulance Department Hospice Services Coding Health Patient Information Billing Accounts Human Registration Legal/ Resources Payable Compliance eindia.eletsonline.com
    5. 5. ECM: Bridge to the EMR/EHR Enterprise Content Management solutions are being used by healthcare organizations as a bridge technology to EMR implementations Though an organization may be in the early stages of a multi-year EMR rollout, it is possible to begin the digitization of medical records much earlier and make those digitized records available to providers in a patient care setting eindia.eletsonline.com
    6. 6. eindia.eletsonline.com
    7. 7. Paper vs. Business Processes Paper-based Electronic Process Process eindia.eletsonline.com
    8. 8. ECM: Integrate “Silos” of Health Information Cardiology Lab/Pathology Historical Paper Device Results Results Charts eindia.eletsonline.com
    9. 9. What is the HP’s VALUE TO HealthcareAdmissions Nurses station Pharmacy• Scanning of paper based patient • Physician orders and nursing notes • Hand written prescriptions are records result in faster scheduling of are easily scanned, resulting in scanned to pharmacy, resulting in beds, insurance verification, and a faster delivery of patient care faster fill, audit control with complete record of signed consent • Over 75% reduction in phone calls to archival, and reduction in phone forms. pharmacy, radiology, respiratory calls. therapy, etc.Accounts Payable Human Resources Outpatient Surgery• Automated Invoice processing • Automated resume • By electronically scanning patient results in over $26,000 in savings processing, employee benefits admissions records to hospital HIS• Increase in employee productivity enrollment, and employee system, patient admissions process performance reviews allowed HR to was cut by over 40%. Over 50% of reduce its staff by 25%, saving over patients were already in the HIS $200,000 per year. system. 9 12/22/2011 HP Confidential eindia.eletsonline.com
    10. 10. What is the HP Hyland OnBase Value?• Integration into Leading Healthcare Applications − Epic, Meditech, McKesson, GE Centricity, Allscripts, Eclipsys − Peoplesoft and Lawson Financials and HR − View scanned images from within the EMR patient record with the click of a button.• Share Complete Patient Health Record Globally − Cleveland Clinic integrated clinical content: EKG’s, retinal eye scans, lab results, photo’s, paper charts, forms, insurance, consent forms, etc into Epic with Hyland OnBase − $1.9M documents viewable thru Epic − Be prepared for Medicare and Medicaid RAC audits• Speed Revenue Cycle − Decrease deficiencies and delinquent charts with simultaneous chart analysis and coding processes − Generate bills faster 10 12/22/2011 HP Confidential eindia.eletsonline.com
    11. 11. Now Application Enabled MFP’s • Connect MFPs to business applications at the device • Integrate workflow application buttons to front panel • Consistent user experience across the HP enterprise fleet eindia.eletsonline.com
    12. 12. Image Classification &Optimization Meta Data Electronic Patient Record Patient Documents Pat. ID Doc Type 1234 Daily Flowchart 5678 Lab Report 9631 Doctor’s Letter 5281 Patient Admission Form
    13. 13. What is the HP Hyland OnBase Value“An Award Winner with Strong HealthcareReferences.” Quadrant Best in KLAS for Document Management and Imaging Leader in Gartner Magic References: •Cleveland Clinic •Sharp Health •Allina Hospitals and Clinics 13 12/22/2011 HP Confidential •SSM Health Care eindia.eletsonline.com
    14. 14. HP and OnBase industry business uses HEALTHCARE • Coding • Medical Records Management • Patient Services • Human Resources • Registration • Accounts Payable • Patient Accounting 14 12/22/2011 HP Confidential eindia.eletsonline.com
    15. 15. Integrated HP Workflow – Connectivity & Mobility Company “A” places Order to Company “B” Company A Company BUser Scans Invoice Invoiceusing OXPd 1.6 Company “” fulfills theApplication on MFP Purchase Order and creates Invoice using Exstream Software 2 1 HP MFP MatchScanned Document is PO/Docs 4added to DocumentMgmt System andinitiates Workflow Evaluate Regular Approve Invoice Processing Approval Step 3 Release Payment Workflow Missing Exception Submit Docs Processing Escalate 15 22 December 2011 eindia.eletsonline.com
    16. 16. Mobile Workflow eindia.eletsonline.com
    17. 17. Coming Soon!OnBase MRM for iPad eindia.eletsonline.com
    18. 18. Signature Deficiencies – Signature Note eindia.eletsonline.com
    19. 19. Q&A eindia.eletsonline.com
    20. 20. Thank You eindia.eletsonline.com