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eJharkhand 2014 - Best Practices in competency in Govt departments and PSUs - Debabrata Nayak, NIC, Jharkhand


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eJharkhand 2014 - Best Practices in competency in Govt departments and PSUs - Debabrata Nayak, NIC, Jharkhand

eJharkhand 2014 - Best Practices in competency in Govt departments and PSUs - Debabrata Nayak, NIC, Jharkhand

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Journey to M-Governance by Innovative Leveraging of Mobile technology Effective, Shared & Collaborative M-Tax Enforcing System Conceptualization Debabrata Nayak, PSA
  • 2. Agenda Road Permit Integrated Check Post Building Tax Defaulter Database Enforcing Penalty –Direct vs Indirect Penalty Collection via Payment Gateway Concept of M-Tax Enforcing Authority
  • 3. Road Permit
  • 4. Road Permit Road Permit --> Commercial Vehicle Mining 500,000 Road Permits Generated Commercial Tax Dept. 1.Incoming Permit 2.Out Going Permit 3.Transit Permit Excise Department Excise 1.Incoming Permit Commercial Tax 2.Out Going Permit Mines Department 1.Out Going Permit Transport Department
  • 5. Unified Permit Management Comtax Dept Consignor Mines Dept E-Permit Portal Consignee Transport Dept Transporter Excise Dept
  • 6. UnifiedFlow of e-Road Permit(Incoming Goods) Process Tax Command Center
  • 7. Integrated Check Post
  • 8. Integrated Check Posts Location (6 planned) Koderma Choupran Dhulian Chirkunda S L Checkposts NH 1 Chirkunda NH-2 Dhanbad 2 Chouparan NH-2 Hazaribagh 3 Bhilai Pahari NH33 E. Singhbhum 4 Karondi 5 Dhuliyan 6 Koderma Karondi Bhilai Pahari NH 78 MDR 240 NH3 1 District Gumla Pakur Koderma Commercial Taxes Department ,Jharkhand
  • 9. Integrated Check Posts cont.. 1. Challenge is Multiple departments monitoring at checkpost and the time factors to minimize the time of checking. 2. System to be adopted One Permit and One Vehicle management system for all departments to monitor at check post to minimize the time. 3. Development of single E-Permit Portal for Comtax , Mines, Excise and Transport department. 4. All department Comtax , mines , excise and transport will access the system with their authentication / authorization role mapped in the software. 5. All department will validate / verify the e-permit (Outgoing pass ,Incoming Pass and Transit Pass) and vehicle no by accessing the portal and get their MIS from the single portal. National Informatics Center
  • 10. Integrated Check Posts cont.. 6. The E-Permit generated from the system will be validated /monitored by Comtax , Mines and Excise department. 7. The Vehicle associate with the E-permit will be validated / monitored by transport department .The Vehicle can be auto checked through national transport database via web services or by verifying through the transport national database . 8. For quick verification Automatic number plate reorganization (ANPR) system will be adopted to automatically identify the vehicle at check post. 9. ANPR system will integrate with the existing E-permit system and with National Transport Database so that each vehicle at check post will be verified with the E-permit system . 10. ANPR system will give an alert to the check post security personnel if the vehicle no is not in the E-permit portal database. National Informatics Center
  • 11. Integrated Check Posts cont.. 11. ANPR System records vehicle no through OCR technology and take a photograph of the vehicle 12. If any vehicle identified with the ANPR system and is not in the epermit system –either the vehicle is unauthorized or is not aware about our current permit system . 13. Vehicle no / E-permit no carried by the Vehicle if is not matching with the E-permit system then the vehicle is trying an unauthorized entry to the state. 14. The system will generate online notice /seizure for the unauthorized vehicle. 15. Different department get their reports in CSV /excel /XML data exchange format or via Web Service. 16. The Particular Permit no will be defaced after verification at check post for incoming /outgoing permit no ,in case of transit pass after entry and exit check post verification . National Informatics Center
  • 12. Unified Tax Command Center ANPR System National Informatics Center
  • 13. ANPR System at Checkpost National Informatics Center
  • 14. ANPR Solution Design 1. 4 Camera in each Toll Gate for recognizing the number plate of all the vehicles [Two camera each lane ]. 2. 4 Camera at each Toll gate for general monitoring in and around the Toll gate for surveillance 3. One number of video recording server/workstation for recording the video obtained form all 8 camera in the toll gate 4. One number of computer running the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software. 5. This software collects video streams from the 4 camera and processes the same for ANPR. 6. The ANPR software to be customized to integrate with the commercial tax road permit system. National Informatics Center
  • 15. ANPR Solution Design 7. The data base of these individual Toll gates is then centrally replicated so as to have one central database for reporting and for alert processing. 8. The Vehicles can be marked as hot vehicle if it is not in the commercial tax road permit system 9. Once this hot flagged vehicle is recognized at the Toll gate an alert is raised at the monitoring workstation at the toll gate. The monitoring device will send visual alert outside of the Toll Booth with Red/Green lights with automation with the ANPR Software 10.Each toll gate will have one operator workstation to view live / recorded video from the video management system. National Informatics Center
  • 16. Counter for Notice / Seizure 4th Counter Dashboard of Vehicle (Green /Red) 3rd Counter Vehicle No Input 2nd Counter Ist Counter Integrated Check post layout CSC for Payment Facilitation
  • 17. Enforcing Direct /Indirect Penalty
  • 18. Enforcing Penalty (Direct vs Indirect) • Seizure / any type of Tax /road permit violation at check post leads to Penalty . • Direct vs Indirect Penalty • It is better to enforce Indirect Revenue Generation system. • Making the check post CASH FREE /no penalty collection at checkpost -introducting of E-payment system and building a defaulter database.
  • 19. Defaulter Database
  • 20. Concept – Building Defaulter Database Tax Collection Departments Messaging SMS/Email Permit Portal Vehicle Tax Defaulter Comtax Excise Mining Excise Duty Defaulter Mining Tax Defaulter Defaulter Database Integration Platform Payment Gateway 20 Transport Traffic Violator Other Tax Violator / Defaulter Police Payment Portal Open –Shared - Collaboration
  • 21. Payment Gateway
  • 22. Penalty Collection via Payment Gateway
  • 23. E-Payment Process Cont.. 1. Citizen /Dealers visit to the jharkhand or department portal 2. Fill up the Payment Form and submit . 3. Department Portal will transfer the citizen to NDML Payment GW for payment. 4. Citizen will pay via Netbanking / Credit /Debit card. 5. After Successful payment transaction citizen will automatically come back to department portal. 6. Departmental portal will provide E-challan receipt. .
  • 24. E-Payment Process Cont.. Enter Payment Details and Click On ‘Submit’
  • 25. Introducing M-Tax Authority
  • 26. M-Tax system GSM Base station Detail of vehicle requested from serve over GPRS Central Servers Mobile Phone DL 123 201 2 Traffic Police Vehicle MVI Vehicle No. entered in Mobile phone
  • 27. M-Tax system cont.. • M-Tax system is a smart mobile application mainly device for Tax Enforcing Authority like Transport MVI /Commercial Tax IB officers /Police • Instant generation of Notice /Seizure/ Receipt using Bluetooth printer / Instant SMS to Owner mobile/Email • Tax authority can check the detail/history of vehicle just by entering Vehicle Registration Number  M-Tax system can be installed on GPRS/ 3g enabled devices like mobile phones, tablet or any Android based devices.  M-Tax works both Online and Offline (Mobile database).  System should sync the data to a remote server after working offline.  Penalty /fines against each violation are maintained in a central database.  Data Collect  Defaulter Database.  SMS Gateway  Payment GW  Live inspection Report  GIS Mapping  5. Hassel free Reporting System .