e-Governance Initiatives in Gujarat- Diverse Perspectives- Dr Neeta Shah, Gujarat Informatics Ltd.

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  • Today we have gathered, to share our viewpoints, our experiences and our expectations and to discuss issues and plan a collaborative and concerted approach to transform the world community into an ICT led society. I would like to thanks and congratulate the organizing team and sponsors and everyone else here for their participation and deep committment… Information and communication of information plays a very critical role in everyone’s life. The word – ICT – we depend on it every single day…ever increasing… it has woven in every aspect of our life… it has made us more interconnected than at any time in human history. As much as we are moving towards wireless we are more wired to ICT.
  • We could just put some words behind this slide, rather than creating another slide for defining these terms. We need Delhi to move up the scale so that people could be offered anytime/anywhere services. “ Transactional” and “Transformational” are not that different. PPP model could be involved to set up kiosks, particularly if financial model is compelling enough. So, government could work towards achieving both objectives.
  • The public sector is moving into a new era in which the provision of public services will be oriented towards the creation of public value and user empowerment. This transformation is part of an historical evolution with its own rationale and momentum, but which is being strongly supported and enabled by information and communication technologies (ICT). Indeed, the two are clearly linked and drive each other. ICT has today become mainstream in any public sector or government activity, whether making administrative processes more efficient or providing more effective services for citizens and businesses. Public value is value that is shared by all actors in society: citizens, businesses, organisations and informal groups. It is the outcome of all resource allocation decisions taken by all stakeholders in society as a whole. Public value is about all resources – facilities, services and information – which are shared by every individual and available to all. Optimising public value, therefore, requires governments to maximise the benefits that can be obtained from sharing resources between all stakeholders in society. The creation of public value will contribute to empowering individually and collectively all actors that play a role in the constitution of society. It will increase the capacity of these social actors to function in society and take on their social responsibilities. The dominant notion of public value has been affected by changes taking place over the last ten to 15 years. Much of these have been driven by the use of ICT. This is mirrored in the evolution of political priorities by the use of ICT by government and the way policy objectives for eGovernment have been defined


  • 1. Dr. Neeta Shah Director(eGovernance) Gujarat Informatics Ltd. eGovernance Initiatives in Gujarat eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 2. Agenda IT Policy Framework 1 2 3 4 5 6 Infrastructure eGovernance Applications Capacity Building eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 3. Urban India: 295M Population Rural India: 804M population Target Beneficiary through Governance
    • Two Faces of India: Growing Digital Divide
      • A Challenge
  • 4.
    • Goals for Citizen and Business interactions
    • Government at the doorstep of the citizen reducing the visits of citizen to Government offices.
    • Streamlined, standardized electronic information gathering and access thereby making Government 24*7 for citizen and reducing the time to decision making
    • Electronic delivery of services to meet citizen expectations and requirements though 100 % online submission of all forms and requests and status tracking.
    • Convenient, anytime, anywhere citizen services through web based access to citizen services by registered users with the help of electronic kiosks.
    • Develop enabling technology environment for eCommerce initiatives viz. online payments for Government services.
    Gujarat: IT Policy Framework (2/5) eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 5.
    • Goals for Inter and Intra Government interactions
    • Standardization of the processes through reusing the eGovernance solutions
    • Improved internal efficiencies and Increased employee productivity
    • Reduced system maintenance and training requirements by adopting standard systems and processes
    • Reuse of the databases and information sharing across the Government organs.
    • Cost effectiveness in the operations of Government agencies
    • Better enforcement of law , effectiveness of planning and schemes and tracking the benefits to the users resulting in improved governance.
    Gujarat: IT Policy Framework (3/5) eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 6. Gujarat: IT Policy Framework eindia.eletsonline.com Policy Name Issue Date Hardware/Networking System Integrator policy July 30,2004 Hardware maintenance policy July 30,2004 Total solution Provider (TSP) policy July 30,2004 Training Policy May 4,2005 Condemnation Policy November 7,2005 Software Testing Policy March 10,2006 IT Policy November 1,2006 Web Site Dev./Maint. Policy September 19,2007 Gujarati (Local Language) Fonts standardization Policy September 25,2007 Security Policy November 5,2009 Asset Management Approved by Government and implementation to commence
  • 7. Framework for IT Implementation
    • GSWAN
    • SDC
    • e-Gram
    • Web-applications
    • IWDMS
    • City Civic Centre
    • IFMS
    • SWAGAT
    • Infocity
    • Science City
    • Jan Seva Kendra
    Strategy Initiatives
    • Policy Framework
    • Hardware & Networking
    • Total Solutions Provider
    • IT Architecture
    • Website Development
    • Training
    • MoUs with MNCs
    • Security
    • Assets Management
    Approach Projects eindia.eletsonline.com Govt. Depts./ Boards/ Corporations. Govt. Of Gujarat Citizens Industry Gujarat Informatics Limited (A Government of Gujarat Company) Department of Science & Technology (Government of Gujarat)
  • 8. ICT at a Glace @ Gujarat
  • 9. Informative Interactive Transactional Transformational Broadcasting & Dissemination e.g. WEB SITES Query from data base Two way Communication e.g. Enquiry based Exam results Grievance, Delivery of services to the citizens Paid Services One day governance centers City Civic centers; e- dhara; Faceless and 24X7 Government On line Portal Citizen Centric Information One stop shop for Citizen Centric Services Delivery Collaborative & Shared data bases Mobile and Telecom in Governance IT and Infrastructure Optimization Cost Efficiency and Reconsideration Virtualization & Cloud Computing Converged Infrastructure Convergence 2002-03 2004-05 2006-07 2008-09 2010-12 ICT @ Gujarat YoY eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 10. SWAGAT 2003 IWDMS 2005 VATIS 2006 GSWAN 2001 HMIS 2007 E-City E-Dhara E-Gram IGR E-Procurement Gujarat Government has taken up large scale e-governance initiatives like IWDMS, HDIITS, VATIS, HMIS, IFMS, SDC,IGR ,XGN,eMamta,OVS etc. for Back Office processing to realize the vision of Complete e-Governance, there is a need of Single Consolidated Front Office for Citizen Centric Delivery Processes HDIITS 2010* IFMS 2009 Gujarat: Current Scenario eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 11.
    • Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN)
    • Gujarat State Data Centre (GSDC)/Server Farm
    • Common Service Centres (CSCs)/E-Grams (Panchayat Department)
    • ATVT Centres
    Gujarat: IT Infrastructure eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 12. Gujarat State Wide Area Network eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 13. GSWAN Establishing New Benchmarks in Connectivity eindia.eletsonline.com Applications Revenue Earned ATVT 21894610 Jan Seva Kendra 59848550 e-Dhara 360331410 AnyRoR 30234830 TOTAL (2009-11) 47,23,09,400 (47 Cr)
  • 14. Gujarat State Data Center eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 15.
      • GSDC & MDC First Operational Govt. DC in India
    • Advance IT Infrastructure
    • Servers
    • Storage Systems SAN / NAS / DAS
    • Switches / Routers / Firewalls
    • Anti-Virus System
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Backup Subsystems
    • Applications
    • Management and Monitoring
    • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
    • Civil Infrastructure
    • Building Management System
    • Fire detection/suppression
    • Access control System
    • Close Circuit Surveillance system
    • Rodent Repellent System
    • Intruder Alarm System
    • Public Address System
    • Electrical System
    • Un-interruptible Power Supply System
    • Air Conditioning System
    Latest Activities eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 16. eGram eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 17.
    • Objectives
    • To develop Village Panchayat by providing necessary basic infrastructure as the delivery point of e-services of different government department.
    • To also fulfill objectives of 73rd & 74th constitutional amendment.
    • To infuse five Es in governance; ease, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and ethics.
    • To bridge the information and technology and gap between the urban and the rural sectors.
    • To provide other commercial services through e-GRAM
    “ Empowering people through popular participation towards sustainable development in rural Gujarat Mission called e-Gram Vishwagram ”
    • e-Gram: Transforming Gram Panchayat to Gram Sachiwalaya
      • Today
  • 18. Satellite Airtel Banglore Hub e-Gram NOC, Gandhinagar 13695 Remote Location VoIP, Internet, Intranet Video Broadcast Video Conference
    • e-Gram: Transforming Gram Panchayat to Gram Sachiwalaya
      • Today
  • 19. ATVT Centres eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 20. ATVT -Aapno Taluka Vibrant Taluka
    • Bringing all government activities under one roof.
    • More transparent and efficient citizen centric system.
    • Empowering local governing bodies by implementing application in talukas in the state.
    • Now, this online service system has become a strong utility for Taluka Sarkar enabling delivery of services to citizens:
      • Certificates
      • Affidavits
    • Implemented in : 225 Talukas
    • Total Services covers : 150 nos.
    • Total Applications Received : 12,09,704 nos.
  • 21. eGovernance Applications eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 22. eindia.eletsonline.com
    • e-Mamta
    • HMIS
    • ICDS
    • DLIMS
    • School Health Program
    • Telemedicine & 104 Non Emergency Helpdesk
    • Soil Health Card
    • AgrisNet
    • eKrishi Kiran
    • XGN – eXtended Green Node
    • FMIS – Forest Management Information System
    • 2D/3D Content Based Multimedia Software
    • DISE – District Information System for Education
    • GKS – Gujarat Knowledge Society
    • Nirmal Gujarat Technoseva Program
    • Online Student Registration to Result Process
    • eDhara
    • eJameen
    • ATVT
    • City Civic Centers
    • e-Ration Card & BADEA – Birth and Death Data Entry Application
    • GSWAN – Upgraded to 5 x Stronger
    • 4 34 Mbps @ all 26 DC
    • 2 10 Mbps @ all TC
    • 4 34 Mbps @ all 6 Clusters
    • 16 72 Mbps Internet B/W
    • eGram
    • SDC & Mini Data Centers
    • IFMS, VATIS, IWDMS, eVoting
  • 23. Capacity Building eindia.eletsonline.com
  • 24. Capacity Building
    • Levels of Capacity Building
      • Awareness Level
        • Module - I & Module - II Training
        • CCC & CCC+ Training
        • Awareness Programmes (NeGP Awareness Workshop, Crises Management Programme, State Consultation workshop on eGovernance )
    • Activity Level
      • Functional level Training to 355+ government officials
    • Management Level
      • Capacity Building at SeMT
      • Capacity Building at PeMT Level
  • 25. Enhancing Value Proposition whilst effectively containing costs Cost of Delivery Level of Service Value of Citizen Centric Services Enhance Service Delivery Striking the Right Balance
    • Changing Landscape in Service Delivery
      • Today
  • 26. Thank You eindia.eletsonline.com