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e-Governance Initiatives, Commissioner of Agriculture, Maharashtra, Pune-1

  1. 1. E- GovernanceInitiatives Commissioner ofAgriculture, Maharashtra, Pune -1
  2. 2. AGRISNETObjectives• Establish and sustain a virtual network of farm communities, voluntary and public institutions, service providers, policy makers, researchers and educators that would work for agrarian prosperity of Maharashtra.• Strengthening of service delivery system and e- governance by way empowering the field functionaries of agriculture department with ICT infrastructure and processes.• Educate and train farmers and stakeholders in knowledge-based development of agriculture and related services that would lead to all-round development Agriculture
  3. 3. AGRISNET• DoA has initiated process of building a strong IT infrastructure since 1992 with the goal to cater the information needs of ultimate beneficiary – “ FARMER”.• DoA has initiated IT infrastructure with the implementation of AGRISNET with Agri Coop,GoI aids.• All offices upto Taluka Agriculture officer have hardware and connectivity with IT trained manpower.
  4. 4. Development with AGRISNET• Hardware purchase, repair and maintenance• Software development• Connectivity and LAN setup• Content creation and purchase• Capacity building• Most of the software are developed and maintained by NIC, Pune. All the software developed by NIC are hosted on NIC servers free of cost.
  5. 5. e-Governance applications in use • Web site: (G2C,G2G,G2B) • Online daily rainfall: (G2G and G2C) • Crop Watch: (G2G ,G2C, and G2B) • Disease and Pest Monitoring System: (G2C) • SMS Advisory System:- (G2C,G2G) • Close User Group – CUG (G2C) • Kisan Sanchar Toll Free Service (G2C) • Online Licensing:- (G2B) • Soil Health Management (G2G and G2C) • Agri. Census Application(G2G) • Online Tapal registration and monitoring (G2G)
  6. 6. ApplicationsOnline Software Offline Software• Cash Flow Management • Calculation of Growth Rate (G2G) • Soil Testing Laboratory Management• Pay roll • EGS Horticulture EstimatesGeneric Softwares of GoI • MSQC Insecticide Testing Lab• Seed Net (G2G and G2C) • MSQC Fertilizer Testing Lab• Fertilizer Monitoring • MSQC Seed Testing Lab System (G2G and G2C) • Shetkari Magazine• Monitoring and Evaluation • Estimation Package for soil of Watershed Activities Conservation Activities (G2G) • Estimation package for RKVY,MREGS,A3P Farm Pond
  7. 7. Applications under DevelopmentOnline Micro Irrigation (G2C ,G2G and G2B) W Online Input Lab Management (G2B) W Online AGRIMIS(G2G) w Agriculture Census (G2G)
  8. 8. ICT InitiativesWeb Site • A bilingual website www.mahaagri.gov.in • Scheme guidelines, GAP, Weather and Crop information, Tenders, Audio Video content available on the site.
  9. 9. Gold Medal-National e Gov Award 2012 Crop Pest Surveillance and Awareness Project 2011- 12 (CROPSAP)
  10. 10. Disease and Pest Monitoring & Awareness system• The disease and pest cause heavy damage to the crops leading to reduction in production and ultimately the farmers faces financial loses.• Field observation, accurate diagnosis and timely reporting of the disease & pest occurrence followed by critical advisory helps to overcome damages.• Successfully implementation of “Disease and pest monitoring and Awarness system” in the yearn2009-10 ,2010-11 for Cotton, Soybean, Gram and Tur crops.• Rice crop is included in Year 2011-12.• This program will be extended to important horticulture crops from 2011-12.• State DoA,NCIPM,CRIDA,SAUs and National Crop Institutes for the mandate crops are the stake holders in the RKVY funded project.• This is an unique project of ICT application for the benefit of agrarian community.
  11. 11. Mahaagri SMS
  12. 12. SMS Advisory System• For timely and fast delivery of the information and advisory to the farmers SMS Bulk Broadcasting application has been developed.• Advisory on Plant Protection, weather. Information dissemination the farmers on schemes, weather and market, important event etc. is broadcasted.• Location & crop specific critical agro advisory is given to the farmers on their mobile.• These SMS are delivered in English as well as in Marathi.• The advisory can be given on 43 important crops.• At present 3.22 lakh farmers are registered for this service.• Stake holders –DoA, SAUs, IMD,Marketing Board, Soil Test Labs, Input QC labs, State, Ware House Corporation.
  13. 13. Close User Group ‘MAHA KRISHI SANCHAR’ Seven lakh farmers, extension workers have subscribed in CUG as on 31st May 2011. Ensures free of cost communication within the farmers and experts. 1 GB/month free GPRS download. Effective Knowledge and information dissemination . Tie up with BSNL Maha Krishi Sanchar 2 Plan with modified features rolled out for new registration. (Details availaible at www.mahaagri.gov.in)
  14. 14. Kisan Sanchar Toll Free Service (G2C)• New service launched from AGRISNET on 6th June 2011• It has central unit at Director Agriculture(Input &QC),Commissionarate,Pune and secondary units at Agiculture Development Officer,at district level.• An interactive Toll Free Service 1800-2334-000• It addresses the agriculture input viz;seed,fertilizer and insecticide availability and quality control queries of farmers of the state.• Total 51750 queries raised during June 11 to Jan 2012• The service provider is BSNL Ltd.
  15. 15. National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI) Online Implementation SystemApril 12, 2012 NIC-SDU, Pune 15
  16. 16. Micro Irrigation Online Implementation System• General information of the scheme components made available.• Real-time status and subsidy information of the applications to the beneficiary.• Online processing of proposals for speedy disposals there by saving cost and time along with transparency• Online work flow management system to capture and reciprocate the data among the implementation levels for speedy sanction of proposals and subsidy disbursement.• Key information of beneficiaries to avoid fraudulent cases.• Online assignment and efficient monitoring of physical and financial targets and achievements.• Online MIS reports for assisting the Mission director in fast analysis. NIC- G2C,G2B,G2G System April 12, 2012 SDU, Pune 16
  17. 17. STAKE HOLDERS• Citizens/Farmer• Manufacturers• Dealers• Department Users • Commissioner Agriculture • District Superintending Agriculture Officer (DSAO) • Sub division Agriculture Officer (SDAO) • Taluka Agriculture Officer (TAO) • Circle Agriculture Officer (CAO)April 12, 2012 17 NIC-SDU, Pune
  18. 18. Online Licensing• Licenses to Seeds, Fertilizers, Insecticides and Nurseries manufacturing/Producing and dealers are issued by the department.• Online licensing software is under development with NIC, Pune• Online applications , tracking of the application and issuing of the license will be done through this system.• The data base generated will help the authorities in monitoring the licensing status.• The BI (Business Intelligence reports) will help to take decisions.• The application is being rolled out from May 2012.
  19. 19. Online LicensingFeatures :• Web Enable Online / Offline System• Integrated License Management (Single software) for Seed, Fertilizer, Insecticide and Nursery• Access to the system based on user roles• License Information is accessible across the State• Monitoring of License activity becomes simpler• Quality Control of Inputs becomes effective• Management of License becomes easy• Auautomation of various activity like renewal notice in advance, cancellation/Expiry of license notice etc is possible.• Dynamic query and reports on License Data• Online Help in local language (Marathi) is provided
  20. 20. Agriculture Census - 2011 Integrating Land Records DataWhat is Census :•Village wise operational holdings of resident and non residentcultivators is prepared (L1 and L2)•Size Class wise and caste wise number of operational holders andthe area details (T1 – SC, T1 – ST, T1 – Others, T1 – Institutional)•Village Summary - Geographical Area, Agri. Info, Totals about SizeClass wise and caste wise number of operational holder•Tahsil wise Census data in dbf file format for L1 and L2consolidated information
  21. 21. Features•Complete Census will be prepared from Land RecordsDatabase available with Government of Maharashtra –Department of Revenue.•Most of the data required for census is available fromLand Records – Survey Number, Name of Land Owner,Cultivable and non- Cultivable area, Land holding in othervillages of same tahsil, Holding type (individual, joint,institutional) etc•Few missing entries like Gender, Caste, Resident Statusand Cultivator (Operational Holder) Name are missing
  22. 22. Scope•DoA has developed the application with National Informatics Centre, Punewhich allows integration of data availaible in land records.•Most of the data required for census is available from Land Records –Survey Number, Name of Land Owner, Cultivable and non- Cultivable area,Land holding in other villages of same tahsil, Holding type (individual, joint,institutional) etc•Gender, Caste, Operational Holder Name, Resident Status information iscollected from field by patwari and fed into the software• The Software generates Proforma – 3 (L1) Proforma – 4 (L-2) Proforma – 5 (L-3) Proforma – 8 (T-1) required for Census.
  23. 23. 2. What is available in Land Records• Village Census Code• Survey Number• Land Owner Name, Khata Number and Type• Owner wise cultivable land area (Jirayat, Bagayat etc),• Cultivable land area in other villages of same tahsil• Land Records Database – has provision for storing Caste, Gender, Local/Non-local and Literate/illiterate data• Season wise – Survey Number wise Crop Data• Other Info Like Tenure, Loans & Liabilities etc
  24. 24. It can be achieved … Data Available Now !!!
  25. 25. Soil Health CardThe State Agriculture department has initiatedvarious programmes to maintain and enhancesoil health.A software developed with NIC,Pune for.. • Soil Health Management, • Soil Health Card online dissemination • Expert system for Crop and nutrient management • Will be rolled out from April 2012 (G2G and G2C)
  26. 26. Vision Online Monitoring & Evaluation of Schemes• Online application is developed by Science and Technology Park, Pune under the guidance of DJDA, Pune.• The software is successfully used/tested in Pune,Amravati,Nasik,Aurangabad Division on pilot basis.• The proposal has been submitted for appraisal.
  27. 27. The scope of the software includes• Agriculture Extension Schemes• Horticulture Schemes• Statistical Program-Crop Cutting Experiment Planning, Farmer andcrop wise Data Collection of Main and Secondary Crops• Scheme Monitoring and Inspection• Scheme and component wise Beneficiary list• Office Directory• Message Board
  28. 28. “Cyber Extension is using the power of online networks, computer communications and digital interactive multimedia to facilitate dissemination of agriculture technology.”
  29. 29. Cyber extension The project sponsored from Rashtriy Krishi Vikas YojanaObjective- To improve service delivery for agriculture technology by employing Cyber extension tools .Components• Procurement of Laptops each for all Circle Agriculture Offices (885)• Trainings• Multimedia Content Development by State Agriculture Universities ,Extension workers• Extension
  30. 30. Cyber extensionStrategy• Details about computer literacy, availability of multimedia content, preparation for training, selecting nodal officers have been compiled.• For Content development at District level.• For multimedia production for Good Agriculture Practices in imp. Crops State Agriculture Universities have been involved.• A strategy for continuous production and dissemination of relevant, local content has been chalked out.
  31. 31. Cyber extensionStatus• Locally relevant multimedia content development by field functionaries and State Agriculture Universities.• Procurement of Windows based Laptops for Circle Agriculture Office.• Operational Trainings in progress.
  32. 32. National e-Governance PlanAgriculture Mission Mode Project Presentation by DDA(Project), Commissionerate of Agriculture, Pune-5
  33. 33. Presentation by DDA(Project),Commissionerate of Agriculture, Pune-5
  34. 34. VisionTo create a conducive for raising the farm productivity and income to global levels through provision ofrelevant information and services to the stakeholders
  35. 35. Agriculture Mission Mode ProjectIt envisage to provide relevant information and services tothe farming community and private sector through the useof ICT. • It aims to replicate the agricultural e-governance projects being carried in different states at a national level and provides the services through multiple delivery channels • Phase I Needs assessment, identified and prioritized services which need to be provided to farmers and the private sector. • Phase II Business process re-engineering for the prioritized services, design of an IT enabled solution to support service delivery, capacity building.
  36. 36. Agriculture Mission Mode Project• This project stresses on using IT in all stages of the agricultural crop cycle including the crop selection stage, the pre-cultivation stage, the crop management stage, the pre-harvest stage, the harvesting stage and the post-harvest stage.• The project focuses on providing informational services to farmers on a variety of farm-related issues including seeds, soil-test-based information, fertilizers, pests, government schemes, and weather.
  37. 37. ObjectivesSMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) • Improve access of farmers to timely and relevant information & services throughout crop-cycle • Bringing farmer centricity & service orientation to the programs by providing location specific and up-to-date crop management related information. • Increasing effectiveness of Government service delivery • More effective management of schemes of DAC through process redesign • Enable private sector participation to benefit farmers by providing an integrated platform to promote value added services in Extension,Marketing,Processing
  38. 38. Key StakeholdersS. No. Category Stakeholder1 Farmers a) Individual farmers b) Farmer groups c) Farmer cooperatives2 Central Government a) Department of Agriculture & Cooperation b) Attached Offices & Directorates c) Testing Labs d) Academic & Research Institutions3 State Government a) Department of Agriculture & Cooperation b) Attached Offices & Directorates c) Testing Labs d) Academic & Research Institutions4 Private Sector a) Manufacturers / Wholesalers / Dealers of inputs b) Importers and exporters of agriculture produce c) Traders, Buyers and Commodity Exchanges d) Call Centres (Agriculture Related) e) Agri Business Clinics & Centres
  39. 39. Services• During Phase I, 22 core services were identified and prioritized• Identified services have been classified into 3 Components– Content based Components One for which data needs to be collected, stored and managed for appropriate dissemination.– Transaction based Components For which input data is captured, processed and an output is generated for the use of the end beneficiary. This component would apply where one to one interactions are conducted.– Workflow based Components Components for which data is captured through an input form, the application is processed in accordance with the business / workflow rules and a decision is appropriately communicated to the end beneficiary. Further categorized into 4 delivery areas – (G2F), (G2B), (G2G) and Business to Farmer (B2C)
  40. 40. NeGP (A) Service Components Transaction-based Content-based Workflow-basedCapture of Input data Creation of Content Capture of Input FormTransaction Processing Storage of Content Workflow/ Business RulesGeneration of Output Management of Content Decision-making Service Delivery Channels
  41. 41. NeGP-A: 12 identified Services Pesticides, Fert ilizers & Seeds Livestock Soil Health Management Drought Relief Crops, Machin & ery, Training & Management GAPs Weather Irrigation Forecast & NeGP AMMP Infrastructure Agro-Met Advisory Prices, Arrivals Fisheries , Procurement Points Monitoring of E-Certifications Schemes & for Imports & Programs Exports Marketing Infrastructure
  42. 42. Delivery Architecture• It is envisaged that the proposed solution provides the end users with the ability to access services through an online platform at their door-step.• For this purpose, the architecture can be viewed to consist of four Components: • Central Agri Portal • State Agri Portal • Applications • Delivery Channels
  43. 43. New Applications (Illustrative) Common Applications on CAP and SAPa) Knowledge Management Applicationb) Expert Advisory Applicationc) Testing Lab Applicationd) Grievance Management Applicatione) E-Monitor Applicationf) Agri MMP Dashboard Applications on CAPa) Pesticide Registration Applicationb) E-Certification Application Applications on SAPa) E-Pest Surveillance Applicationb) License Application (L1) for Manufacturing & Wholesalec) License Application (L2) for Retailingd) Seed Grower Registration Applicatione) Fish Seed Grower Registration Applicationf) Seed Certification Applicationg) E-Platform Application
  44. 44. Existing Applications which may be redeployed • SEEDNET • AGMARKNET • Agricoop • FISHNET • DPPQS • CIBRC • Fertilizer Management System (FMS) • IMD • State AgrisNet Websites
  45. 45. Service Delivery channels– Common Service Centers– Agri clinics / Agri Business Centers– Departmental Offices– IVRS– Kisan Call Centres (KCC)– State Call Centres (SCC)– Mobile Phone– Online (web based service)– Private kiosks– Mass media(TV, Radio, News Papers)– Print Media– Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVKs)– State Agricultural Universities– Extension workers– Advertisement– Email alerts
  46. 46. Service DeliveryCentral Agri PortalCentral Level Appln. Integration with Existing Portals Common Applications Pesticide Regis. Appln. SEEDNET AGRICOOP Delivery Channels KM Appln Farmer E- Cert. Appln. AGMARKNET FISHNET Farmer CSC CSC DPPQS CIBRC Internet / NICNET / SWAN Expert Adv. Department FMS IMD Department Appln. KCC KCC Pvt. Sector Testing Lab Pvt. Sector Appln. SCC SCCState Agri Portal State Level Applications Grievance Pvt. Kiosk Mgt. Appln. Pvt. Kiosk Fish Seed Grower Reg. E-Pest Sur. Appln. Appln. Mass Media Mass Media License Appln. (L1) Seed Certification Appn. Department E-Monitor Department Appln. License Appln. (L2) E- Platform Appln Mobile/ IVRS Mobile/ IVRS Seed Grower Reg. Appln. Linkages with Agri MMP Agri Clinic Dashboard Agri Clinic State AGRISNET Applications
  47. 47. Solution Deployment Architecture Central Data Cenre Mass Media Internet Firewall/Proxy IVRS WAN Database Server Central Portal Application Server Central disaster Recovery WAN DB server DB Server IVRS State Data Centre 1 State Data Centre 2 IVRS InternetMass Media Mass Media State Portal State Portal Firewall/Proxy Firewall/Proxy Internet Mobile Mobile Application Server Application Server CSC CSC SWAN KCC KCC Database Server Database Server SWAN SCC SCCPrivate Kiosk Private Kiosk
  48. 48. Network Deployment Architecture
  49. 49. National E- Governance Plan for Agriculture NeGP-A• NeGP – A has been approved for implementation in Maharashtra.• The project is coordinated by N.I.C.,Pune for Agriculture and allied sector.• Hardware, Software, Networking and Maintenance will be provided by DAC, GoI and NIC, Delhi• For Hardware,Networking and maintaince,agency being finalised by DAC.
  50. 50. NeGP-A Status Site Preparation• Site preparation (Electrical, Switches etc.)work at field level offices and SAUs in progress.• Trainings at District places will be conducted by the agency for field level staff before installation
  51. 51. NeGP-A Status System Requirment Specifications• System Requirment Specifications for applications being finalized with NIC, Pune and communicated to NIC, N.Delhi/DAC.• Individual SRS being discussed with stake holders
  52. 52. Prioritized ServicesPrioritized services for Agriculture Department enlisted inGR No DIT/File 2010/PRAKR 34/39/GAD/Mantralay,Mumbai ,Dated 18th June 2010•Agriculture Credit System•Information System for Farmers•e-Delivery related to farming(Webinar and Videos)•Agriculture Marketing•Scheme Monitoring System-Application under appraisal•Early warning System-weather
  53. 53. Prioritized Services-Status•Agriculture Credit System-Mandate of Cooperationdepartment•Information System for Farmers- Mahaagri SMS Service, Mahakrishi Sanchar CUG Service, Mahakrishi Sanchar Kisan Call Centre has been launched•e-Delivery related to farming (Webinar and Videos)- Website. Cyber extension Project has been launched with RKVY.•Agriculture Marketing-Applications development formarketing is in progress by MSAMB.The service applicationsare also under development in NeGP-A(Service 5/6/7)•Scheme Monitoring System-Application under appraisal•Early warning System(weather)- Mahaagri SMS Service System has been integrated to issue Agro Met Advisory by 9 AMFU units of IMD .A grid of automatic weather stations being established by DoA in PPP mode.
  54. 54. Hardware Status at Commissioner Office,Pune More than 6 servers used for – Local Domain Controller :- which is used all over Commissionerate network like Krushi Bhavan, Sakhar Sankul & Central Building for better administration. – Linux Based Proxy Server :– which is used for filtering web sites, applying restrictions for unauthorized access, saving bandwidth from unwanted usage of internet. – Help Desk Server Based On Linux:- which is used for Call management, call review and much more to handle all call related records. – Tapal Server :- which is used for internal tapal management. – Database Server :- which is used for storing multiple databases like Shekari Magzine. – Online Web Server :- this is used for online web site which is used for issue of License.
  55. 55. LAN and Networking Component system details (Over all Network)
  56. 56. Network Based Setup• 1 WAN Link (Lease Line) for Central Building.• 2 OFC links which are connecting Horticulture Department and Sakhar Sankul.• Cisco 2911 and Cisco 1941 Router to connect Krushi Bhavan and Central Building.• For better Security over the Internet and Intranet we are using Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall which is protecting the traffic comes from Internet lease line and Intranet lease line comes from Central Building.
  57. 57. VisitsHon.Sanjeev Gupta,Joint Sec (IT),DAC,GoI visited and reviewed ICT facilities on 16th August 2011
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