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eBihar 2014 - Emerging Technologies – Big Data Analytics, Networking, Cloud Computing & Security - Shri Amrit Lal Meena, Principal Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Government of Bihar


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eBihar 2014 - Emerging Technologies – Big Data Analytics, Networking, Cloud Computing & Security - Shri Amrit Lal Meena, Principal Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Government of Bihar

eBihar 2014 - Emerging Technologies – Big Data Analytics, Networking, Cloud Computing & Security - Shri Amrit Lal Meena, Principal Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Government of Bihar

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  • 1. E-Governance & IT Projects Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Deptt. Govt. of Bihar Presentation by: Mr. Amrit Lal Meena Principal Secretary Rural Development Dept. & Panchayati Raj Deptt., Bihar
  • 2. Current Projects 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. E-Shakti NREGASoft CPSMS AWAAS SOFT Mobile Inspection System ICT initiative by JEEViKA Panchayat Enterprise Suites Current IT Projects
  • 3. E-Shakti
  • 4. E-Shakti: Process Flow Current IT Projects
  • 5. E-Shakti Features  De-duplicated, rural resident database  Biometric, multi-app smart card as portable & secure ID  On-site biometric transactions (offline & online):  Demand for work  Work site attendance  Bank A/C operation ( Business Correspondent Model)  End-to-End, workflow driven, web-based transactional S/W  Call Centre for track able Grievance Redressal  Customizable MIS reports, compliant with MNREGS portal Current IT Projects
  • 6. NREGASoft
  • 7. NREGASoft: Introduction      Interconnect all the Gram Panchayats ,Blocks, Districts, States and the Union Ministry Captures the information right from the registration of the worker A transaction level work flow based web enabled MIS hosted at MGNREGA portal The portal provides single point access to all stake holders of MGNREGA This makes data transparent and available in public domain to be equally accessed by all Current IT Projects
  • 8. NREGASoft: Workflow Current IT Projects
  • 9. NREGASoft : System Integration Local Industry • Essential Systems Integration Several data entry companies are engaged to provide services required for NREGS. •. Web services has been provides to share data in NREGASoft with all the vendor engaged in payment (through Bank/ post office) to NREGA workers at their door step by using hand held devices Data sharing with UIDA Common beneficiary identifier across two system
  • 10. NREGASoft: Key Features Current IT Projects
  • 11. CPSMS
  • 12. Central Planning Scheme and Monitoring System(CPSMS) : Features • Monitoring position: ● Expenditure and Funds E-Payment Gateway - Funds can be pulled directly from the State Pool • Expenditure Filing - Maintain complete transaction history and provide real time financial statements Current IT Projects
  • 13. AWAAS SOFT
  • 14. AWAAS SOFT : Key Features  Web-based MIS Programme to capture beneficiary-wise data under Indira Awaas Yojana hosted at  Workflow automation of Rural Housing scheme  Single window interface for all stake holders  Empowerment of beneficiary  Generate reports of fund released, inspection progress in construction and tracks convergence of all benefits. Current IT Projects
  • 15. Mobile Inspection System
  • 16. Mobile Inspection System : Process Flow Current IT Projects
  • 17. Mobile Inspection System: Key Features  Mobile client interface to provide data entry  Offline Recording – No Internet required  Sync data using GPRS – very useful for remote working areas  Mobile Camera been used for recording – No extra camera required  Automatic Report generation and on server & auto email sent to destined users Current IT Projects
  • 18. ICT initiative by JEEViKA
  • 19. ICT initiative by JEEV iKA: Key Features  ERP based application to capture poor House Holds inclusion and transaction  Mobile based application to capture 10 Lakh Self Help Group transactions  Computer literacy programme covering 50 thousand SHG HHs family members and maintain the application at the village level  Hardware and software maintenance training for maintaining the application at the block level to 534 SHG HHs family members  Hiring agencies being engaged to hire and train 15 lakhs youth under skill development programme Current IT Projects under
  • 20. Panchayat Enterprise Suites
  • 21. Panchayat Enterprise Suites  Panchayat Enterprise Suites which comprises of the 10 generic software Applications for PRIs Current IT Projects
  • 22. PES Applications Rolled Out in Bihar PES Application Brief Description 1. Plan Plus Facilitates decentralized planning at grass-root level. It maps citizen’s wish with available schemes and resources, helps convergent planning, prepares perspective, draft, action plan, and budget estimates. 2. PRIASoft Double entry accounting system for income and expenditure monitoring of PRIs. 3. ActionSoft Monitor physical and financial progress of plans implementations online. 4. Panchayat Portal Facilitates information dissemination. Gives identity to each PRI through an independent easy to use website. 5. Local Government Directory (LGD) Provides unique codes to Panchayats, handles delimitation of Panchayats and links all e-Panchayat applications. 6. Panchayat Profiler Records demographic, socio-economic, public infrastructure and services, which will help grassroots planning. Current IT Projects
  • 23. PES Applications to-be Roll Out in Bihar PES Application Brief Description 7. ServicePlus Generic solution to automate delivery of all govt. services to citizens. 8. National Asset Directory Maintains details of assets created/maintained by Panchayats 9. Social Audit Details of statutory meetings held at ZP/BP/GP, requests for reports for social audit 10. Training Training portal to address training needs of stakeholders including citizens, their feedback, training material etc. 11. Grievance Facility for citizens to easily lodge their grievance and efficient redressal system with facility for escalation and monitoring by higher authorities 12. GIS A spatial layer to view all data generated by all applications on a GIS map Current IT Projects
  • 24. Way Forward...
  • 25. Plan to setup IT Centre at Block level under RDD S. No. Description Category–1 Sites Category–2 Sites 245 289 144 Sq.ft 300 Sq.ft With 10 Nodes With 15 Nodes 16Port – 1No 16Port – 2 No 1. No. Of Blocks 2. Room Space (Appox) 3. LAN wiring 4. Network Switch 5. 9U Rack 1 No 1 No 6. Desktop Computers/PCs 3 No's 5 No's 7. MS-Office 1 PC 1 PC 8. 1TB External HDD 1 No 1 No 9. Open Office 2 PCs 4 PCs 10. Multifunction Printer 1 No 1 No 11. Room VC System 1 No 1 No Current IT Projects
  • 26. Cost involved for the project Resource Amount (Rs. in Cr.) Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) 76.55 Operational Expenditure for entire project duration (OPEX) 100.11 Net Estimate Amount 176.66 Current IT Projects
  • 27. Planned IT Centre setup at various levels under Panchayati Raj Deptt. Geographica l Area Systems Required No of Users Desktop, Lease Line Connectivity, State Servers, MFPs, Power Backup, Tablet 10-15 Headquarter PCs etc with well furnished IT Cell Desktop, Lease Line Connectivity, Zila Parishad Servers, MFPs, Power Backup, Tablet 10-15 PCs etc with well furnished IT Cell Desktop, Broadband Connectivity, Panchayat Power Backup etc with well 8-10 Samities furnished IT Cell Total Budget No of Offices Budget Total per Budget office Planned (Rs. (Rs. In in Lacs) Lacs) 1 30 30 38 20 760 515 10 5150 Current IT Projects 5940
  • 28. Thank You Current IT Projects under