e-Uttar Pradesh 2013 - IT in Education - Lokesh Mehra, Director Education Advocacy, Microsoft


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e-Uttar Pradesh 2013 - IT in Education - Lokesh Mehra, Director Education Advocacy, Microsoft

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  • The Microsoft IT Academy Program is a complete toolkit of IT education designed for academic institutions of all types. The subscription-based program offers a comprehensive package of curriculum, courseware, E-Learning, academic pricing on Microsoft Certification exams, and other resources focused on employability, and life-long learning.The Microsoft IT Academy program is a complete technology education solution connecting students, educators, employers and local communities through a life-long learning model of leading-edge technology skills development. It was developed to bridge the gap between education and the real-world by equipping students with the IT skill sets they need for successful careers in today’s technology centered job market, and providing professional development resources for educators.Institutions who can benefit public or private, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific/technical schools that are institutionally accredited by a nationally recognized academic accrediting organization
  • e-Uttar Pradesh 2013 - IT in Education - Lokesh Mehra, Director Education Advocacy, Microsoft

    1. 1. Digitization of Education Lokesh Mehra Director – Education Advocacy mlokesh@microsoft.com
    2. 2. Snapshot of Current Education Scenario Market Fast Facts  The Indian Education Space is one of the largest markets WW  Despite a low GER, 3rd largest # of enrolments after China & US.  As per planning commission, 13Mn technical students by 2014  500 Million people in working-age population by 2030 Land of Diversity 29 States ,6 UTs 584 districts, 600K villages 42 Boards; 18 Languages Scale & Reach 230m Students; 1.3m schools; 30,000 Colleges; 365 Universities; The Burning Issues  GER of 18% at Higher Education (Global Average- 23%), 74% Literacy, # of PhD’s <1000 & far behind in Patents  Shortage of 1.2m teachers  90% of our Colleges are rated B and C Category  Only 45% of graduates from Secondary / Post Secondary employable Changing Dynamics  Change in GDP mix and implications for rural India.  Education Spend at the Top of the Pyramid on a continuous rise.  Demographics with largest population of young people.  Need for Specialization, Skill Development along with regular degree
    3. 3. Education is Moving to Personalized Learning Learning Value 1:1 eLearning Classroom eLearning PC Labs Basic ICT Digital Curriculum Improved Learning Methods Professional Development Connectivity Technology Current Transition 1:1 eLearning is the most effective way to develop 21st Century skills Next Transition
    4. 4. Reading Comprehension our Computing & Information Search Self Direction & Decision Making Today’s digital kids think of information and communications technology (ICT) as Attitude & something akin to oxygen: They expect it, Social Responsibility Creativity & Collaboration Critical it’s what Thinking & they breathe,Problem Solvinghow they and it’s Data Analysis live; They use ICT to meet, play, date, and learn; It’s an integral part of their social life; It’s how they acknowledge each other and form their personal identities Communication classrooms have
    5. 5. Digital Literacy Computer Literacy Internet/Web Basics Applications Basics Security & Privacy Digital Lifestyle • Word Processing PC Security Digital Media • Search Engines • Spreadsheets • Passwords • Photography • Internet Search Strategies • Presentations • Practices • Memory • Chat rooms • E-mail Internet Security • Storage • SW types • Video conferencing • OS • Internet E-mail • Parts of PCs • Browser •Types of PCs • I/O devices basics Each topic covers: • Hackers, Viruses • Video • Music Digital Devices The goal of Digital Literacy is to teach and assess basic • Email Privacy computer concepts and skills so that people can use • Windows computer technology in everyday life to develop new social Internet Privacy and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities. • Start menu • Online Safety & Privacy • File mgt • Creating Web Pages • Basic functions Launch • Online Cons • PDAs • Open file • Basic functions • Junk mail, Spam •Free e-mail • Print •Internet Lifestyle • Mobile phones • Wireless computing • Tablet PCs • Close • Encryption • Wearable devices • Safe practices www.dsaksharta.in Course Course Course Course Course Online Assessment Online Assessment Online Assessment Online Assessment Online Assessment Target Audience: Entirely new to computing or with some basic knowledge – Literacy Level Certificate Available in over 6 languages English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Urdu
    6. 6. Technology in Schools – transforming education Cloud Computing Devices Gaming Educational Resources Learning Analytics Personal Learning Environments
    7. 7. Partners in Learning in India Recognize educators around the world for their innovative uses of technology in the classroom; Partners in Learning in India   Engaging students and empowering educators. Trained over 7.5 Lakh teachers www.pil-network.com www.saksham-ms.in Innovative Teacher Leadership Awards  Enabling Access to Content and Tech.  Celebrate & recognize the most innovative educators & their teaching practices     PILN Building Community Professional Development Biggest online platform for educators with 4M+ members sharing content and collaborating Creating champions to drive IT to the next level www.office.microsoft.com www.is-toolkit.com Rajasthan U.P. Bihar Gujarat Vision: To collaborate with peers, build a content repository, digitization and networking of their schools/state and usage of IT in day to day teaching Project Shiksha Punjab U’khand Delhi PIL Coverage    M.P. Assam Chhattisgarh Maharashtra A.P. Karnataka Cloud & Productiivity Azure - Open and flexible cloud platform Kinect - transforms games into highinvolvement, measurable learning experiences O365 – Productivity Suite on Cloud Tamil Nadu Building Capacity   www.dsaksharta.in www.microsoft.com/itacademy HE Faculty Empowerment via Saksham Online IT Academy teacher resources; lesson plans, lab setup guides, presentations and virtual hands on labs
    8. 8. Microsoft IT Academy Program Bridging the gap between education and the real world 0 The latest Microsoft software for labs, classrooms , and PCs Access to a wide range of Microsoft eLearning courses and instructors Learning Management Systems to help track and monitor training progress Discounts on official courseware available only to academic institutions. E-reference libraries that offer access to more than 500 Microsoft Press books TechNet, which provides resources for IT staff and administrators
    9. 9. Integrated Education Solution LMS SIS ERP MOOC Recruitment Grants etc… Professional Development, Teaching with Technology, Resources, Certification, Assessments
    10. 10. www.microsoft.com/education thank you and let’s continue our conversation Twitter @lokesh_mehra