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E procure bangladesh driving towards effective public procurement amulya k. debnath, director general, central procurement technical unit (cptu)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. eProcure Bangladesh: Driving Towards Effective Public Procurement Amulya K. Debnath Director General, Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) ----------------------------------------------- For eAsia Conference held in Dhaka, 1-3 December, 2011
    • 2.
      • Good governance in Public Procurement & Reform
      • Legal instruments: PPA 2006 & PPR 2008
      • Journey to eProcure
      • eProcure: Tool for Plugging the Corruption
      Presentation Outlines
    • 3.
      • Delay in public procurement.....delay in development....low investment....low growth rate.......
      • Pub proc is also considered to be the hot-bed for corruption
      Governance Issue: Why?
    • 4. Governance Issue: Why?
    • 5. Governance Issue
            • WTO......UNCAC...Parish Declaration...ACCRA Agenda for Actions.. all embark for an effective and efficient Public procurement system for member/state countries
    • 6. Bangladesh e-GP Route
    • 7. Bangladesh e-GP System
    • 8.
    • 9. Bangladesh e-GP: Roll out Map
      • 4 Procuring Agencies (4 PEs)
      • All PEs
      • 4 Procuring Agencies (17 PEs)
      • 4 Procuring Agencies (308 PEs)
      Time Agencies & PEs 2012 2011 2013 2014
    • 10. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Good governance By Default…!!
    • 11. Steps in the Procurement Cycle Procurement Planning Preparation of TD Invitation Preparation of Tender Submission/Dropping Opening Evaluation Approval NOA Contract signing Contract Administration Procuring Entity Session: G2-1 Slide No. /14
    • 12. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP)
    • 13. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement(eGP)
    • 14. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP)
    • 15. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Ensure transparency, accountability, efficiency and equal and free access to Procurement process Centralized database for public Procurement Community Standard way of carrying out the procurement with Standard e-Tender Documents templates Efficiency gain with the Procurement workflow By default compliance to the PPA/PPR provisions Effective Procurement Monitoring Platform (PROMIS )
    • 16. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Transparency By default
    • 17. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) TENDER BOX No physical Tender Dropping eProcure stops physical dropping
    • 18. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) No need to come to Tender Box No physical dropping across the country
    • 19. Electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Bangladesh e-GP to stop it. eProcure stops hassle in dropping
    • 20. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Use Bangladesh e-GP to stop it. eProcure stops making collusion
    • 21. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) eProcure stops making Human error No paper work, no heap of files
    • 22. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) No manual evaluation except……. No manual opening except operation
    • 23. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) eProcure stops influencing evaluation No external influence possible
    • 24. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) No physical Dropping valuation No external influence possible
    • 25. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) On-line transaction through Banks Automated Record Keeping Audit trial Secured dashboard/Firewall System interoperability…….
    • 26. Bangladesh electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Thank You Q .. ????
    • 27. eSignature
      • eSignature/degital signature has been given the legality i.e Tenderers can submit a digitally signed Technical & Financial bid which cannot be tampered.
      APPLE 569bea285d70dda2218f89ef5454ea69fb5111ef Apple d0be2dc421be4fcd0172e5afceea3970e2f3d940
    • 28. Bangladesh e-GP System
    • 29.
          • National e-GP Portal (Home Page)
          • Module based Development
            • Centralized Registration Module
            • Annual Procurement Plan (APP) preparation and publishing
            • Invitation for Tender (IFT) preparation and publishing, SMS Notification
            • Tender document preparation
            • Tender preparation and Submission
            • Pre-tender meeting, Tender opening, Tender Evaluation
            • Approval and Notification of Awards, Contract signing
          • Workflow Management, User Admin and Dashboards
          • e-Signature, System and Security Administration Module
          • Help function Module (e-Tendering), Bank based e-Payment
    • 30.
        • e-Contract Management Module
        • Integration of PROMIS
        • System and Security Administration Module
        • Storage & Retrieval of Records Module
        • Expert Advice service and other Help functions
        • Workflow Management
        • More options on e-Payment
        • Dashboards (For all stakeholders)
        • SMS Integration
        • Printing Engine
        • Integration with legacy CMS
    • 31.
      • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Open Architecture
        • Interoperability
        • Easy to integrate
        • Reusability
        • Platform independent
      • Modular Application Architecture
      • Workflow based Process Architecture
      • Support s e-Signature/Digital Signature (PKI)
      • Bank and popular payment network based Payment system
    • 32.
      • Presentation Layer Security
        • Login/Password (email as Unique ID)
        • CAPTCHA : Verification code has to be entered as appeared in the ‘CAPTCHA’ and this is used to avoid automatic creation of users and to ensure that users are created manually.
        • Session level security
      • Transmission/Transaction Layer Security
        • Secured Socket Layer (SSL – 128 bit encryption)
        • Domain/Server level Session security
        • e-Signature/Digital Signature based authenticity
      • Application Layer Security
        • Web services will be used to access different processes and services offered by different modules of the applications
        • Message will be transferred using XML packets through SOAP.
        • Automated virus scan
    • 33.
      • Database Layer Security
        • Encryption while streaming to and from database (bid box)
        • Password is not stored in database, only Hash Value will be stored
        • SQL injection proof data access codes will be written
      • Hardware Layer Security
        • 2 layer Firewalls to protect e-GP System access from Internet
        • Database will be kept in Intranet IP class behind firewall and application server will be kept in Public IP class
        • Database will be clustered, Daily Data backup process will be automated
        • Mirror server for mirroring data and applications
      • Workflow based Security
        • Audit log of all activities and transactions
        • Only authorized and authenticated users will have access to specific level of workflow.
        • Procuring Entity will have rights to manage users as per their needs