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eOdisha Summit 2014 - Integrating Service Delivery... - K Devaratna Kumar, ADG, RO, Unique...


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  • Ram goes to withdraw cashExplain MicroATMTransferMoney txn, with fingerprint to merchant bankNPCI authenticates the resident using UID, gets bank account using the ID mapperExecutes the debit and credit transactionSends SMS to resident and BC about debit and credit respectivelyBC gives resident the cash.Any Bank, Any Mobile, Any BC – no hardwiring of components or vendors – thru UID higher level of abstractionMicroATM can perform all txns - Can perform deposits and C2C transfers as well.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Integrated Service Delivery – Role of Aadhaar UIDAI, REGIONAL OFFICE, HYDERABAD 24th January, 2014
    • 2. UIDAI- Mission Statement • • • • • • Deliver Aadhaar numbers to 60 Cr residents by 2014 (56 Cr. Issued) Collaborate with partners to – setup infrastructure which provides convenience to residents for updating and authenticating their digital identity – leveraging Aadhaar to serve residents effectively, efficiently and equitably Encourage innovation and provide a platform for public and private agencies to develop Aadhaar linked applications Ensure availability, scalability and resilience of the technology infrastructure Build a long term sustainable organization to carry forward the vision and values of the UIDAI Make it attractive for the best global expertise in different fields to collaborate and provide valuable insights to the UIDAI.
    • 3. What UIDAI Does UIDAI issues UID/ Aadhaar Numbers. It gives every resident of India, a unique 12 digit identification number which serves as proof of identity and proof of address anywhere in India. UIDAI offers Authentication services. UIDAI helps an agency offering services to establish the identity of the resident with biometric or demographic data. The agency offering services can query UIDAI as to whether the UID + biometrics match and an answer in “Yes” or “No” is given by UIDAI. Similarly, a query as to whether UID+ demographic match can also be made. UID/ Aadhaar as a Financial address. UIDAI also offers to link Aadhaar with bank account. Thus, merely by instructing transfer of money to a particular UID, the amount is credited to the bank account linked to UID.
    • 4. Aadhaar- FIVE “I”s • Identifier – • Inclusive• Intelligent – • Integrator – Unique Identification Aadhaar for All- Pro poor approach State of the Art Technology Biometrics and IT Breaks Silos and Integrates different Technologies & Partners • Indian initiative
    • 5. National e-Gov Plan and Aadhaar • inclusive and promotes transparency and openness • created a huge platform and nationwide ecosystem consisting of Government , Citizens/ Residents and Private players implemented a robust Data security policy to protect the privacy of individuals while promoting welfare Schemes. Consent of Resident is critical for sharing Data. first of its kind nationwide e-gov initiative and has the potential to transform how the public interact with the Government and viceversa conceived by the Govt of India after wider deliberations and embraced and is being implemented by most of the State Governments in the Country. • • •
    • 6. National e-Gov Plan and Aadhaar • provides the backbone and endoskeleton framework for interoperability between the User departments and financial institutions. • By implementing Aadhaar various Government Agencies have reported substantial savings which are far greater than the costs involved. • ensures uniformity and scalability across the country • Breaks the silos • provides flexibility depending on the needs of the user department. • NIA Bill has obtained the consent of the Cabinet and expected to be passed in forth coming session of Parliament
    • 7. Major Schemes – Adopted Aadhaar Social Security Pensions LPG MNREGA Wages Scholarships Public Distribution System (PDS) UGC Fellowship Programs NCLP/ JSY/ Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahayog yojana (IGMSY) • Housing • Land Registration • Annasree Yojana etc • • • • • • •
    • 8. Status of Seeding & DBT Implementation in AP AADHAAR COVERAGE IN AP: 94% Scheme % Seeding DBTL OMC: 69% Bank: 54% PDS NREGA Pensions 53% 63% 49% Scheme APB DBTL APB Other AEPS ePDS Transactions (in Lakhs) 198 14 111 20 Amount (in Rs. Cr) 1025 30 466 -
    • 9. Aadhaar status in Odisha Population 4.2 crore Enrollments done 2.76 crore Aadhaar generation 1.84 crore % of Aadhaar generation 44%
    • 10. Aadhaar applications • Transactional applications: – APB – AEPS • e-KYC applications • Digital Portable assets: – – – – Credit records Medical records Skill records Financial records
    • 11. APB Process Flow
    • 12. APB/AEPS Process Flow Authentication AEPS Resident - Ram UID 2563 8564 4663 APB 8. Info- IVRS/ SMS 6. Debit 4. Authenticate and execute Ram’s bank a/c NPCI switch 1. Withdrawal request 9. Cash 7. Credit 3.NPCI request TransferMoney From UID 2653 8564 4663 To UID 7233 5968 3094 Amount 300 2. Money transfer instruction + biometrics BC’s bank a/c 12 BC (Kirana, SHG, PO etc)) With Micro-ATM UID: 7233 5968 3094
    • 13. Oct Dec Nov Jan
    • 14. AePDS – Ration Distribution
    • 15. Thank You