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eOdisha Summit 2014 - ICT for Progressive... - Roopa Mishra MD, Mission...


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. ICT FOR PROGRESSIVE HEALTH CARE IN ODISHA Maternal and Child Health Administration …& Citizen Centric Initiatives Ms Roopa Mishra, IAS Mission Director National Health Mission, Odisha
  • 2.       MCTS- Mother and Child Tracking System HMIS- Health Management Information System E-Blood Bank- Blood Bank Automation System RCHLMIS- Reproductive Health Commodities Logistic Management Information System OVLMS- Odisha Vaccine Logistic Management System ODIMS- Odisha Drug Inventory Management System
  • 3. Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) • Mother & Child Tracking System(MCTS) is a centralized web based application for improving delivery of health care services to pregnant women and children up to five years of age through name based tracking of each beneficiary and monitoring service delivery • MCTS has been declared as a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) in July 2011
  • 4. Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) Objectives The objective of MCTS is case specific monitoring of every pregnant women & child to ensure:  All pregnant women receive their: Full Ante Natal Care (ANCs) services at due time Full Post Natal Care (PNCs) services at due time  Encourage institutional delivery particularly of high risk mothers  All children receive their full immunisation at due time
  • 5. Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) For reducing Maternal Mortality: • Online tracking of every single pregnant woman. • Tracking for imparting antenatal health services. • Tracking for delivery services and ensuring institutional delivery. • Tracking of every single abortion case and maternal death. • Ready availability of historical data. • Due list for providing delivery services. • Online information of drop outs and left outs from antenatal services. For improving immunization coverage & reducing infant mortality. • Online tracking of every single live birth. • Online tracking of all live birth’s weight, hemoglobin & ensuring newborn care. • Tracking of every single child for immunization and vitamin A doses. • Ready availability of historical data of child’s immunization. • Due list of children for providing for immunization. • Area/district wise sex ratio at birth can be monitored. • Online information of drop outs and left outs from immunization.
  • 6. Health Management Information System(HMIS) HMIS is a web based system to capture and analyze public health data and to generate various indicators on health services.  Initiated since 2008 to monitor and evaluate the impact of health programmes and provide key inputs to policy formulation and interventions  Captures facility wise information related to RCH & patient service activities  The data is presently being made available on the portal to various stakeholders in the form of standard/customized reports and factsheets. HMIS Coverage • • • • • • • • • • • ANC Delivery Delivery outcome PNC Immunization Family Planning OPD IPD JSY Incentives Severe Anemic High Risk Pregnancy
  • 7. Health Management Information System(HMIS)Information Flow National Level 15th of Succeeding month to GOI Dy. Director (Demography) STATE HEAD QUARTER ADMO (FW) as Nodal Officer by DHIO/ SI / SA Submit report by 10th of Succeeding month to State H.Q. M.O. I/C Nodal Officer By BPO/ SA / BADA DHH/ SDH & Urban health institutions i.e. (PPC (U)/ Urban Health Centre / Maternal Centre / Pvt. Hospitals (U)/ Area Hospital (U) / Other hospital (U) Report the service information up to 25th of the reporting month & submit the report by end of the reporting month to Dist. H.Q. District Head Quarter All rural area health institutions i.e. (CHC/UGPHC/PHC(N)/Other Hosp. (R) /Area Hosp.(R)/PPC(R) / Pvt. Nusing home (R) Block PHC/ CHC/ UGPHC MO/IC Submit the block report to district by 5th of the succeeding month to Dist. H.Q. Health Worker (F) Feed back Report flow (R)-Rural, (U)-Urban Sub centre Report the service information up to 25th of the reporting month & submit the report by end of the reporting month to Block H.Q. Report of the service information upto 25th of the reporting month & submit the report by end of the reporting month to Block H.Q.
  • 8. e-blood Bank ( A web based automation system for Blood Banks including instant blood stock availability to citizen through SMS and IVRS . It includes modules like Blood Collection, Donor Information Management, Blood Issue, Blood Stock Management, Inventory/Assets Management, Camp Management, User Profile Management etc. Major Benefits  Up to date blood stock information at finger tip.  Effortless retrieval and management of files  Improve operational efficiency and control.  Maintenance of Donor Identification.  Rejected Donor Database for Donor Control  Track and maintain all the Donor Types (Voluntary, Exchange etc)  Blood Cross Match and Result Storage Facility Citizen can send SMS (ODBB <first three letter of district> <Blood Group> <P/N>to 56767 to get blood availability. (exp- ODBB KHU O P)
  • 9. Reproductive Health Commodities Logistic Management Information System (RHCLMIS) This is an innovative system to track the supply chain of reproductive health commodities. This will facilitate in controlling the supply chain operations, reducing the supply imbalances and in regulating the flow of contraceptives including essential drugs for maternal and child health through mobile short message services (SMS). Features  Data transfer through SMS only  SMS alert on stock levels for indenting  Instant information on stocks and pipeline status  Robust way of tracking supply and stocks at all levels  Information available at appropriate levels, auto generation of reports
  • 10. RHCLMIS- Indenting Process
  • 11. RHCLMIS- Issue Process
  • 12. Odisha Vaccine Logistic Management System (OVLMS) This web based system is an effective inventory MIS which provides well-maintained cold chain for safe and effective immunization service delivery. Advantages :  Vaccine Issue according to sensitivity, FIFO and EFO.  Vaccine Stock and Logistic Management  SMS alert for inadequacy
  • 13. Odisha Vaccine Logistic Management System (OVLMS) Supply Chain of Vaccines State Vaccine Store(1) Regional Vaccine Stores (8) District Vaccine Stores (30)
  • 14. Odisha Drug Inventory Management System (ODIMS) A Comprehensive online System to manage the indent and supply chain of Drugs and Consumables. Objectives  Rational use of Drugs and Consumable  Tracking of Drugs to be expired  Minimization of Drug wastage  Better annual procurement planning  Instant assessment of Drugs and Consumables at health institutions  Efficient control over inventory of Drugs and Consumables  Actual quantification of requirements
  • 15. ODIMS- Supply Chain of Drugs and Consumables
  • 16. E-Swasthya Nirman A web enabled system to track the physical and financial progress of all construction activities undertaken at state, district and block level. It also helps to plan the construction activities to be taken as per the health indicators. Advantages  Project code wise/ Institution wise progress tracking  Alert mechanism through SMS  Dynamic Report building for decision making process.  Financial tracking, including grant and privileges.
  • 17. Citizen Centric Services- In Pipeline
  • 18. Automation Of Drug Control Administration
  • 19. Odisha Hospital Information Management System (OHIMS)- In Pipeline  Dept .of H & FW is going to implement a Hospital Management Information System in Medical Colleges and District Head Quarter Hospitals.  The project includes all aspects of services delivered to patients at the Hospital.  This will create Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for each patient of Odisha.  The entire student life cycle in a medical college and hospital will be automated.  This will also integrate community based information captured at various level and integrate with the health record of citizen.