eOdisha Summit 2014 - eGovernance in Odisha... - M Akshaya, ADG, State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB), Odisha


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eOdisha Summit 2014 - eGovernance in Odisha... - M Akshaya, ADG, State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB), Odisha

  1. 1. Crime & Criminal Tracking Crime & Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Network and Systems (CCTNS) Odisha CCTNS - 24th January 2014 Ministry of Home Affairs Centre State Division Government of India State Crime Records Bureau Odisha Police Government of Odisha National Crime Records Bureau Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India
  2. 2. Overview of Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS)  Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) has evolved as a Mission Mode Project (MMP) for State Police under National eGovernance plan with the objective  Optimizing Police Service delivery to Citizens  Optimizing internal efficiency of Police operations  CCTNS aims to create a nationwide & networked infrastructure for evolution of ITenabled state-of-the-art tracking system around “investigation of crime and detection of criminals” in real time.  Aims to cover the following within this plan period: • 15000 Police Stations and 6000 higher offices including Circle, Sub-Division, District, Range, Zone, Commissionerates, and State Headquarters in the entire country. • National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) & State Crime Records Bureaus (SCRB) • Critical interfaces with: o Citizens o Government (e.g. Intelligence, Passports, Transport, Telecom) and nongovernment entities 2
  3. 3. Scope of CCTNS Application Software (CAS) Roll Out & Operations Infrastructure (Site Infra, DC, DRC) CCTNS Implementation in Odisha Network Connectivity Data Digitisation (VPNoBB, VSAT, SWAN) Capacity Building & Change Management
  4. 4. Coverage of CCTNS project in Odisha
  5. 5. Coverage of CCTNS project in Odisha CCTNS will cover: • 581 Police Stations, 37 Police Control Rooms and also 111 SDPO/DSRP/ACP offices • 36 District Offices, 8 Range Offices including IG Railway Office, Police Commissionerate and State Police Headquarters • HRPC, Director Intelligence, IG Operations, SAP, EOW, STF, CID-CB, SFSL & SCRB • 45 District Training Centres including computer training centres at Biju Patnaik State Police Academy, PTC, SOG,SCRB, 6 Battalions. • Data Centre has been setup at State Data Centre in OCAC and Disaster Recovery Centre at Delhi 5
  6. 6. CAS and Additional Modules  NCRB has developed a State of the art integrated Core Application Software (CAS) platform for sharing real-time crime and criminal information across States/UTs and organizational units. CAS is being customized to Odisha Specific Requirement 6
  7. 7. Online Services  Complaints/ information to the concerned Police Station  Status of the complaint or case registered at Police Station  Copies of FIRs, post-mortem reports and other permissible documents etc.  Details of arrested persons/ wanted criminals and their illegal activities etc.  Details of missing/ kidnapped persons and their matching with arrested, unidentified persons and dead bodies  Details of stolen/ recovered vehicles, arms and other properties.  Submission of requests for issue/ renewal of various NOCs, clearances and permits and status of requests online.  Verification requests for servants, employment, passport, marriages, senior citizen registrations, etc.  Portal for sharing information and enable citizens to download required forms/ certificates etc. 7
  8. 8. Governance Mechanism at State 8
  9. 9. Key Stakeholders System Integrator: NIIT Technologies Limited State Project Management Unit: Deloitte State Data Center: OCAC Network & Connectivity : BSNL Central & State Project Management Consultant : NISG
  10. 10. Current Status Site Preparation Hardware Delivery & commissioning Network Connectivity Data Digitization CAS Training Offline Total Target 784 784 784 695565 25786 Completed 718 750 414/648 324093 14575 91% 95% 52%/82% 46% 56% % Completed Other Activities Status • • • • • • Data Centre has been setup at State Data Centre in OCAC and Disaster Recovery Centre at Delhi Core Application Software(CAS) Offline has been initiated in some Police Stations of 34 districts where hardware installation and connectivity from BSNL has been provided. Approximately 8905 FIRs have been raised in CAS. Qmail- Police group e-mail services have been started on a Pilot Basis Provision for Group SMS is under process Helpdesk has been established at SCRB for support in resolution of field issues. Solar Power is being provided to 161 power deficient Police Station.
  11. 11. CCTNS Advanced Modules S NO Name of Advance Module 1 Automated Fingerprint Identification System 2 Automated Facial Recognition System 3 GIS based Crime Analytics 4 Fingerprint Enrolment Devices 5 Mobile Data Terminal 6 Computer Aided Dispatch, Automated Vehicle Tracking system and Traffic management 11
  12. 12. Benefits of CCTNS Project What would be benefits to Citizens  Multiple channels to access services from police  Simplified process for registering and tracking incidents, petitions and FIRs  Simplified process for accessing general services such as requests for certificates, verifications, and permissions What would be quicker  Sharing information with other Police Stations / Departments  Providing data & reports to Senior Officers  Handling Citizens’ requests What would be easier  To maintain various files, records and registers  To track criminals  To prepare Case Files  To reuse data / information from other Cases What would be available  Enhanced tools for investigation.  Access to Criminal images and fingerprints  Ability to analyze crime patterns and/ or modus operandi
  13. 13. Funds released for CCTNS Project  Government Of India has sanctioned 2000 crores for CCTNS Project for the entire country.  Total funds approved for implementation of CCTNS Project in Odisha is Rs. 49.79 crores.  Till date Odisha has received Rs. 16.78 crores and Rs.16.31 crores has been utilized (Percentage of utilization: 97.20%)  Though CCTNS is a central Government funded Project, Government of Odisha has provisioned Rs. 10.91 crores for various additional components.  Additional fund requirement of Rs 201 crores has been projected for running the project till the 8th Year.