E maharashtra 2013 cloud & datacenters - rajesh aggarwal, secretary it, government of maharashtra

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  • 1. Maharashtra State Data Centre (MH-SDC)MahaGov CloudDirectorate of Information TechnologyGovernment of MaharashtraMay 2013Rajesh AggarwalSecretary-IT,Government of Maharashtra
  • 2. Table of ContentSalient FeaturesServices offered to DepartmentsCloud Infrastructure at MH-SDCLessons LearnedKey Take AwayChargeback and self-sustenanceWay Ahead2Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 3. Cloud computing infrastructure onVMware and MS HyperVServer Farmspread area1450 Sq. Ft.39 rackshostingcapacityStoragecapacity of86 TBOver 150+applications inproductionAPNIC/IRINNIPv4 & IPv6addressesTier 2 DataCentre as perTIA-942standardMaharashtra State Data CentreMH-SDC is located on the 4th Floor of New Administrative Building (NAB) opposite Mantralaya.Salient Features3Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 4. Department brings onlyapplication/websiteVirtual Instance isprovided in Cloud SetupDepartment brings onlyapplication/websiteDedicated Servers areprovided byMH-SDCDepartment bringsapplication/website &hardwareRack space, power,cooling, firewall andother managed servicesprovided by MH-SDCCloud Service Colocation ServiceManaged HostingEncourage Try to avoid DiscourageServices offered to Departments4Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 5. Background Conceptualized on implementation for effective and efficient utilization of the resources soas to reduce overall cost with maximum flexibility. Proof of Concept – November 2011 Fully operational Cloud – May 2012Uniqueness about MahaGov Cloud Only Government Cloud Setup in India High volume of servers and applications Own block of 4 B ASN no. and IPv4 & IPv6 Membership in APNIC/IRINN, making it vendor independent. Cloud Services offered for Government and by Government High Availability & Load Balancing at ISP levelCloud Infrastructure at MH-SDC5Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 6. Cloud Infrastructure at MH-SDC6Directorate of Information Technology, Government of MaharashtraUniqueness about MahaGov Cloud(Contd...) The rate chart serves as a benchmarkfor the User Departments IPv6 Test Successfully completedItem wise Monthly rates for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)Item Rate1 vCPU 4 GB RAM, 50 GB SAN Storage with RHEL orother Linux (OS + PostgreSQL/MySQL) or WindowsOS4000Additional 1 vCPU 1000Additional RAM 4 GB 1000Additional Storage 50 GB 1000Public IP and Unmetered Internet Bandwidth 2000Self-provisioning portal for Cloud with predefinedCAP20000Rack space - 10 U 20000Dedicated Rack - 42 U with 3 KVA Power 60000Additional Power per KVA 5000Dedicated Server (Intel Xeon 12 Core @ 2.63 GHz, 96GB RAM, 146 GB X 2 HDD with Windows OS or RHEL/other Linux OS + MySQL/PostgreSQL50000
  • 7. Cloud Infrastructure at MH-SDC7Directorate of Information Technology, Government of MaharashtraMicrosoft Private Cloud Architecture of MH-SDC• Physical Servers – 6• Virtual Machines – 25• Total Applications in production – 7• Upgrade to Windows 2012 in progressVMware Private Cloud Architecture of MH-SDC• Physical Servers – 24• Virtual Machines – 302• Total Applications in production – 143
  • 8. MH-SDC Cloud Architecture8Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 9.  User Awareness Increase the maturity of Security processes Continuous monitoring Security at each layer Security a priority in each initiative Hand-in-Hand with the Developers, Service Providers, Departments, etc.Security9Directorate of Information Technology, Government of MaharashtraPlatform as a ServiceSoftware as a ServiceInfrastructure as aServiceControl and Flexibility of SecurityLessMoreMoreLessMH-SDCDepartment
  • 10. Benefits for Maharashtra Government10Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra Lower Costs Lower Physical Resources Operational Cost Agility Eliminate procurement process Less Time to provision Efficient Utilization No Downtime Universal resource access Common platform Easy Accessibility Better Management and monitoring Quick Backup/Restoration Continuous update Ownership of updates withSDC Latest updates Collaboration Accessibility – AnytimeAnywhere Dept. can focus in their coresector Dept. need not be IT Experts
  • 11.  Start with – IaaS and PaaS Capacity planning CPU and RAM – should be in ratio Rule based auto scaling of resources Public and Management Traffic – Min. 4 NIC Licensing Policy – Operating System and Databases Backup and Replication – for entire Virtual Instance Awareness sessions – departments and developersLessons Learned11Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 12. Key Take Away12Directorate of Information Technology, Government of MaharashtraOption 1:Private Cloud Service Provider in SDCOption 2:State’s nodal agency can take a lead and act as acloud service providerOption 3:Other State SDC as Cloud service providerOption 4:Dedicated Government cloud for multiple states
  • 13.  Started with free offering to all departments Chargeback and metering mechanism is devised Charge will be levied for Corporations, Boards, etc. Cloud service charges for GoI funding scheme Incentive to Departments for SDC usageChargeback & Self-sustenance13Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 14. Sample Chargeback Report14Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 15. Awards15Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 16.  IPv6 rollout Increasing the capacity ‘You can also do it’ Continual improvement and innovate Lets build a Community Cloud BCP / DRWay Ahead16Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra
  • 17. The Journey Continues….Directorate of Information TechnologyGovernment of Maharashtra,7th Floor, Mantralaya,Mumbai
  • 18.  Hardware to be procured for Cloud setup Achieving efficient licensing Management of Cloud services Roles and Responsibilities for Cloud services Disaster Recovery for Cloud Building confidence of Departments Security Risks – for e.g. Loss of Governance, Lock In, Isolationfailure, Data protection, Data deletion (if required), Backups IPv6 enablement at SDCPoints for Discussion18Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra