CloudGov 2014 - Efficiency & Security of Cloud Infrastructures - Aneesh Dhawan, Regional Manager-VMware India (North & East).


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CloudGov 2014 - Efficiency & Security of Cloud Infrastructures - Aneesh Dhawan, Regional Manager-VMware India (North & East).

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  • Virtualization technology is the foundation of our success, today and for the future.
    VMware pioneered the market for x86 server virtualization, forever changing the landscape of both desktop and server computing.
    Virtualization addresses IT’s most pressing challenge: the infrastructure sprawl that compels IT departments to channel most of their budgets into maintenance, leaving scant resources for business-building innovation.
    Because X86 computers are designed to run just one operating system and application at a time, even small data centers have to deploy many servers, each operating at just 5% to 15% of capacity—highly inefficient by any standard.
    Virtualization software solves the problem by abstracting compute resources from the hardware on which they run, pooling them together, and automating their management.
    Today the vast majority of workloads run on virtualized infrastructure.
    VMware has continued to lead the virtualization market. VMware is the clear industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for virtualization vendors*, and accounts for over 80% of all virtualized workloads in the world.
    VMware’s virtualization infrastructure platform is battle-tested. VMware provides the only virtualization platform proven to deliver maximum uptime in the most demanding, in-production enterprise environments.
    IT is facing a new set of challenges posed by the shifting technology landscape…

    *Gartner “Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure” by Thomas J. Bittman, George J. Weiss, Mark A. Margevicius, Philip Dawson, June 11, 2012.

  • CloudGov 2014 - Efficiency & Security of Cloud Infrastructures - Aneesh Dhawan, Regional Manager-VMware India (North & East).

    1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. MahaGov Cloud using VMware
    2. 2. Agenda Introduction to VMware Overview of MahaGov Cloud Building Blocks of MahaGov Cloud
    3. 3. About VMware: Fast Facts Founded in 1998 15,000 employees 500K customers 2013 revenue: $5.2B #5 Software Company (Worldwide & India ranking by revenue) Member of EMC Federation $500 mn investment in India over next 3 years Large R&D presence in India
    4. 4. Grand total in costs avoided from Virtualization in India between 2003 and 2020: IDC Server Economies Index
    5. 5. MahaGov Cloud • An initiative by the Directorate of Information Technology (DIT), Government of Maharashtra to provide IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to facilitate various state departments for their e-governance initiatives • VMware vSphere® and VMware vCloud Director® deployed to virtualize the state datacenter, which hosts the MahaGov Cloud • VMware was chosen after an extensive evaluation conducted by the Government of Maharashtra
    6. 6. Depts using MahaGov Cloud • Public Health Dept • MHADA • DIT • Charity Commissioner • Textile • Law and Judiciary • Water Supply and Sanitation • IGRO • Food and Drugs • School Education • Social Justice • Relief & Rehabilitation • Forest Department • Rojgarvahini • Tribal • Bombay High court • UID • Solapur University • Sales Tax department • CIDCO
    7. 7. MahaGov Cloud Journey Go Live with Production Workload • Jun 2012 Test Production Workload • Feb 2012 Initiate POC • Jan 2012 Discussion to initiate POC • Dec 2011
    8. 8. Item wise Published Rate Chart Source:
    9. 9. Overview of MahaGov Cloud 10 • Total Physical Servers : 40 (512 cores) • Total VMs : 473 • VM Density : 12 VMs per physical server • Storage Allocated : 82 TB (1.6x Approx.) • Storage Provisioned : 134 TB • Free Space Available : 21 TB (26% Approx.) Everything managed through a single admin console
    10. 10. TCO of the Current Setup – Calculated for 3 Years • Physical Space Required – For Server - 946 Rack Units – For SAN Switch - 40 Rack Units – For Storage - 1 Rack Units Total - 987 Rack Units • Physical Space Required – For Server - 30 Rack Units – For SAN Switch - 16 Rack Units – For Storage - 2 Rack Units Total - 48 Rack Units CONFIDENTIAL 11 0 5 10 15 20 Physical Virtual CostinINRCr Storage Cost SAN Switch Cost Server Cost VMware cost
    11. 11. “The cloud has already delivered approximate savings of Rs 50 crore on a conservative basis, and has given us the ability to accelerate projects of national importance” - Rajesh Aggarwal, IT Secretary, Maharashtra
    12. 12. Chargeback model – a first in the government “We want to make the cloud self-sustainable” “Some departments are being served dummy bills so that they know how much is actually provisioned and consumed by them in the SDC. We are encouraging departments to host their applications on our SDC” “The rate card has acted as a counterforce for containing costs and has also contributed in stabilizing and putting an upper cap for prices of standard services”
    13. 13. Sample Chargeback Report
    14. 14. Everything as a service “Many senior government executives now carry iPads, and we want to encourage them to start experimenting with data by providing them with an interface to analyze using what-if-scenarios.” “We have a vision that all departments, commissionerates and organizations within Maharashtra should be able to use business intelligence reports and dashboards to perform analysis to get meaningful and actionable information”
    15. 15. Awards Won • “Diamond Edge” Award 2013, for Edge Initiative to MahaGov Cloud Project • Skoch Order of Merit 2013, for Maha-Gov Cloud Implementation • Skoch Digital Inclusion Award 2013, to Maha-Gov Cloud Implementation • Case Study in PCQuest “MahaGov Cloud” has been featured a case Study • UBM Cloud Advantage Award 2013 in Editor’s Choice Category • IT excellence award by CNBC-TV18
    16. 16. Building Blocks of MahaGov Cloud 17 SAN Switch 1 SAN Switch 2 Storage vSphere Hypervisor vCenter for Management vCOPs for Real Time Monitoring Chargeback for Metering vCloud Director for Self- Provisioning
    17. 17. Thank You