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Cloud computing the academic component mumit khan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Cloud Computing: The Academic Component Mumit Khan BRAC University & Amadeyr Cloud
  • 2. What is this “Cloud”?
    • Is it whatever you want it to mean?
    • How do we teach Cloud Computing in the academia?
      • Virtualization
      • Planning, execution, management, …
    • At BRAC University
      • First Cloud Lab in Bangladesh
      • Build your own using open source cloud systems
  • 3. Curricular topics I
    • Cloud Computing
    • Hardware/Software/Platform – as-a-service
    • Scalability, discovery of services and data in Cloud computing
    • Performance, QoS, Cloud SLAs
    • Data centers
    • Content and service distribution in Cloud computing
  • 4. Curricular topics II
    • Virtualization-based Environments
    • Principles of Virtualization, platforms
    • Virtualization-aware storage and networking
    • Virtualization of smart mobile phones
    • Virtualization management operations/discovery, configuration, provisioning, performance
    • Energy optimization and saving for green datacenters
  • 5. Undergraduate Experiments
    • Basic introduction to cloud computing
    • Data Intenstive Computing
    • MapReduce using Hadoop – U of Washington, UC-Berkeley, U of Maryland, Tufts
    • Universities using public cloud services such as EC2 in undergraduate coursework
    • Undergraduate senior projects building local clouds
  • 6. BRAC University
    • Established a Cloud Lab using open source platforms
      • Eucalyptus is the primary platform
      • Experimenting with OpenStack
    • Special topics only, not integrated into the mainstream curriculum (bureaucratic hurdles)
    • Student projects, from building your own to developing monitoring and management tools
  • 7. Amadeyr Cloud
    • First deployment of “home-grown” cloud using experience at Bracu Cloud Lab
    • Focusing on providing solutions using a private cloud, but not yet public cloud services
    • Very much at a prototype stage, but the future may involve using commercial cloud backend
  • 8. Why?
    • Mad rush to Cloud Data Centers
      • Planning
      • Management
      • Custom tool development
    • Who develops the needed human resources?
    • Missing pieces
      • Planning and business models
      • “ Green” issues
  • 9. Conclusion
    • Universities need to incorporate cloud computing in the senior-year elective courses
    • Establish Cloud Computing labs to encourage project work involving all aspects of cloud computing
    • Encourage Business Schools to provide the business side to the next generation managers