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Presentation given by Navdeep Surii, IFS. Joint Secretary and Head. Public Diplomacy Division. Ministry of External Affairs on August 3rd, 2011 at eWorld Forum ( in the session Citizen Centric Service Delivery

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Navdeep Suri

  1. 1. Role of Social Media in Citizen Centric Service Delivery - By Navdeep Suri
  2. 8. Libya Evacuations @ForeignSecNRao Nirupama Rao Our ship the Scotia Prince is entering Benghazi harbour as we speak. 28 Feb Favorite Retweet Reply @seeths80 Seeths @IndianDiplomacy Thanks..800 Indians in and around misratah can rally to this port if ships available to evacuate. 1 Mar via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply @seeths80 Seeths @IndianDiplomacy the port is with Misratah steel Plant (called LIFCO). All Italians and few germans have evacuated thro this port. 1 Mar via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply
  3. 9. Libya Evacuations @seeths80 Seeths @indiandiplomacy Also to note that the Misratah steel plant's port (LISCO) can accommodate ships with capacity of up to 250 thousand tons. @IndianDiplomacy Indian Diplomacy @seeths80 Thanks. Will pass this on to all concerned immediately 1 Mar Favorite Reply Delete @IndianDiplomacy Indian Diplomacy Vessel Red Star I sails tonight for Misurata on evacuation mission 3 Mar Favorite Reply Delete
  4. 10. Libya Evacuations @ashmoily Ashwini Moily @ForSecNRao Is there any evacuation plan for the people stuck in Brega?? Could you arrange for a boat to the port there? HHHEEELLPPP !!! 2 Mar in reply to ↑ @ForeignSecNRao Nirupama Rao @ashmoily could you please give me a contact number for any of our people in Brega? We want to help. 2 Mar via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply
  5. 11. Libya Evacuations @ashmoily Ashwini Moily @ForSecNRao There is a port in Brega which was used by UK for evacuation 2 days earlier. People are desperate for help there!! 2 Mar in reply to ↑ @ForeignSecNRao Nirupama Rao @ashmoily Thanks. R there any other country nationals also waiting to be evacuated out of there? Any evac flts? If so, which countries? 2 Mar via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply
  6. 12. Libya Evacuations ashutoshleo Ashutosh Parashar @ @ IndianDiplomacy so great to hear our government taking care of our citizens stranded in foreign lands. great thanks & best wishes. karmadude Liji Jinaraj @ IndianDiplomacy great job rescuing Indians from troubled spots. Rest of the corrupt, inefficient & bloated Indian bureaucracy take note. manivel_gk Manivel K Amazed to see twitter updates of @ IndianDiplomacy and their efforts to evacuate Indians from troubled parts of the World. Great work guys
  7. 13. Libya Evacuations sringerian68 P.K.Sringeri @ @ IndianDiplomacy Great job being done in a wonderful way. Keep it up. seeths80 Seeths @ @ IndianDiplomacy Passengers landing in Bombay even have connecting flights arranged by govt ! Outstanding work by Govt ! holudbasanta kaushik dutta @ @ IndianDiplomacy real good job done so far, keep it up till the last man reaches our shore samirsaran Samir Saran Kudos to the Indian Govt's effort, transparency and professionalism in the entire Libya episode.... @ indiandiplomacy
  8. 14. Libya Evacuations @ForeignSecNRao Nirupama Rao Ambassador informs that people from Sirte being brought to Tripoli to be flown home. Libyan gov providing security. 3 Mar via Twitter for BlackBerry® @ericvmarsh Eric Marshall @ ForSecNRao Dear Mam, No appreciate your efforts, My heartily - Million thanks to and your team, My sister reached home safely. 4 Mar via web
  9. 15. Libya Evacuations manishkbaid Manish Baid @ @ VPrakashMea One of the most efficient rescue operations ever...Pls send congratulations to entire team..Great leadership by @ ForeignSecNRao @Vinayvobbiliche VinayVb @ ForeignSecNRao Any updates on evacuation plans from Sirte,Libya.Situation is very bad.Gun firing was heard all the night.PLEASE HELP!!! 6 Mar via web Favorite Retweet Reply in reply to ↑ @ForeignSecNRao Nirupama Rao Ferry from Misurata reached Malta with 301 of our nationals just now. 6 Mar via web Favorite Retweet Reply
  10. 16. Thanks