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Presentation given by Mr. Manish Upadhyay, COO, EnglishEdge on July 14,2011 at WORLD EDUCATION SUMMIT ( in the School Education Track: LOCALISED LEARNING IN A GLOBALISED …

Presentation given by Mr. Manish Upadhyay, COO, EnglishEdge on July 14,2011 at WORLD EDUCATION SUMMIT ( in the School Education Track: LOCALISED LEARNING IN A GLOBALISED CONTExT: CAPACITy BUILDING, CONTENT AND TRAINING OF TRAINERS

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  • Manish, This is a well researched presentation...thanks for sharing it. At the ground level we need more and more teachers who are trained to use technology in the class-room. Or else Most of the investments done by the Public schools like DPS etc. does not yield the desired results... what i see is that students are media ready but the teachers are not :-( . warm regards. Ashish
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  • 1. School Localized learning in global context – Capacity building, Train the trainers & Content Presented by – Manish Upadhyay COO, English Edge
  • 2. My Current Focus
    • Creating Effective & Scalable Learning solutions (for every learner)
    • English Edge (my current company) –
      • Make teacher more empowered
      • Make student confident English speaker & eventually more employable
      • Use of technology to create effective & scalable English Learning solution
    • Have recently launched & achieved some early successes in our Tablet based portable language lab product
  • 3. Defining School Student Parents Classroom School (or School System) Community (Home for this group of students) The world at large (beyond the community) School Board Principal Administrative & Support Staff Teacher Other teachers (and unions) Other students, friends
  • 4. Capacity Building – Supply side
    • Challenges
    • Infrastructure
      • Enough & Permanent School buildings within decent distance
      • Enough space for new labs
      • Separate toilets for girl students
      • …… ..
    • Teachers
      • Getting adequate number of teachers (Best practice benchmark 15:1)
      • Improving teacher attendance
      • Training /re-skilling teachers
      • Abolishing Multi grade teaching
      • ………
    • Possibilities
      • Teacher training – access to tools that support continuous learning throughout the year
      • Centralized trainer tracking tools –E.g. Offline LMS
      • Kinkajou projector (DTM) in Africa
      • BridgeIT, Tanzania (Video content – 3G Mobile – TV)
      • English is Fun - Radio based program, Bihar
      • Govt. Commitment - Each South Korean school students with a tablet by 2015
      • Solutions like English Edge Portable lab – works around infrastructure issues
  • 5. Capacity Building – Demand side
    • Challenges
    • Six zones of Exclusion Model (CREATE)
      • Handling First generation learners
      • Reducing Dropout, non- enrolment, low attendance
      • For student motivation, teachers to be trained in effective Pedagogy
      • Vertical methods v/s Horizontal methods
      • ………
    • Possibilities
      • M.V Foundation (Shankerpalle Mandal, A.P) – accept child throughout the year, “Class one Khali Karo & community led- no child works”
      • Parents engagement – awareness & monitoring ( audio computer – Radio-Kiosk)
      • Learning devices ( Augmented learning through Mobile , low cost tablets) to enable Group activities, Project based learning with huge Learner autonomy
      • Collaborative / community led learning Farmville type of projects
  • 6. Content Transmission Generative Critical (Transformative) Monologue – Tell Process of inquiry, exploration & Discovery Traditional Content Content & Process to actively engage From Classroom into the world Think critically about the world – Self & Social transformation Created by experts Structure created by experts - Content User generated Ex. Language Subtitling Structure created by experts - Content User & Community generated Ex. Community Radio, Farmville type
  • 7. Thanks
  • 8. Annexure
  • 9. Kinkajou Microfilm Projector
    • Improve and expand access to education by transforming night-time learning environments in rural, non-electrified settings
    • Night-time Literacy classes -Successful pilots in Mali
  • 10. English Edge Portable Language Lab .. Devices move around to the place of learning . .. Fixed computers can’t be used outside the lab
  • 11. Audio computer
    • Low cost interactive audio device - Less than $ 10
    • Users can
      • store and play multiple audio programs.
      • record new audio programs
      • copy the audio content to/from the device.
      • playback the audio at slow speeds for reading practice of an associated text document.
      • audio-hyperlink to another portion of the program for more detail or a related piece of information.
      • answer multiple-choice questions, enabling interactive learning.
    • The device accepts power from standard, locally available batteries, but also accepts new batteries that can be recharged with solar power.
  • 12. “ English is Fun”, Bihar For half an hour, four days a week - 122-episode English learning programme. Seven million students attending 65,000 primary schools in all the 38 districts of the state. The state government has given 1,000 rupees ($25) to every primary school to purchase a radio set.
  • 13. Language Subtitling Movie based pilot based on SLS and custom methodologies - to help the learners acquire basic English vocabulary Helping children from disadvantaged background to pickup elementary English language speaking skills.
  • 14. Farmville
  • 15. Augmented Learning
  • 16. Thanks