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New Member Information

  1. 1. New MemberInformationWelcome to the “IN”Crowd!Hello and welcome to the American Business Women’s Association. As aprofessional, you’re surely excited to learn about all the ways you canbenefit from membership in a national organization. Therefore, we’d like Inside Thisto take this opportunity to let you know that you’ve joined the best! Afterall, we don’t call it the “IN” Crowd for nothing! As an ABWA member, your Guide“IN” Crowd status means you are: IN the know with industry updates, market-relevant training, real life Get Connected ....... 2 experience, and technologically advanced communications. IN a dynamic community of thousands of like-minded working- WIN ......................... 2 women dedicated to helping one another succeed. IN charge of your personal and professional goals with the tools Benefits .................. 3 you need to set and measure those goals, plus empowerment to reach them. Leadership ............. 4This guide will provide you with details on the opportunities waiting for youinside America’s leading professional Association for women. Please take Education ............... 4a look, join the online community inside the Women’s Instructional Net-work (WIN)™, and keep in touch! Networking ............ 5Thank you for your interest in contributing to the success of your fellowworkingwomen. We hope you’ll find ABWA a place you can learn, con- Recognition ............ 5nect, and grow throughout your career. It’s because of members like youABWA boasts over 60 years of changing women’s lives … one woman at For More Info.......... 6a time!Looking for more information about ABWA?Read this special message from Rene Street, Executive Director. © 2010 ABWA Management, LLC For New ABWA Member Use Only Do Not Reproduce
  2. 2. Get Connected The first and best way to connect to support at or the ABWA membership experience 800-228-0007 and we can reset is to join our online community your information. Likewise, if you’re inside the Women’s Instructional having difficulty, please don’t hesi- Network (WIN)™. More information tate to contact us. on WIN is available here, but the best way to learn is to dive in! Meanwhile, logging into WIN is as easy as 1-2-3: With your official welcome communi- 1. Visit and click on cation, you received instructions on “Member Login.” how to login for the first time. With 2. At the login screen, enter the these instructions came a unique email address on your ABWA temporary password for your first membership record and your login. password. If you have misplaced or forgotten 3. At the welcome page, click your email address or password, “Enter Now!” to enter the WIN contact ABWA National web portal! “I printed out the programs listed in WIN. I sent this information to our CFO, requesting the company pay my ABWA National Dues, stating that I wanted to take advantage of the leader- ship and business programs available through WIN with my membership. She agreed this was a great program and the company paid my dues!” - Nancy Engelbrecht, Indiana Stay Connected The key to getting the most out of your membership in ABWA is to stay engaged so that you don’t miss an opportunity to make a networking connection, learn something new, or grow your professional repertoire. Thanks to technological advancements like WIN, staying connected to these opportunities is easier than ever! Here are a few important tips for making your place in ABWA’s online community count:  Visit WIN frequently. The News Tab provides the latest news, events, and opportunities especially for members! The Women’s  Participate in discussions in the Team Tab. If you affiliate with a Chapter Instructional or Express Network, your local team board will facilitate networking and business management in real time; District Team Boards connect mem-Network (WIN)™ is bers located in the same geographic regions; The National Team Boarda first in Associa- allows thousands of members to connect with elected leaders, the na- tional management team, and one another. tion membership  Peruse the Library Tab for leadership training tools, tips, and templates benefits and to apply to your local team and to your business or career. All ABWA connects thou- tools are designed to transfer to your personal and professional endeav- ors too! sands of ABWA  Complete interactive leadership training inside the Courses Tab andmembers to tools download certification to promote your knowledge in areas like manag- and one another ing team conflict, goal setting and measuring results, managing team performance, and more. every day.  Update your WIN profile by clicking on “My Account” in the upper right hand area of your WIN screen. Add networking information like your bio, expertise, contact information, and insights to help your fellow members2 make relevant connections with you. © 2010 ABWA Management, LLC For New ABWA Member Use Only Do Not Reproduce
  3. 3. The Mission of The American Business Women’s Association To bringTools You Need, togetherConnections You Enjoy For A Life- business-time women of di-As a basic member of ABWA, for $90 per year, you’ll enjoy unbeatable versefeatures of membership, including: Recognition as a member of America’s leading professional Association occupations for women; and to provide Access to ABWA’s innovative membership benefit, the Women’s Instruc- tional Network (WIN)™, an online community for members only; opportunities Eligibility to join a local Chapter and gain professional development, to help them- networking, and leadership opportunities on a local level; selves and National recognition opportunities through the Top Ten Business Women of ABWA, Woman of the Year, ABWA’s Inner Circle, and more; others grow Continuing education and leadership training online, at national events, and through the ABWA-University of Kansas MBA Essentials and personally and Management Certificate Series programs; professionally Subscription to our award-winning magazine, Women in Business®; through Bimonthly district highlights inside Community of Aliveness newsletters; Discounted ABWA merchandise and corporate partner goods & services; leadership, Special invitations and discounted registration for ABWA’s District and education, National Women’s Leadership Conferences; Discounted Company Connection subscription for business owners. networkingFor only $115 annually, Express Network members receive all these benefits support andof membership PLUS: national Increased access to tools and training inside WIN, including five more Team Tools Training courses, valued at over $125; recognition. Eligibility to join a Chapter or Express Network; Quarterly SkillBuilders Newsletters, featuring focused content for sharpen- ing your professional edge; Monthly e-newsletters, delivering high-impact news, updates, tips, and tools for the busy networking professional. 3 © 2010 ABWA Management, LLC For New ABWA Member Use Only Do Not Reproduce
  4. 4. Leadership What’s Next? For the member dedicated to en- National Leadership hancing her leadership skills and The national Association is repre- adding relevant, transferrable experi- sented by an elected Board of The benefits of ence to her repertoire, opportunity Directors who govern the affairs of belonging to an knocks! the organization, serve as the Board Association of Trustees of the Stephen Bufton Local Leadership Memorial Educational Fund, and boasting over 60 After joining the national Association, work in conjunction with the national you are eligible to join one of years of changing management team to deliver pro- ABWA’s hundreds of Chapters or gramming and products to members women’s lives are Express Networks. Once a local af- across the country. Each fall, you practically filiate, play a supporting role by pre- have the opportunity to grow your senting at monthly meetings or serv- network on a national scale, gain limitless. ing on committees. high-level leadership experience, Each year, local teams elect officers and impact thousands of working- in May, so inquire about this oppor- women by running for national office. While you’re enjoy- tunity to take a more official and visi- ble role in the management of your ing the features of local team. membership, the Contact ABWA National about affili- next two pages ating with a Best Practices Award winning team or to learn more about include a few tips other local opportunities such as for taking the next forming a new Chapter or Express Network in your community! step in making the The formation position provides most of your community visibility, management ABWA member- experience, and networking connec- tions. The team at ABWA National is ship experience … here to help you grow your network and ABWA in your community! Education Fulfill your thirst for knowledge and gain recognition at the same time through the various continuing education and professional development opportunities available to you as an ABWA Member:  Team Tools Training Modules inside WIN deliver market-relevant business training and completion certification to promote your efforts;  Continuing Education credits earned via online courseware, district and national conference participation, and individual study result in on-stage recognition for candidates dedicated to continuing their education;  A special partnership with the University of Kansas School of Business results in a unique MBA Essentials and Management Certificate Series;Click here earn more about support  Dynamic keynote speakers and engaging breakout sessions connect youfrom SBMEF, one of the nation’smost highly respected grant & schol- to training and industry updates at district and national conferences;arship funds for women, made possi-  The Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fundble by the energy and commitment ofABWA members like you! (SBMEF) provides financial support through graduate -level scholarships, outright grants, and Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement for qualified candidates. 4 Visit for more information. © 2010 ABWA Management, LLC For New ABWA Member Use Only Do Not Reproduce
  5. 5. Networking SupportConnect with fellow ABWA members and professionals at any of the sixDistrict Conferences, held each spring across the country and again each fallat the National Women’s Leadership Conference to glean leadership tips,tribal knowledge, and crucial networking contacts for your success!With ABWA’s technological advancements, you can network online and onyour own time too. Through the Women’s Instructional Network (WIN): Communicate with members of your local Chapter or Express Network for important team updates and opportunities in your community; Engage in conversations on the national and district level through these team boards and connect to your elected leaders, national team, and members across the country; Update your profile to highlight relevant networking information, your picture, how to contact you, areas of expertise, and more! Visit to learn about upcoming events! Don’t miss the ultimate ABWA experience— National Women’s Leadership Conference Oct. 28-30,National RecognitionAs professional women, we don’t Annually, one member is recognizedalways get the accolades we as The American Businessdeserve. But in ABWA, we’ve made Woman of ABWA for her profes-recognition a cornerstone of the sionalism, education, and communitymembership experience. If you are support.looking for a chance to shine, you’re Locally, Chapters and Expressin the right place! Networks award a dedicated mem-ABWA looks forward to promoting ber with the title of Woman of theyour successes through Women in Year for her contribution to the suc-Business magazine, internal newslet- cess of her team.ters like Express Network News and ABWA’s leading Chapters anddistrict communications, inside the Express Networks are recognized asWomen’s Instructional Network setting the standard for excellence in(WIN), various external social media providing local programming, net-outlets and more! working opportunities and groupIndividual recognition is awarded to management practices. By far themembers pursuing their continuing most esteemed award ABWA pre-education, professional develop- sents, the award for Best Practicesment, success in their business. is awarded to our top teams each fallThe Inner Circle features members at the National Women’s Leadershipdedicated to sharing the mission of Conference in a red carpet event!ABWA with others and includes on- In addition, members leading teamsstage recognition and fine jewelry as and special projects are recognizedsoon as you sponsor 11 new mem- for their volunteerism and dedicationber and continues growing with your to our organization.efforts. 5 © 2010 ABWA Management, LLC For New ABWA Member Use Only Do Not Reproduce
  6. 6. About Your Membership Remember to A few buzzwords about the business of belonging to ABWA … visit  Join Date: The date ABWA National HQ processed your member- ship application AND your payment.and the Women’s  Effective Date: The first day of the next month after ABWA National Instructional HQ has processed your application and payment. Since we dont pro- rate dues, this lets you avoid paying for a whole month of member- Network ship when you may only be an official member for part of it. regularly for  Expiration Date: The date your annual membership expires, the last Association day of the month one calendar year after your start date. For exam- ple, if you joined online on Saturday, May 17, 2009, your informationnews, member- would be processed on Monday and your join date would be Monday, ship updates, May 19, 2009. Your expiration date will be May 30, 2010. and special  Renewal: Approximately 30 days before your expiration date, you’ll receive notice of your renewal statement. To maintain your member- opportunities ship, you’ll need to pay this invoice online, by mail, fax or phone by just for ABWA your expiration date. members!  Transferability: Your ABWA dues are non-transferrable and non- refundable. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know!Stay in Touch!American Business Women’s AssociationNational Headquarters Login to WIN9100 Ward ParkwayKansas City, MO 64114Phone: 800-228-0007Fax: 816-361-4991Email: abwa@abwa.orgWeb: Contact ABWA National © 2010 ABWA Management, LLC For New ABWA Member Use Only Do Not Reproduce