Raccolta molecole mental model uxl


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Raccolta molecole mental model uxl

  1. 1. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 1 of 12Molecola ID Citazioneto spend in the museumthe time they wantThey spent as much time as they desided in the meseum (C, RU, 40)to not loose time in a bigmuseumThey don’t want to loose time in a big museum (C, RU, 20)to prepare the visit for notlistening at the boringaudioguidethey prepare the visit before because otherwise the visit with the audio guideis boring (two brothers, around 24, rome)to plan to spend 2 hoursin the museumShe’s planning to spend 2 hours in the museum (F w/mother, RU, 50)to plan to spend 3 hoursin the museumThey plan to spend 3 h in the mueum(C, RU, 40)it is their last day (3 F, GER, 20)they teach latin language (2 svizzeri, 40)to use the audioguidedespite the visit wasalready preparedthey used audioguide, but anyway their visit was planned and preparedbefore (2 svizzeri, 40)to prepare the route inorder to explaineverything to studentsthey planned the path with the core idea to explain everything to thestudents (2 svizzeri, 40)to use a book on arts forthe visitthey have a book about arts in german (2 svizzeri, 40)to claim that theaudioguide is good fortourists and not forcitizensthe audioguide is good for tourists (two brothers, rome, 24)to be interested inancient romeThey’re interested in ancient Rome (C, RU, 40)to consider the museumreally interesting and wellkeptThe museum is really interesting and well kept (two brothers, around 24,rome)to dont understand whysome statues are brokenUnuderstanding of why the statues are broken (6 SC, 20)to think it is a relevantmuseumIt’s a relevant museum (2 friends, 20, US)to ask to the staff for theexhibits missed and thenfound them allwhen the couldnt find some exibits they asked help to the stuff so they foundall they wanted (3 F, GER, 20)to not enter in themuseum because of thelack of informationThey dont mean to enter because they have no idea about what they’d findinside (C, RU, 30)to wander around in themuseumhe wanders around in the museum(visitor, 32, from abroad)to know nothing aboutthe museumI don’t know anything on the museum (organized tour, 45, australia)to dont have a goalinsideShe has no particular target (F w/mother, RU, 50)to visit the museumbecause ofrecommendations byclientsour clients recommended the museum (c, ita, 30)to visit the museumbecause ofrecommendations byparentsOur parents suggested to visit this museum (Couple, 30 y.o., uk)
  2. 2. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 2 of 12to not know the NFC wasin use in the museumI didnt know there was also a Samsung NFC in use.(Visitor, 40 yo, USA)to think that themuseums of rome havenot a clear "historicalpath"The museums in the city of Rome arent very specific to a specific historicalage (couple, 30, ESP)Audioguide is a common tool for visiting museumsAudioguide has a long history of use in museumsto know nothing butshewolf on the museumThey don’t know what museum is about but they read there was the Lupa (C,RU, 30)to be disappointedbecause of the lack oftools in russian languageThey’re disappointed there’s no information in russian language(C, RU, 40)to be able to seeeverything was plannedto seeThey saw everything they planned to see (C, RU, 40)to think the museum iseasy to find with a mapthe museum is easy to find with a map (couple, france, 26)to use the guide fordocumentation andorientationWe have a guide book where we have been documenting ourselves on themuseum and on how to get there, so it was easy. (Couple, 45 y.o FRA.)to be able to find all theinteresting exhibitsAfter the visit: they say they found no problem to find the exibits they wereinterested in (C, RU, 40)to find what was lookedforThey found what they were looking for (4 friends, 35)to have no problem infinding "things"They had no problem to find things (3 F, USA, 20)She says it’s really difficult to find the museum (F w/mother, RU, 50)I was impressed by the paintings from Caravaggio and sculptures fromGuercino. (visitor, 83, rome)It seems that there no tags. I have no information on the panelwhen i find the first tag (in the 3rd room) i have doubts if have lost somebeforeNumbers of exibits seem not be in order; i think i’m loosing some partsCostantino is wonderful (3 F, GER, 20)Getting there was easy. (C, 45, FRA)I find it much more pleasant now because there is not too much in one room.(M, 70, NL)Audioguide, its a simple device. (M, 40, USA)Positive experience for the stuff exhibited (M, 83, rome).The visit was satisfying (C, RU, 40)She remembers that the stuff is gentle (F w/mother, RU, 50)They loved the museum, especially the Lupa (3 F, USA, 20)Set up work desturbs the visitIt seems I must know everything about tags because noone explains it to methe museum is interesting (3 F, GER, 20)they are not interested in room decorations (2 svizzeri, 40)they loved l’esedra and marco aurelio(2 svizzeri, 40)They are not interested in technological supports for their visit (C, RU, 30)
  3. 3. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 3 of 12I enjoyed the statues, the painting and so on. (girl, 25, china/uk)Being amused by room decorationsAfterwile i don’t read the NFC texts anymore because too longRome doesn’t need to improve the museums, we already have so muchtourists (M, 83, rome)i often visit museums (visitor, 83, rome)We want to see rome as tourists do, cos we found that we know creta betterthan rome (two brothers, around 24, rome)No orientation lost: we are from rome (two brothers, 24, rome)the practical informations arent quite clear.(C, 30, ESP)The visit is planned (F w/mother, RU, 50)They had non problem finding things (C, RU, 40)They organised the visit before the journey (C, RU, 40)They know a lot of things about museum: they can tell names of buildings,rooms, masterpieces (C, RU, 20 anni)It’s easy to visit the museum, as in general it is easy to visit rome (couple,ita, 30)I find large sculptures and the large paintings both unique.(M, 40, USA)The audioguide works the same way all over the world.(M, 40, USA)"terrace... Yes it was beautiful" (3 F, USA, 20)It’s a relevant museum (2 friends, 20, US)his visit lasted 35 mins(visitor, 32, from abroad)They visit the musesum on their first and last day in Rome (C, RU, 30)I prefere Musei Capitolini to Musei Vaticani because here theres few peoplehere.(F, 25, china/uk)we love to walk around and see local people (C, RU, 30)they spent 2 hours in the museum, they didn’t see everything inside becausethey didn’t know what was relevant to see (2 friends, 20, US)they came to see Rome from the hill (C, RU, 20)There’s no information in russian language "in all big museums usually wefind it" (C, RU, 40)I think I saw all the masterpieces of the museumFree map seems to be used with audiguideThey used the free map to visit the museum (3 F, USA, 20)Noone uses NFC inside the museumWe arrived with the map (couple, ita, 30) x4We saw it on the guide and search for it cos it’s relevant(couple, france,36)We used GPS to find the museum (couple, 30 years old, us)I integrated the audioguide and the panels descriptions.(Visitor, 40 yo, USA)I used the museums brochure as a guide. (girl, 25, china/uk)They didn’t use supports, but they made the virtual tour online before the visit(4 friends, 35)They prepared a tour (4 friends, 35)the museum is relevant for the guide (couple, 30, us)then we bought a lonely planet and started a tour(two brothers, around 24,rome)It’s a relevant museum. I felt I couldt miss it it!(girl, 25, china/uk)They used the guide book to visit the museum(C, RU, 40)he looks at 2 panels at the entrance (visitor, 32, from abroad)It’s her 3rd visit, she wants to show the museum to her mother (F w’mother,RU, 50)
  4. 4. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 4 of 12they have the guide (mondadori) (3 F, GER, 20)they saw 3 buidings (2 svizzeri, 40)they followed the path the planned: palazzo dei conservatori->galleria->palazzo nuovo->caffetteria->palazzo dei conservatori->marco aurelio->exit(2 svizzeri, 40)No support used, but they red the panels (2 friends, 20, US)She comes in Rome often (F w/mother, RU, 50)They have not find anyproblems in their visit (3 F, USA, 20)The visit path is ok, just more light inside would improve the fruition ofpaintings (visitor, 83, rome)he makes a picture of 3 sculptures in the court(visitor, 32, from abroad)he looks at the window observing the sightseen(visitor, 32, from abroad)he doesn’t look at the shewolf, but spent time looking the wallinscriptions(visitor, 32, from abroad)he looks at the wall paintings(visitor, 32, from abroad)he briefly reads some panelshe looks at the volted ceilings(visitor, 32, from abroad)in the esedra of marco aurelio he doesn’t look at the statue, but he looks atthe panels with the architectural project(visitor, 32, from abroad)they reached the museum from fori fontana trevi e pantheon (F,FRA, 50)they spent 1,5 h in the museum (3 F, GER, 20)they used the free map to find the path (3 F, GER, 20)The group splints in 2 parts according to visit speedthe 2 women look through the panels on the first shelfthe two focus attectionon the spinario, point out details, turn around readthe 2 women look briefly at rilievs e statuesnon leggono descrizioni (c, Ger, 30 )I was just turning around, it’s Saturday I take a walk (student, canada, 20) x2No plans, i see the museum, then i go back home to study (student, canada,20)walking around, no plans (couple, hungary,23)we followed the guide, we don’t know what’s inside(couple, 50, US)We did a “do it yourself” visit, without any guide. (couple + bebé, 25, Italy)Now (halfway to the end of the visit) we will look at the brochure-map andsee what we have missed out.(couple + bebé, 25, Italy)We were just walking from Fori e we found this museum(C, RU, 30)They didn’t read the panels (4 friends, 35)We have found the exhibits by chance (couple, 30, ESP)he takes a walk inside the museum, doesn’t follow a path, goes more timesin the same rooms, looking each time at a different work of art(visitor, 32,from abroad)I already knew the museum, and I had the feeling of following the path quiteeasily.(couple + bebé, 25, Italy)he entered the museum from the “wrong” entranceongly reads the panel(visitor, 32, from abroad)he doesn’t use any support for the visit, neither the map(visitor, 32, from abroad)
  5. 5. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 5 of 12The place where NFC tags are applyed are not the say for different exibitsThere’s no information about NFC: how does it work, why should i use it andso onI’d like to have some information about the “Medusa” (no NFC tag)They would need info for orientation inside.(2 friends, 20, US)The informations inside the museum were quite well done, just missing somelittle details.(couple + bebé, 25, Italy)She is disappointed there’s no information in russian language because hermother does not speak any other language (F w/mother, RU, 50)I wanted to see the large sculptures and the large paintings.(Visitor, 40 yo,USA)the decided to see the museum because it is not as big as Vaticano (3 F,GER, 20)the museum is well organized but therere no historical references (2svizzeri, 40)they would like to have different path (one about the buildings, one about theexibits) (2 svizzeri, 40)They want to spend 20 min inside (C, RU, 30)they read the information stands only to know the names of the exibits (3 F,GER, 20)More museums or sightseeing, following the tour (organized tour, 45,australia)The book they have about Rome tells about 2-3 h for the visit, they have notso much time (C, RU, 30)They would like to have a guided tour of the museum to choose by timecriteria: 20-30-40 minutes (C, RU, 20)They didn’t find any description about the museum (outside the museum) inrussian or english language (they have not a guide) (C, RU, 30)They would like the museum to provide contextualized info on the works ofart (i.e. where was found or a story on the object per se).(2 friends, 20, US)They are not interested in any detailed information about the museum (C,RU, 30)The don’t eant to loose too much time in the museum (C, RU, 20)We came for seeing lux in arcana (temporary exhibition), but it is ended (twofriends, 25, ARG)The path to follow with audioguide is difficult to understandNFC tags are not easy to findSome masterpieces don’t have NFC tag onthey read the information stands but they found that the position of the standwas unconfortable (2 svizzeri, 40)there were too much information given in inofrmation stands (2 svizzeri, 40)audioguide gives too much informazion (2 svizzeri, 40)the audioguide didn’t work properly (visitor, 83, rome).Having no information in russian language gave them problems (C, RU, 40)The visit path is ok, just more light inside would improve the fruition ofpaintings (visitor, 83, rome)There’s no customer service for NFC technologyThere’s no information about devices you can use during your visitThe entrance of the museum is not easy to find
  6. 6. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 6 of 12Audioguide gives no clear indications about how to move myself from roomto room and inside the roomsOften Information stands are on my way into the roomThe freemap must be taken by yourself: the stuff does’t give it to youthey didnt find informazion about the directions duriing the visit (2 svizzeri,40)we have realized that we have missed out the gallery (couple, 30, ESP)they would like to know where are the most relevant pieces (2 friends, 20,US)I have a lack on the history of Rome, and I didnt find enough information inthe museum (girl, 25, china/uk)But I think I made a mistake in not having taken the audio guide.(girl, 25,china/uk)they didn’t know where to go or where is positioned the most relevant stuff,because of time pressures (4 friends, 35)It has been quite difficult to get there by public transport, but we made it!(C,30 yo, FRA)he doesn’t reach the tabularium(visitor, 32, from abroad)The atrio has two entrances: where do I go?The font, the colours, the light make the use of information stands reallydifficultShe didnt find the way to another building (F,FRA, 50)
  7. 7. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 7 of 12barbaraorgorgorgorgorgorg meanorgorgorgindindindindindindwalkwalkwalkwalkorg hearorg
  8. 8. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 8 of 12chiara morgindindindwalkorg feelorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgindindindindindindindindindindindindwalk
  9. 9. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 9 of 12chiara tdowalkwalkwalksayorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgindindindindindindindindorgorgorgorg seeorgorgindwalkorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorg
  10. 10. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 10 of 12orgorgorgindindindindindindindind hoangindindindindindwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk
  11. 11. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 11 of 12org needorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgindindwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk elenawalkwalkorg struggleorgorgorgorgorgorgindindindindindind
  12. 12. Combing Mental Model Data07/06/2013 Page 12 of 12indindindindorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorgorg