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Czech students - presentation of Czech cooking
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Czech students - presentation of Czech cooking


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Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. Recipes
  • 2. Beef in cream sauce Ingredients: 800 g beef, 250 g of vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley), 200 g bacon, 1 onion, 1.5 liters beef stock (broth), pepper, allspice, bay leaf, thyme, oil, 2 cream, 60 g flour , mustard, sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper, lemon, parsley, cranberries Practice: Bacon give into the flesh. Cubes vegetables, bacon and onion brown. Add the broth, meat, spices, bring to boil bake in oven until meat is tender. Cooked meat and remove the spices. Mix the juice with cream, flour, mustard, cranberries, sugar and salt. We cook 15 minutes. Sauce blend and add sugar, vinegar and salt and whipped cream. At the plate, decorate with a slice of lemon, cranberries and parsley.
  • 3. Pancakes I ngredients: lour 200 g Milk 0.40 l salt 1 pinch Eggs 2 pieces Procedure preparation... Mix flour with a pinch of salt, milk and two eggs, so that was correct thick směs.Na pan with hot oil pouring about one small ladle mixture, fry it with the two sides, thus resulting in applying a pancake any number of anything, what we taste. Then we can add as močkouvým sugar, whipped cream, fruit ... just to taste.
  • 4. Typical czech breakfast Czech people usually have for breakfast generally milk or cacao or tea. People mostly eat bread, roll or baguette with marmelade, honey or nutela. Some people eat sweets such as doughnut, cook and croissant. Our breakfast is not main food of the day. Majority czech people underestimate breakfast
  • 5. Typical Czech dishes Typical Czech dish is sirloin beef in a cream sauce. Then it may be dumplings, pork and cabbage. A typical is a home stew (goulash). These main dishes are typical for the Czech Republic. But we also include among them čevabčiči (minced meat). It is also one of the dishes of Czech cuisine .
  • 6. Typical czech main food The first cause in a soup,main course food and dessert.Soup can bve may beef,chicken or fish.Traditional czech dish is pork cabbage-dump.Desert can be for example ice cream or pie.A lot of people eat very unhealty.
  • 7. Boarding students in schools Students have the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria, vending machines or in the dining room. In the dining room we have a choice of three meals. In the cafeteria, students have a large selection of different foods from bread to drink.