Elena mozgovaya ruhrgebiet


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Elena mozgovaya ruhrgebiet

  1. 1. Revitalisationof the former industrial sitesRuhrgebiet(Germany)ElenaMozgovayaTechnical UniversityDarrnstadt, Germany
  2. 2. Ruhrgebiet, Germany
  3. 3. AgendaBackground info Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr valley): rise and fallProject for revitalisation of Ruhrgebiet: IBA Empscher Landscape Park SubprojectsSome thoughts
  4. 4. Conurbation Ruhr- 5.3 mln people in 53 cities
  5. 5. 1864 - 1986Heartland of Europes steel and coal industries “Black” Age of Rurhgebiet
  6. 6. 1986abandonment of steel works and coal mining operations (4 out of 200 mining are still active)
  7. 7. => Legacy of high unemployment and environmental contamination275000unemployedpeople
  8. 8. Emscher River- 70 kilometers from east to west through the region.- acting as a waste water canal since the end of late 19th century=>for decades- a biologically dead open sewer
  9. 9. Project of Revitalisation1989 – 1999 - regional redevelopment plan"International Building Exhibition (IBA) at Emscher Park”What: ecological, economic, and urban revitalization of the Ruhr Valley and the Emscher River :“to give the region a greener image, and breathe life into the old industrial plants”How: several collaborative partnerships with various agencies and 17 local authorities1999 – 2014 - successor plan "Project Ruhr"What: completing the IBA plan, and cleaning the EmscherHow: taking over the task of management and the entire project series from expired IBA pan
  10. 10. Project of Revitalisation- 800 km2 – the largestrenaturalization project in Europe- "green connector"between 17 towns of the Rhur valley,- following the pathof the Emscher River- using the abandonedindustrial areas as a unique form of greenspace- joining 7 existing but expanded north-south greenbelts
  11. 11. IBA Emsher Landscape ParkParticipating municipalitiesRuhrgebiet
  12. 12. 100 subprojects in 5 categories- remedial work on the industrial landscape,- cleaning up the Emscher river system,- new-build commercial and educational facilities,- housing developments,- re-use of derelict industrial installations.
  13. 13. Revitalisation of Emscher river- installation of underground sewers;- re-profiling of the river for better flood management;- changing of part of the rivers course - from a straight narrow concrete channel back to a wide curved pool;- trees and native plants have been introduced along the bank.
  14. 14. Housing25 housing projects (garden city model):3,000 refurbished houses and 2,500 new housing units with sustainable features(75% are public sector rented accommodation) -modern structures with a focus on ecological sustainability
  15. 15. Tourism: industrial heritage trail
  16. 16. Gasometer Oberhausen
  17. 17. The largest gas holder in Europe 117 m high60 m diameter
  18. 18. → Hugeexhibition hall
  19. 19. Events
  20. 20. Results- the image of the area has improved dramatically,- around 5000 new jobs have been created,- the project has increased the citizens awareness of the historical significance of their surroundings,- experience for municipalitiesEmscher Park - a symbol for innovation and is an example of how unique opportunities can be identified in a place full of challenges.
  21. 21. Funding> 1.5 billion euro – overall budget of IBA projects:2/3 – public: State Government of North Rhine- Westphalia, European Union,1/3 – private: developers, private companies, non-profit groups and local town governments
  22. 22. ThoughtsCan we change the operations of a whole local culture from the scale of coal and steel to the scale of a future?- not yet known
  23. 23. Shutting down in Germany COAL-FIRED POWER PLANTSPlans for 770 new ones in China and India (2007)
  24. 24. THANK YOUl