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  • 1. Qt 4.7: Qt Quick Alexander Trufanov Senior Technical Consultant Forum Nokia September 18, 2010
  • 2. What is Qt? • Qt (”cute”) is a cross-platform C++ application development framework – Set of cross-platform APIs and cross-platform GUI framework – C++ class library – Development tools • Qt was originally designed for efficient creation of platform-independent desktop GUI programs • Developed by a Norwegian company called Trolltech, which has been part of Nokia since 2008 • Latest version is 4.6.3 (under development 4.7 RC)
  • 3. Qt Architecture • Qt uses native styles to draw UI – UI elements have original look & feel – Can be adapted by the developer • Built on low level APIs of platform – No runtime! • Cross-platform – Single source for multiple platforms – Only requires recompilation
  • 4. Qt Licensing • LGPL license • Qt is completely free! – Unlike GPL, the LGPL: • Allows using Qt for free in commercial, closed source apps – Complete development source code of Qt available • Commercial version – Code changes to Qt source code don’t have to be shared – Included support options
  • 5. Platforms Windows Mac OS Linux / X11 C++ Embedded Linux Windows CE Maemo / MeeGo Java Symbian (S60) Python Ada Pascal Maintained by Perl Qt open source community. PHP Not officially supported by Qt Development Frameworks.
  • 6. Symbian and Qt • Qt for Symbian: – Compatible to S60 3rd. Edition, FP1+ (for example Nokia N95, E71) – Install SDK for your device, or lowest denominator for devices you want to support with your product • Info about system version of Nokia S60 devices: http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/ Series 60 Series 60 S60 S60 S60 S60 Symbian^3 Symbian^4 1st Ed. 2nd Ed. 3rd Ed. 3rd Ed. 3rd Ed. 5th Ed. (+ 3 FPs) FP1 FP2 = Symbian^1
  • 7. Maemo / MeeGo and Qt • Maemo 5 – GTK+ based UI – Qt pre-installed – Final Qt support: H1 2010 (4.6.2) • MeeGo 1.0 N (formerly: Maemo 6) – Qt replaces GTK+ – Multi-touch, gestures support – GTK and Clutter will stay in MeeGo
  • 8.  Simple installation  Qt Creator in nutshell  From the scratch to devices in 5min.  Simulator  On-device-debugging  Remote Compiler
  • 9. Hybrid Applications HTML App Qt Web Technology Qt
  • 10. Advantages of Hybrid Applications HTML, CSS, C++ JavaScript Full device access Rapid development Powerful libraries Broad reach http://qt.nokia.com/forms/whitepapers/reg-whitepaper-hybrid
  • 11. Qt Quick (Qt User Interface Creation Kit) • Create UIs as a designer – Without C++ knowledge – Using visual tools – Module: Declarative UI – Based on QML language (extension to JavaScript) – Supported in Qt 4.7 http://blog.qt.nokia.com/2010/02/15/meet-qt-quick/
  • 12. QML • Describe UI by tree structure of property bindings – Properties dynamically evaluated – Communication through Rectangle{ signals & slots width: 200 height: 200 – Bindings to C++ code possible color: "white" – Animate properties using states Image { source: "pics/logo.png" and transitions anchors.centerIn: parent } }
  • 13. Qt Quick videos & demos