Baby international franchise. Baby gifts franchise. Ecommerce. Baby baskets


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BebeDeParis is a leader in the field of ecommerce business in baby gifts sector. We have a consolidated and proved business in Spain. We are looking for franchisees to run our business in other countries.

If there are a lot of births in you country and e-commerce has a great future, you can join us asking for the franchise exclusivity in your country

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Baby international franchise. Baby gifts franchise. Ecommerce. Baby baskets

  1. 1. your baby gifts everywhere 1   FranchisenetworkYour  best  franchise  opportunity  
  2. 2. your baby gifts everywhere 2   Our business: births! There  will  always  be  births  –   making    this  a  very  reliable   business.  
  3. 3. your baby gifts everywhere 3   The business bebedeparis  is  leader  in  the  Spanish  baby   gi9s  sector:   .          7.540  gi9s  per  year.   .          An  emergent  e-­‐commerce  business.   .          Time  to    internaConalize.  
  4. 4. your baby gifts everywhere 4   The business bebedeparis  is  a  leading  company  with  more   than  20  years  of  experience  in  its  sector:  Baby   Gi9s  for  Newborns.       The   company   targets   people   or   companies   who  want  to  send  a  gi9  to  the  new  parents.   bebedeparis   offers   a   large   catalogue   containing   more   than   200   different   baby   gi9   baskets,  covering  a  broad  price  range  starCng   at  €50  up  to  €300.       The  delivery  of  the  gi9s  is  in  less  than  24h.  The   gi9s  are  delivered  by  our  perfectly  uniformed   bellboy  in  Madrid  and  Barcelona.  Other  ciCes,   private  delivery  service.   Given   the   success   of   our   products   and   the   increasing  number  of  shops  who  wish  to  order   our  products,  Bebedeparis  has  started  a  new   commercial  line  by  wholesaling  to  mulC-­‐brand   shops.  
  5. 5. your baby gifts everywhere 5   The business The  business  started  in  1994  with  a   babies’  shop  in  Barcelona.   Now  in  2015,  the  business  in  each   country  consists  in  retail  sales  (with  no   shops)  to  customers  and  also  wholesale   selling  to  mulC  branding  babies’  shops.  
  6. 6. your baby gifts everywhere 6   Founders & Shareholders Elena Gomez del Pozuelo Founder / General Director A  serial  Internet  entrepreneur  with   more  than  11  co-­‐founded  companies.   Expert  on  e-­‐commerce  and  digital   markeCng.  President  of  Adigital  (the   Spanish  Digital  Economy  AssociaCon).   Sara Fernandez de la Aldea Founder / CEO Internet  entrepreneur  with  22   years  experience  in  product   design,  logisCcs,  imports  and   exports.  Responsible  in  dealing   with  customers  and  prospects.   Luis Comas Founder A  well-­‐known  lawyer  in  Spain.  Over   30  years  experience  advising  MNC.   17  years  as    global  legal    leader  at   PWC.  Currently  General  Counsel   and  member  of  the  Management   Board  of  the  Volkswagen  Group  in   Spain.  
  7. 7. your baby gifts everywhere 7   Shareholders Juanjo Azcárate CEO  at  CCC.  Vicepresident  of   Adigital.   Founding  shareholder  at   Womenalia,  GesCón  de  Medios   (Zenith  OpCmedia),  Incipy,   Inesdi,  Increnta,  Incube,   Yoquieroescribir,  HallSt…   Alfonso Torres CIO  at  AUIRGA  GLOBAL   INVESTORS.  Shareholder  and   member  of  the  Management   Board  at  Womenalia,  HallSt...   AROÑUCA 2007 SL Represented  by  Rafael  Saenz  de   Santa  María  and  Juan  Saenz  de   Santa  María.  Business  angels   specialized  in  technology  based   start-­‐ups.    
  8. 8. your baby gifts everywhere 8   2011 2014 CHANGE BRANDING FROM  “la  Cigüeña  del   Bebé”    To  “BebeDeParis”.   2015 Chronology OUR BIRTH La  Cigüeña  del  Bebé  S.L.  started   in  Barcelona  with  a  shop.   Sara  Fernandez  was  in  charge  of   the  business   1994 ECOMMERCE   Elena  Gómez  IncorporaZon.   Central  warehouse  Madrid   We  opened  a  showroom  in  Barcelona.   Wholesales Opening  of  the  new   wholesaling  commercial   line. PRESENT internaZonalizaZon  process  through   a  unique  e-­‐commerce  master   franchising  concept,  granZng  only   one  license  per  country.  
  9. 9. your baby gifts everywhere 9   Vision To  create  the  1st  world   network  in  baby  gi5s   your baby gift everywhere
  10. 10. your baby gifts everywhere 10   competitors A  highly-­‐fragmented  local   market.     there is no other international network in baby gifts .
  11. 11. your baby gifts everywhere 11   .        Service,  service  and  service.   .        PerfecCon  and  glamour.   .        Fast  and  elegant.   ·∙        Very  prepared  for  selling  to  companies.   .        100%  saCsfacCon  amongst  our  customers                             and  moms.   .        Word  of  mouth.   Why we are different? Our  bellboy  
  12. 12. your baby gifts everywhere 12   A  baby  is   born.   The  customer   buys  a  gi9   online  or   through  his   phone.   We  prepare   the  gi9.   We  deliver  it  to   the  hospital  or  a   home  address.  
  13. 13. your baby gifts everywhere 13   Client acquisition EXHIBITIONS CALL CENTER OTHERS E-COMMERCE COMMERCIAL WORK CUSTOMERS: .Retail .Wholesale  
  14. 14. your baby gifts everywhere 14   Customer Profile 31% Large  Accounts  -­‐  Mul>na>onal  Companies   Small  and  Medium-­‐Sized  Companies   36% Individuals   33% Today,  bebedeparis  has  a  fixed  clientele,  divided  into  Large  Accounts  or   MulCnaConal  Companies  and  Small  and  Medium-­‐Sized  Companies,  with     around  12.000  customers  only  in  Spain.     These   customers   have   made   special   agreements   with   bebedeparis,   as   their   Human   Resources   policies   include   providing   a   courtesy   gi9   for   employees,  customers  and  business  partners  when  they  give  birth.     The  Human  Resources  Department,  or  General  Manager’s  Assistant  are   normally  in  charge  of  buying  the  gi9  baskets.     Some  companies  may  prefer  to  order  their  baskets  over  the  phone.  The   web  page  also  includes  a  hotline  in  each  country  alended  by  a  direct   sales  person.  
  15. 15. your baby gifts everywhere 15   Some of our customers
  16. 16. your baby gifts everywhere 16   Baby baskets !   Personalized  gi9s.   !   Licenses;  e.g.  gi9s  for  football  fans.   !   Gi9s  for  special  events;  baby  showers,  bapCsms,  etc.   !   Personalized  company  gi9s.   !   Special  gi9s  for  twins.   !   Special  gi9s  for  older  siblings.   !   Special  spa  gi9s  for  moms.   !   Special  spa  gi9s  for  stressed  dads.                   !   Special  gi9s  such  as  photo  sessions,  baby  massages,            baby  sinng  vouchers,  etc.   !   Special  gi9s  such  as  personalized  DVDs  and  books.   !   Diaper  cakes.   !   GreeCngs  cards.   !   Text  proposals.   !   Photo  frames.     !   Xmas  presents.   !   Gi9  vouchers.     !   Personalized  embroideries.     !   DifferenCated  baby-­‐boy  and  baby-­‐girl  gi9s.   !  Gi9s  are  classified  by  theme,  price  and  occasion  (birth,   christening,  etc.). There  are  more  than  200  different  gi9  basket  combinaZons  available.  Customers  can  choose  from:  
  17. 17. your baby gifts everywhere 17   Order  history   Order  History  in  Spain   bebedeparis  started  its  internaZonal  expansion  in  2014    
  18. 18. your baby gifts everywhere 18   E-­‐commerce  in  the  world:     30  best  countries  (A.T.Kearney)   .bebedeparis  started  its  internaZonal  expansion    in  september  2014  .   .Spain  is  n.  18  
  19. 19. your baby gifts everywhere 19   E-­‐commerce  in  the  world:     Million  dolars.  (Euromonitor)  
  20. 20. your baby gifts everywhere 20   The heart of the company The  bebedeparis  warehouse   The  heart  of  bebedeparis  is  its  warehouse.  A  well-­‐organized   storage  area  of  about  300/  600    sqm  depending  on  the  country’s   potenCal,  fully  stocked  with  products  and  baskets  and  serving  as   the  business  base  for  the  franchise  concept.  
  21. 21. your baby gifts everywhere 21   Internationalization plans bebedeparis  is  now  looking  for  exclusive  internaConal  franchisee  partners  in  each  country.     The  company  has  prepared  a  compelling  business  strategy  aimed  at  bringing  success  to  both  franchisor  and  franchisee.   More  than  80  different  domains  have  already  been  registered  worldwide.   .com   .cn   .es   .fr   .it   .jp   .mx   .ru   .pe   .de   .cl   .ma   .in   .tw   .at   .be   .dk   .hu   .ec   .pl   .pt   .cz   .se   .ae   .us   .ch   .nl   .hk   .ca  
  22. 22. your baby gifts everywhere 22   Benefits of a bebedeparis franchise franchise 12  reasons  to  choose  bebedeparis  
  23. 23. your baby gifts everywhere 23   1st reason The  future  is  online:     e-­‐commerce  and  mobile   commerce  in  Europe  2013:   €280  billion,  +  20%  (every   year).  
  24. 24. your baby gifts everywhere 24   2nd reason Country  exclusivity:     Possible  franchisee  income  is  very  high:  ranging  from   €0.25  million  to  €20  million,  covering  2-­‐5%  of  births  in   the  country  in  5  years.   The  turnover  in  each  country  depends  on  3  factors:   1.  The  number  of  births  per  year.   2.  Internet  penetraCon  and  development  of  e-­‐ commerce  in  the  country.   3.  Purchasing  power  of  companies  and  private   individuals.  
  25. 25. your baby gifts everywhere 25   3rd reason No  high  street  retail  store     is  needed:  only  a  local   warehouse  (around   300-­‐500  sqm  on  the   outskirts  of  a  large  city)   with  no  major  investment   outlay.  
  26. 26. your baby gifts everywhere 26   4th reason A  secure  business  that  is  not   subject  to  fashion,  regulatory     changes,  etc.  Babies  will   always  be  born  and   companies    and  friends  will   always  send  gi9s  to  new   parents!.  
  27. 27. your baby gifts everywhere 27   5th reason The  Franchisor  will  produce  all  the  products   needed  by  the  franchisees  network  so  all  the     Stocks  will  be  provided  by  Franchisor.   So  franchisees  do  not  have  to  worry  about   products.  They  only  have  to  place  their     orders  2/4  Zmes  a  year  to  Franchisor   (3  months  in  advance).   The  Franchisor  will  send  the  merchandises     3  months  a9er  the  placement  of  the  order.   There  is  no  stock  le9overs  -­‐  only     lasCng  products  that  do  not  change     from  year  to  year  because  tradiConal  gi9s   are  always  fashionable.  
  28. 28. your baby gifts everywhere 28   6th reason One  of  the  biggest  issues  the  franchisee   may  encounter  is  to  sejle  the  right   sizes.  In  bebedeparis  we  solve  this   problem  by  selling  just  1  size  of  baby   clothes  (3/6  months),  and  always  use   tradiConal  colors:  blue,  pink,  white  and   grey.   Most  mothers-­‐to-­‐be  prepare  their  baby   layele  for  0  to  3  months.     Therefore,  we  only  offer  gi9s  for  babies   aged  3/6  months  –  it’s  much  more   pracCcal!.  
  29. 29. your baby gifts everywhere 29   7th reason The  Franchisor  provides  franchisees  network   with  an  exclusive,  unique  collecZon  with  the   best  quality  products  at  very  reasonable   prices.   The  franchisees  will  order  to  the  franchisor  all   the  products  he  may  need  for  the  next  three   months,  every  three  months.  Nevertheless,   the  first  order  will  cover  the  first  6  months   and  it  will  be  selled  by  the  franchisor.  
  30. 30. your baby gifts everywhere 30   8th reason Our  unique  collecZon  can  be  offered  to   babies’  shops  by  wholesales.   Due  to  the  big  margin  in  products,  the   Franchisee  can  also  become  the  exclusive   distributor  of  all  the  bebedeparis  products   not  only  by  retail  but  also  by  wholesaling  to   babies’  shops.     This  allows  them  to  obtain  even  greater   incomes.  
  31. 31. your baby gifts everywhere 31   9th reason Become  part  of  a  leading  internaZonal  e-­‐ commerce  network  and  start  doing  business   immediately  (a  great  deal  of  mulCnaConal   companies  are  already  customers).   For  example,  in  Spain  we  already  have  as   customers  very  big  mulCnaConal  companies   that  could  become  customers  in  other   countries.   We  provide  our  franchisees  with  our  client   contacts  in  other  countries.  
  32. 32. your baby gifts everywhere 32   10th reason Orders  from  other  franchisees  across  the  world  will   benefit  all  the  franchise  network,  taking advantage of the digital marketing investment across the entire network. Every franchisee invests around 13% of its turnover in its own digital marketing to get orders online in his country. The sum of all franchisees’ investments will benefit everyone. For example, there will be Spanish companies with employees in other countries, such as Mexico. The order is paid in Spain but the franchisee in Mexico will dispatch it and get paid by the company in Spain.
  33. 33. your baby gifts everywhere 33   11th reason Franchisees do no need to worry about online and digital marketing as this can be managed by a central agency in Spain that employs SEM specialists (google adwords) in several languages. If the franchisee has experience on digital marketing he can choose his own agency in his country. Nevertheless he will have a contractual obligation to spend a 9-15% of his annual income for his own digital marketing to promote its own sales. The Head Office provides each franchisee with its own web in its own language. e.g.:,,… The Head Office will adapt the franchisee’s web to local country legislation and payment methods. Franchisees should focus on: .marketing the service amongst big companies (human resources or purchasing departments) .logistics, i.e. preparation, personalization and delivery of the gifts.
  34. 34. your baby gifts everywhere 34   12th Reason and the most important reason! A  very  profitable  investment:  the     recommended  retail  price  is  3.10  Cmes  the   purchase  price.   That  is,  franchisees  have  a  70%  margin  on   their  sales,  which  is  one  of  the  greatest   margins  on  sales  in  European  Franchises.   Depending  on  the  country,  franchisees   should  start  making  profit  in  their  second   year.  
  35. 35. your baby gifts everywhere 35   Franchise conditions  Exclusivity:  1  franchisee  per  country.  The  entrance  fee  includes:       1.  Business  and  brand  exclusivity  in  the  country  for  10  years.   2.  Transfer  of  know-­‐how  from  a  proven  business  in  Spain.     3.  OperaZons   manuals:   a   general   manual,   an   operaZons   management   manual,   a   human   resources  manual,  an  equipment  and  maintenance  manual  and  a  legal  manual.   4.  70%  margin  on  every  sale,  the  most  favourable  condiCons  in  all  the  sectors.   5.  There  is  no  breaking  of  the  stock  as  the  collecCon  is  permanent.   6.  The  central  has  a  disposable  stock  in  the  warehouse  through  out  all  the  season.   6.    System  of  personalised,  conZnuous  and  technical  assessment.   7.    Support  and  conZnuous  communicaZon  amongst  all  the  departments  and  the  central.   8.    IniZal  trainning  (both  theoreZcal  and  pracZcal)  as  well  as  recycling  seminaries.   9.  IntegraCon  of  a  consolidated  company  in  the  childhood  fashion  business.   10.    Ecommerce  planorm   From95.000€ (depending onthecountry) ENTRANCE  FEE  
  36. 36. your baby gifts everywhere 36   .CustomizaZon  of  IT  pack   €10,000     Website in the native language, back office, etc… Franchise conditions  other  investments  and  cash  flow  needed  to  open  a  bebedeparis  franchise  in  a  country       .Digital  markeZng  investment  on  its  website   15%  of  the  total  incomes  per  year..  From 3.000€/month depending on the country. .IniZal  stock  for  the  first  six  months:  from  €40,000,   (depending  on  the  country)   ENTRANCE  FEE   .EsZmated  warehouse  and  office   adjustment  costs  €30,000   Initial investment: civil works, furniture, uniforms… .3  %  royalZes  off  the  total  invoice  that   will  be  invoiced  every  3  months   .EsZmated  equipment  €22,000   Office equipment, printing machines, embroidery machine, company car…Most of them can be leasing
  37. 37. your baby gifts everywhere 37   Entrance fee levels • Netherlands,  Belgium   • Austria,  Sweden,  Switzerland   • Finland,  Norway,  Denmark   • Portugal,  Poland,  Chile,  Canada,   Australia   • Saudi  Arabia   • Rest  of  the  world…   • Italy   • Brazil   • Mexico   • Japan   • Russia   • Germany   • France   • UK   • India   • USA   • China   Countries    -­‐  A   €400,000   Possible  turnover   €7-­‐20M   Countries  -­‐  B   €280,000€   Possible  turnover:   €3-­‐7M   Countries  -­‐  D   €95,000   Possible  turnover:   €0.250-­‐1,5M   Countries  –  C                                     €190,000   Possible  turnover:   €1,5-­‐3M  
  38. 38. your baby gifts everywhere 38   Franchisee profiles   Relevant   1.  Economical  capacity.  The  starCng  investment  depends  on  the  country.  From  200.000€  to  800.000€.   2.  Business  experience  and  a  client  and  contact  network  in  the  entrepreneurship  sector  of  his  country.   3.  Entrepreneurship  character  and  capacity  to  develop  an  economical  acCvity.   4.  CommunicaCon  and  business  skills,  specially    with  clients,  suppliers  and  employees.   5.  Disciplinary  spirit  but  with  capacity  to  be  creaCve  and  innovaCve.   6.  Perseverant.   7.  Working  capacity  and  being  able  to  work  towards  targets.   8.  Demonstrated  abiliCes  in  management  and  an  educaConal  background  on  business,  markeCng  or  similar.   Irrelevant 1.  Knowledge and experience in the e-commerce or digital marketing sector. 2.  Having an operative warehouse. 3.  Sex or age of the candidate are absolutely irrelevant.
  39. 39. your baby gifts everywhere 39   Franchise selling process 1.    The  Franchisor  receives  an  informaCon  request  by  a  candidate.   2.    IniCal  answer  through  phone  or  by  e-­‐mail  by  the  Franchisor,  in  order  to  establish  personal  contact.   3.    Email  with  general  informaCon  of  the  Franchise.   4.    Skype  conversaCon  with  the  candidate  and  if  it  is  posiCve  ,  the  Franchisor  sends  the  ConfidenCality  Agreement    (  NDA)   5.    Once  the  NDA  is  received  dully  signed,  the  Franchisor  will  send  specific  details  as  the    Franchise  Agreement  and   precontractual  informaCon.   6.    PreparaCon  of  the  orientaCve  Business  Plan  for    the  country  of  the  candidate.   7.    Discovery  day  by  the  possible  Franchisee.   8.    NegoCaCon  and  signature  of  the  franchise  agreement.  Payment.   9.  Franchisor  visits  the  possible  headquartes  of  the  Franchisee.   10.The  Franchisee  will  receive  further  informaCon  and  will  receive  his  training  for  a  week  in  Madrid.  
  40. 40. your baby gifts everywhere 40   Executive Summary 1.  BebeDeParis,  is  a  first  mover  company  in  the  layeles  and  baby  gi9s  sector,  which  was  created  in  1994  as  La  Cigüeña  del  Bebé,  SL.   2.  BebeDeParis  is  the  1st  global  online  network  in  baby  gi9s  and  offers  one  of  the  greater  margins  to  their  franchisee  by  offering  up  to  70%  over  every   sale.   3.  There  is  no  need  for  retail  shops,  just  a  warehouse  where  deliveries  are  processed.     4.  Bebedeparis  is  looking  for  internaConal  franchisees  in  order  to  offer  them  an  exclusive  franchise  for  each  country.   5.  The  central  offices  where  the  logisCc  centre  is  set  are  located  at  the  Polígono  industrial  Európolis  de  Las  Rozas,  Madrid.   5.  BebeDeParis  accounts  a  completely  automated  system  for  the  communicaCons  between  franchises  and  central  offices.     6.  Furthermore,  every  franchisee  will  have  its  own  and  exclusive  e-­‐commerce  web  from  which  he  can  make  its  retail  and  wholesale  selling.   7.  The  strategy  used  by  the  firm  for  the  expansion  is  done  through  its  own  webpage  in  Spain  and  through  its  franchisees’  webs.   8.  Its  biggest  asset  is  the  centralizaZon  of  all  the  processes  through  its  logisZc  centre  in  Madrid:  Design,  patronage,  buying's,  logisCcs,  commercials,   expansion  and  administraCon.     9.  BebeDeParis  has  a  permanent  collecZon  of  classic  gi9s  for  babies,  whose  design  is  internally  elaborated  by  a  professional  team.     10.  Great  advantage:  baby  gi9s  never  go  out  of  fashion  and  we  only  work  with  one  measure:  3  to  6  months.   11.  We  always  work  with  the  best  fabrics.  Our  designs  are  recognized  by  their  tradiConal  colouring  in  the  babies  world:  blue,  pink,  white  or  light  grey.   12.  BebeDeParis  accounts  as  well  with  a  collecCon  of  stuffed  items,  cosmeZc  products  and  a  wide  range  of  complements.  
  41. 41. your baby gifts everywhere 41   Business’ keys .70%  margin  on  every  sale.  Right  now,  the  most  favourable  condiCons  in  all  the  sectors.   .Almost  70%  of  the  sales  are  done  by  companies  that  gi9  their  employees  or  business  associates  whenever  they  give  birth  and  a  30%  of  the  sales  are   done  by  individuals  to  gi9  their  family  and  friends.   ·∙There  is  no  breaking  of  the  stock  as  the  collecCon  is  permanent  and  the  central  has  a  disposable  stock  in  the  warehouse  through  out  all  the  season.   .System  of  personalised,  conZnuous  and  technical  assessment  thanks  to  a  follow  up  of  the  sales.   .Support  and  conZnuous  communicaZon  amongst  all  the  departments  and  the  central.   .IniZal  training  (both  theoreZcal  and  pracZcal)  as  well  as  recycling  seminaries.   .IntegraCon  of  a  consolidated  company  in  the  childhood  fashion  business,  with  more  than  20  years  of  experience  and  a  conCnuous  growth.   The  franchisees  in  each  country  can  have  up  to  3  ways  of  income.   Income  of  retail  selling  (70%  margin)   .Income  of  sales  to  companies  and  individuals  in  the  Bebedeparis  web  page  of  their  country.  This  are  automaCc  e-­‐commerce  sales.     .Income  of  sales  to  companies  with  an  annual  agreement  for  the  delivery  of  baby  gi9s  to  their  employees  and  business  associates.   Income  of  wholesale  selling  (33%  margin):   .Income  for  the  sales  to  baby  fashion  related  shops  at  their  countries.  Each  franchise  is  also  the  exclusive  distributor  in  his  country  for  all  the  products   and  collecCons  of  Bebedeparis  being  able  to  sale  both  to  retail  shops  and  online  shops.  
  42. 42. your baby gifts everywhere 42   Elena  Gómez  del  Pozuelo   Sara  Fernández  de  la  Aldea   TEAM   Founding  partners   InternaConal  Team   Ecommerce/digital  markeCng:  Rocío  Carreras                                                                                                                                     InternaConal  expansion:                        Juan  Carlos  Agulló                                                                                                                                         Finance/AdministraCon:                    Rosa  Muñoz                                                                                                  
  43. 43. your baby gifts everywhere 43   elegancesurprisediscretion glamourmagiccommitment misteryconfidentiality giftillusionpresent your baby gifts everywhere