Explorations in writing activites


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Writing Activities using web2tools

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Explorations in writing activites

  1. 1. How can we turn writing into real communication? <ul><li>Ma. Elena Delgado
  2. 2. Gabino Barreda
  3. 3. Mexico city, UNAM
  4. 4. 2009 </li></ul>
  5. 5. Tasks Sender This is our favorite snack Message Audience
  6. 6. Tasks are used ... <ul><li>To reinforce grammar and vocabulary
  7. 7. Integrated with other skills.
  8. 8. To promote group work </li></ul><ul>Common scenario: <ul><li>No time for grading or sharing </li></ul></ul>
  9. 9. Sharing made easier via Web 2 writing tools (great for socializing information) <ul><li>Edmodo
  10. 10. Wall wisher
  11. 11. Photopeach
  12. 12. Slide
  13. 13. Bookr
  14. 14. Pbwiki </li></ul><ul><li>Template for Tall tales
  15. 15. Template for poems
  16. 16. Cartoon strips
  17. 17. Models for different genders of texts. </li></ul>
  18. 18. Microblogging: Edmodo www.edmodo.com
  19. 19. How does Edmodo work? Members Alert messages are sent via e-mail Member sends a message
  20. 20. Create a group: Brazil-Mexico
  21. 21. Posting : like a forum
  22. 22. You can link to other sites. Wallwisher text+links to videos, or webpages
  23. 23. Types of activites ; Telling stories <ul><li>First -person point of view -invitation to a more personal context.
  24. 24. Increased attention .We look for insights about storyteller.
  25. 25. Involvement with emotions. </li></ul>¨ My favorite... friend story keepsake place
  26. 26. Instructions: HOMEWORK for this week <ul>Describe a friend <li>Tool:
  27. 27. http:// pimpam pum.net/bookr http://pimpampum.net/bookr
  28. 28. The book should have a cover and 6 pages </li></ul>
  29. 29. Make a photobook describing your best friend. The photos don´t have to be real, you can select them from flickr.
  30. 30. Telling a story with pictures Bookr www.pimpampum.net
  31. 31. You can browse through the pages looks and feels like an e- book You can see the books of others. “ My best friend and me at school” Real pictures versus fiction
  32. 32. Pictures+ caption+music http://photopeach.com/home
  33. 33. Photopeach : a story with pictures
  34. 34. Two tracks for meaning <ul><li>Words
  35. 35. Images </li></ul>More sophisticated ideas can be expressed Visual elements help to create a rich context
  36. 36. News about.... ( a bit of everything)
  37. 37. Wikis are about sharing and working together amongst us and with others abroad
  38. 38. In a wiki you can publish: <ul><li>Videoclips
  39. 39. Powerpoint presentations
  40. 40. Pictures
  41. 41. Maps
  42. 42. Calendars
  43. 43. Pdf, documents </li></ul>
  44. 44. Pbworks Describing the life of. .. .
  45. 45. Royal families around the world Bringing the world to the class
  46. 46. Sharing and learning with others abroad Mexican students – and a group from Conneticut Hola Estudiantes!   We have been reading all about you all, and have been learning how to write back and respond en Espanol! We would like to make our own page to send to you and show you how we celebrated el Dia de Los Muertos here at Talcott Mountain Academy! We made our &quot;ofrenda&quot; early in class by setting our yellow tablecloth, and making our sugar skulls! The sugar skulls took mucho tiempo!
  47. 47. Cross- cultural contrast Bailamos, comimos, y rompimos una pinata! We played games, ate some tortilla chips and salsa, and made notes and letters to our loved ones who passed away! Para nos abuelos, mascotas, y amigos escribimos muchas notas de amor y cuentos! We gathered on our &quot;afrombra&quot; and told cuentos de susto, y hablamos de la historia de Dia de Los Muertos! It was a good time! Gracias! We also were in &quot;disfrasos&quot; and were in a Halloween &quot;parada&quot;! We have some &quot;retratos&quot; of nosotros here! We will post them &quot;aqui&quot; so you can see us, and know what we did for Halloween!  Thanks for checking us out!   Senorita Peralta (Talcott Mt. Academy, Connecticut, US)
  48. 48. Mexican students created slideshows with pictures from their exhibitions <ul>This is a offering from #1 high school </ul>
  49. 49. <ul>We remember in this day the special persons that died </ul>
  50. 50. Other types of activities perfect for the wiki: Collaborative writing
  51. 51. Group work (cross-cultural activities) Get in groups of 3 Watch the following videoclip and create a story. It can be in English or Spanish depending on the language you are learning. Write your story in this wiki below the videoclip. Remember to write your names. Thanks for participating.
  52. 52. T Activites using web2 tools promote: <ul><li>Autonomy
  53. 53. The individual relation to others and the wider world
  54. 54. Interdependence celebrating culture and community
  55. 55. Learning, knowing and doing – knowing,
  56. 56. understanding, exploring and making sense (skills)
  57. 57. Exciting the imagination </li></ul>
  58. 58. What do students think? 24 students answered an online survey published in the class blog Tool : SurveyMonkey.com
  59. 59. What do students think? A survey 24 students <ul><li>Integrating technology(blogs, wikis, activities in web sites helps me learn
  60. 60. Creating a blog was
  61. 61. Did you like publishing your videoclip? </li></ul>50 % said a lot 50% more or less 0% not very much 0% not at all Fun 42% Easy 50% Difficult 4.2% 79% yes 20.8% No
  62. 62. Did you like taking videodictation? 66.7% yes 33.3% no
  63. 63. <ul><li>Which activities helped you learn the most? </li></ul>62.5% 29.2% 37.5% 25% 58% 47% 50% 50%
  64. 64. Why?
  65. 66. My questions: How perfect should a student´s writing be before publishing? “ I do not want to overcorrect and make the student feel frustated”. “We practised group editing and still there are spelling, and grammar mistakes”. “Is there a way to empower students giving them tools for self-correction?” “Maybe, I need to try some of the new e-tool available like whitesmoke” ?
  66. 67. Self-correction tool
  67. 68. Thanks to my enthustiastic colleagues in Brazil and USA who made this delightful experience possible. Thanks for participating, giving ideas, and sharing. We might have been miles apart but were close indeed showing interest and appreciation for each others´ students. Ana Ma. Menenzes (Brazil) Ms. Elba (Brazil) Rebecca Schrawen (USA) Ida Peralta (USA)
  68. 69. Thanks to : <ul><li>Ana Maria Menezes from Brazil
  69. 70. Ms Elba from Brazil
  70. 71. Rebecca Schrauwen form Michigan
  71. 72. Idania Peralta from
  72. 73. Conneticut </li></ul>“ We have experienced the power of globalization.” Our students have discovered the global village through technology. We need to keep exploring .....