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Students' hobbies

  1. 1. My HobbiesI am Aitana and my main hobbies are:- Dancing.- Playing handball.- Going out with my friends on Fridays.- In summer, I like going to the beach with my friends.- I like playing the guitar.- I like watch the TV.- When I’m in my room, I listen to music.- In the winter, I go to the swimming pool. This is our team. This is we beach. I go here with my friends in thesummer.This is theTV show I like.
  2. 2. My name is Álvaro.My favourites hobbies are fishing, skateboarding and riding abycicle.My favourites sports are football and canoeing.I like walking, by go my friends, playing table tennis andwatch tv.I don´t like school, I don´t like studying and I don´t likehandball.
  3. 3. I am AndreaMy hobbiesMy hobbies are dancing, singing, riding horses and playing handball.SportsLike:I like playing handball and dancing.Don’t like:I don’t like playing basketball and atletic.
  4. 4. Mynameis Héctor.My favouritehobbyis riding a bicycle.My favourite sports are football and canoeing.I like walking, watch tv and playing tennis tableand tennis.I don´t like playing handball and I don´t likeriding a horse.
  5. 5. I am Inés and my hobbies are: Reading books. Playing and speak with my friends. Going to the beach in summer. Swimming in the swimming pool and the sea. I like travelling. Listening music. My favourites sports are: o Handball. o Swimming.But, if they aren’t my friends, I don’t like playinghandball. This is our team. My friendsand me goto this beachin the summer
  6. 6. I am Isabel.My hobby is swim and drawing. My favourite sport is basketball and tennis. I don´t likedo homework and study. I don´t play good basketball but I like it.
  7. 7. MY HOBBIESHi, I am Laura.My favorite sportsareskiing, playing tennis, playing hockey, karate,swimming, running, canoeing, hiking, exploringplaces likecaves, ravines,etc.,playing basketball, playing football.Myfavoritehobbiesare:playing with my friends, playing with my dog riding-horse, ride a bike, boating and fishing,go fishing onthebeach, playingtabletennis, chess, play darts, playing archery, playing WII,gomountain,sightseeing, cooking, photography and surf.I don’t like dancing.
  8. 8. I am Lorena. My hobbie is drawing. I am going to drawing classes on Saturdaymorning.My favourite sport is football and my favourite football player is Kaká of Real Madridteam.After lunch I like watching TV and playing with my friends and walking my dog.I don’t like play basketball.
  9. 9. My hobbiesHello. I am Lucía.My hobbies are playing with my friends, I like playing volleyball, too. My favouritesport is volleyball.I like playing volleyball with my friends is very funny. In the weekend we playvolleyball in the park, we had a great time. I like playing table tennis, but I like more if Iplay with my friends.
  10. 10. My nameis Miranda, I live in Ribadesella. I like the sport, my hobbies are:-Playing tennis.-Swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool.-Speaking or playing with my friends.-Playing handball.-Reading books (comics, diaries…)-Travel with my parents or with my friends.-Riding a bike.-Skiing
  11. 11. MY HOBBIESMy name isAlejandro , I live in Camango. I like the sport, my hobbies: - Play football - I walk with my friend and parents - I ride bike - Riding a horse - Reading books
  12. 12. MY HOBBIESMy hobbies are riding and a horse reading. My favoritesportsaretennis and swimming. I don’t like football but I like volleyball.In my free time I go to piano classes.
  13. 13. Hello, I am Olga.Well, I’m going to speak about my hobbies. My main hobbies are thecomputers and the animals. I love animals! And I love computerstoo!I like read (my favourite writer is Laura GallegoGarcía) and I likeplay with videogames. My favourite videogame now is the Sims 3.This is me in the Sims 3:
  14. 14. This is my favourite book and the writer : (Memorias de Idhún, LauraGallegoGarcía) I put the photo in the comic version, that is morebeautiful than the book version, but the book is the best.My favourite sports are swimming, handball and football. I like runtoo.I don’t like do homework, but I like the school. I hate to be sick.