Central az community college


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"Growing Up Chicana in Morenci, AZ"

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Central az community college

  1. 1. Central Arizona Community College Coolidge, AZ September 26, 2012
  2. 2. Poem: “Who Am I?” byElena Díaz Bjorkquist ©2011
  3. 3. Morenci, ArizonaMorenci is 174 miles It’s near Cliftonnortheast of Tucson
  4. 4. Morenci in early 1900’s
  5. 5. Miners working in underground mine
  6. 6. 1964 Most Chicanos were Catholic and attended this church1914 Holy Cross Catholic Church
  7. 7. Morenci in the late 60’s
  8. 8. Royal Theater and Shopping Center
  9. 9. Shopping Center and Smokestack
  10. 10. Same view 1987
  11. 11. Close up of same view
  12. 12. Same view in 1990’s
  13. 13. Open Pit Mine in the 60’s
  14. 14. Open Pit Mine 1987
  15. 15. 1967 1987
  16. 16. Morenci Pit 2000
  18. 18. Chicanas de Morenci
  19. 19. Poem “Standing on the Shoulders of My Maternal Ancestors” by  Elena Díaz Bjorkquist ©2011“If I stand tall it is because I stand on the shoulders of myancestors.” Yoruba Proverb
  20. 20. I, Elena Díaz Bjorkquist born inMorenci, Arizona stand on the shoulders of... Natividad Díaz Herrera born in El Paso, Texas who stands on the shoulders of . . . Teresa Limón Díaz born in Teocaltiche, Jalisco who stands on the shoulders of . . . Josefa Cruz Limón born in Teocaltiche, Jalisco who stands on the shoulders of . . .
  21. 21. the unknown madre who I stand on their came shoulders, before, her name lost looking down at thesein the mist of time, wars, and beautiful madres. conquest, I feel their strengthwho stands on the shoulders of radiate up a long line of nantin, as they support me, the mothers know their sacrifices, from the ancient tribes of their joys. Mexico, I am who I am Aztecas, Chichimecas, because of them. Toltecas, Huachichiles, Zacatecas, and Tecuexes. Nantin who lived in that part of Mexico known as the “place of the temple.”
  22. 22. Natividad Díaz Herrera
  23. 23. Natividad Díaz HerreraI was born in ElPaso, Texas onDecember 24,1921. Mi familia.
  24. 24. Natividad Díaz Herrera. . . everything was done at mymoms. My mom made the food andof course mole.
  25. 25. Natividad Díaz HerreraFor entertainment weloved to go to themovies. We went toevery movie that cameto town.
  26. 26. Natividad Díaz Herrera ChildhoodMiners at entrance of Longfellow Mine
  27. 27. María Manelli Ponce
  28. 28. María Manelli PonceWe went dancing. Youknow over there en ElImperio? They used tomake dances.
  29. 29. María Manelli PonceI used to be neighbors with my husband.We used to play together. I was four yearsolder than he.
  30. 30. María Manelli Ponce Family LifeMorenci Houses
  31. 31. Josephine Martinez Granado
  32. 32. Josephine Martinez Granado My mother was Carlotta Limón Martinez and my father, Isidro Martinez. They were both from Jalisco, Mexico but they met in Morenci. My mother was fourteen.
  33. 33. Josephine Martinez Granado Of course we would go to Mass and to the Rosary. We were very devout people, very Catholic devout people.
  34. 34. Josephine Martinez GranadoMy mother had six children. My brotherSantiago; I was next in line, and thenthere was Isidro and Ernesto and Samueland Sara.”
  35. 35. Josephine Martinez Granado The Depression“There was a deportation during theDepression where Mexicanos were sent back to Mexico.”
  36. 36. Eduvigen Navarette Hernandez
  37. 37. Eduvigen Navarette HernandezI was born on October 21, 1918 in Eagle Creek,about seven miles from the pump going downfrom Morenci.
  38. 38. Eduvigen Navarette HernandezEvery year there [on the ranch] myfather made jaripeos (rodeos).
  39. 39. Eduvigen Navarette Hernandez Work ExperienceI worked at the Copper Kettle and then later I went to the Longfellow Inn.
  40. 40. Emma Ruiz Pando
  41. 41. Emma Ruiz PandoI was born May 31,1915 in la Cuidad deChihuahua, Mexico.
  42. 42. Emma Ruiz PandoMy mother and my father brought me to Metcalfwhen I was six months old. We moved to Morenciin 1934 when the company closed Metcalf.
  43. 43. Emma Ruiz Pando Married LifeEmma & Leo Pando July 1944
  44. 44. Josephine Díaz Todd
  45. 45. Josephine Díaz ToddI was born August the27th, 1924 in Morenci. Myparents were TeresaLimón Díaz andWenseslado Díaz. Theycame from Mexico.Jalisco. We lived up in ACHill.
  46. 46. Josephine Díaz ToddI met Donald Todd in acarnival in Morenci. I justthought he was for me andI was for him.
  47. 47. Josephine Díaz Todd Community Life 
  48. 48. Reading: “Mama Carmela”an excerpt from Our Spirit, Our Reality by Elena Díaz Bjorkquist
  49. 49. Growing Up in Morenci gave me Valuesthat make me who I am today: Love of family – extended to love of community Courage to stand up for my rights and the rights of others Patience and perseveranceA strong work ethic and a sense of commitment Honesty and Pride Hope for a better future Sharing what I have or know
  50. 50. Poem“Writing as Salvation” by Elena Díaz Bjorkquist
  51. 51. Writing as Salvation  I write for salvation. I write to help me heal.Writing lets me find myself — Writing gives meto go back to my childhood A better understandingexplore who I was, of myself, my health,where I’ve been. and relationships.   I write to share the lives I write so that othersof Chicanos won’t have to listenin an Arizona town to complaints aboutswallowed up my physicalby a copper mine. or emotional pain.   I write true stories I write for its rewards.as fiction Writing is my passion.based upon my life, Writing is my salvation.the lives of my family, Writing lets me knowfriends in Morenci. I’m alive. 
  52. 52. Special thanks to Kurt Bjorkquist for scanning the photos