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Whales eng

  1. 1. ANIMALS IN THE WATER Mirnijs Aleksandrs 6.d Riga Ostvald secondary school
  2. 2. Whales
  3. 3. Content. 1.Species of whales. 2.Gray whale. 3.Blue whale. 4.Humpback whale. 5.Baleen whale. 6. Polar whale. 7.Interesting facts.
  4. 4. Species of whales. Gray whale.Blue whale. Humpback whale. Baleen whale.Polar whale .How many of these species of whales!
  5. 5. Gray whale. It is one of the oldest mammals - age form has about 30 million years. Length of female does not exceed 15 meters, and male - 14.6 meters. He’s weight s about 20-35 tons. On the back instead of the fin slightly noticeable hump.
  6. 6. Blue whale. • One of the biggest animals who even lived on the Earth.Female is always bigger than male. It is 30 meters long and it weights 100 tons. It isn’t blue,but it is blue-gray with silver-gray irregular spots. It eats planktons, absorbing for each "meal" up to one ton of feed.
  7. 7. Humpback whale. Big animal with dense shortened body, back and sides are blackish, and the color is black or white. The maximum length of about 15 meters. Whale, who’s length is 14 meters can weigh more than 40 tons.
  8. 8. Baleen whale. Got its name because of the long horny plates called whalebone, are in their mouths instead of teeth.
  9. 9. Polar whale Reaches a size of 21 meters and a weight of up to 150 tons. His head takes up a third of the body and is separated from the body by easily visible neck. General color of adults-dark, sometimes with a white throat, in immature - grayish dark. The skin on the body smooth, horny outgrowths and cones, shells of barnacles not cluttered
  10. 10. Intresting facts. 1. Did you know that whales tan? Yes,whales like tan. 2. Whales eye weights about 5 pounds. 3.The hearth of the blue whale weights as much as car (1.5 tons) 4. Whale is the only non-human mammal that ... sings 5. Whale tails are as individual as humans fingerprints.
  11. 11. February 19 - World Day for the protection of marine mammals (whales Day) Extermination of whales, which lasted more than a century, adversely affected their population - many whales were on the verge of extinction. Many whales recorded in the lists of the International Red Book. Reducing the number of whales leads to disruption of the biological balance in marine ecosystems.
  12. 12. Every year, environmental organizations and the public in different countries together for environmental actions to protect marine mammals. Spotlight on 19 February - whales and other marine animals.
  13. 13. Thank you for watching!