CEO and Leadership Tips. Paul King. Wharton.


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Leaderhip couse on by Paul King, Wharton,

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CEO and Leadership Tips. Paul King. Wharton.

  1. 1. Case study from course How to become a CeO And win at work? Dr. Paul King CEO, Mentor, Executive Coach, Teacher at Wharton Business School
  2. 2. every crisis is an opportunity for a leader
  3. 3. every crisis is der in opportunity for a lea l. During Two decades ago I was CEO of a hospita ak of one of my vacations there was an outbre tant nnaires’ disease at my hospital. My assis Legio National Dan handled the crisis. He consulted the ed a press Center for Disease Control and organiz e ence. With less than 5 minutes before th confer Dan t of the press conference I decided that star t he should run it. It was not easy for him, bu O Within a few months Dan became the CE managed. well. all hospital. His career progressed very of a sm ity for ays say that every crisis is an opportun I alw a leader.
  4. 4. A leader is not daunted by new ideas
  5. 5. A leader is not daunted by new ideas rs of a Six years ago a group of young manage your European bank came up with “banker in es for pocket”. They proposed using mobile phon s cial operations and payments. The idea wa finan g like it at brilliant and original; nobody had anythin e idea. They the time. But the bank didn’t develop th s had missed a great opportunity. If executive uld ned to the young managers, the bank co liste have become the leader in this segment.
  6. 6. Learn from lincoln: leaders don’t give up
  7. 7. learn from lincoln: leaders don’t give up ; it It doesn’t matter how badly you fall down raham matters how quickly you get back up. Ab cted Lincoln lost 9 elections before he was ele res? esident. Who remembers Lincoln’s 9 failu pr greatness? Almost no one. Who remembers Lincoln’s Almost everyone. ! ! ! ! !
  8. 8. a leader thinks outside the box
  9. 9. A leader thinks outside the box me Convenience stores Wawa offered the sa ce oducts and services as other convenien pr up with the stores. That is, until an employee came s’ tire idea of checking and adjusting customer s gas, sure. Having correct tire pressure save pres to it is ecologically friendly, and prevents au t also accidents. It was not only customers, bu aders media who were enthusiastic about it. Le and ays look at situations from another angle alw create value.
  10. 10. a leader never makes thoughtless decision
  11. 11. a leader never makes thoughtless decision fire rst mistake I made was not preparing to The wo not at employee. This particular employee was an rmination work the day he was to be fired, so a te s s mailed to him. Later I found out he wa letter wa t. He medical leave after a job-related acciden on a 10 people, s furious and told one person who told wa ndred. The who told another 100, who told a few hu y was gossip, which characterized the compan to ible and merciless, spread. This taught me terr make decisions more carefully.
  12. 12. a leader must be fair and principled
  13. 13. a leader must be fair and principled life. In my recall this day as a most dreadful in my I a nurse. It clinic a patient died while in the care of ath licated story: the family assumed the de is a comp I could intentional, a murder. It went to court. was et out, ve fired the nurse immediately saying: “G ha d that in you’ve ruined my business”. But I realize e there would be two victims. We helped th doing so of all e through the ordeal. She was acquitted nurs e, arges, and became an exemplary employe ch patients receiving more letters of gratitude from than the other nurses in the clinic.
  14. 14. a leader makes an unforgettable impression
  15. 15. a leader makes sion an unforgettable impres will e your first impression memorable. You Mak st never get a second chance to make a fir being impression. I will share a secret which is used during a job interview. It is the ll ask eptionist’s trick”. The smart manager wi “rec fice and the receptionist how you entered the of ght have behaved in the waiting area, while you mi r is t no-one was watching. If your behavio though ether wed as unacceptable, it could impact wh vie you are considered.
  16. 16. a leader sets high standards of quality
  17. 17. a leader sets high standards of quali ty lf as a If you deal with clients, think of yourse from omer. MNBA, a credit card company, grew cust thinking this zero customers to 50 million customers Bank of way, and eventually sold its business to stomer America. They used one trick: phone cu while ice representatives looked into a mirror serv of looking talking to customers. It was an approach from the outside. ! ! !
  18. 18. a leader sets goals and achieves them
  19. 19. a leader sets goals and achieves them at Wharton 2010 MBA graduate, believed th Mike, a do. er should not define what a person could canc o with a His dream was to climb Mount Kilimanjar bordered group of cancer survivors. Mike’s dream in his on the impossible, but he felt it was with ers h. What happened? In July 2012, 17 climb reac mmit, and made the climb, reached the 19,341 ft. su eam the raised $230,000 for cancer research. Dr impossible, then implement it! ! !
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