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Search Marketing: An Executive Overview


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  • Objectives for today's Indianapolis SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seminar. We want you to understand the elements critical to having a successful SEO program in place for your company. Learn about the tools and tactics necessary to ensure your website is found for targeted keywords and understand more about how search engines view your website. Which will help you decide if your efforts can accomplish the goals you have established or if you may need assistance from and outside company.
  • Perfect example of:You show up on the paid search and then you also show up #6 or 7 on the organic search – do you really want to pay for that position if you are on the front page organically?You are sending visitors to the homepage for “luxury motorhomes” – why not send them to the luxury motorhomes page within the site? Why give them the option of a 5th wheel?Paid search is like a Jet – you can get up and going quickly, but there is very little energy left to propel you – you have to continually feed itOrganic search is like a locomotive – harder to get going, but much more difficult to stop as well.
  • Transcript

    • 1. An Online marketing discussion
      September, 2010
      Search Marketing
    • 2. Objectives
      Understand the elements critical to having a successful online marketing program in place for your company
      Learn about the tools and tactics necessary to ensure your website is found for targeted keywords
      Understand more about how search engines view your website
      Decide if your efforts can accomplish the goals you have established
    • 3. why is search marketing so powerful?
    • 4.
    • 5. business first: objectives
      What are your online marketing objectives?
      Are they being adequately accomplished with the current strategies employed?
      Example Online Marketing Objectives:
      Generate leads
      Engage buyers, dealers, prospective buyers and prospective dealers with our Brand
      Leverage social media for training Dealers
      Enter market where competitor is deeply entrenched
    • 6.
    • 7. Paid Search/ Pay Per Click/ PPC
      Organic Search/ Search Engine Optimization/ SEO
    • 8. what is…
      Search Engine Optimization
      Organic Search
      The active practice of optimizing a website to increase relevant traffic received by the site.
      Pay Per Click
      Paid Search
      A method of advertising where the advertiser pays for each click received on the search engine results page (SERP)
      Note: SEO and PPC work completely independent of one another. Google does NOT reward organic search placement based on your paid search spend.
    • 9. search marketing stats
      4 out of every 5 search engine users report they never click on PPC (paid) results
      70% of search engine users choose to visit websites that appear in the Top 10 organic results
      Over one billion daily searches are performed through Google alone
      Google accounts for 80% of all search volume
    • 10. Rank 1 = 56% of clicks
      Rank 2 = 13% of clicks
      Rank 3 = 10% of clicks
      Rank 4 = 4% of clicks
      Rank 5 = 4% of clicks
      Rank 6 = 4% of clicks
      Rank 7 = 3% of clicks
    • 11. achieving optimal organic page rank
    • 12. seo objectives
      Generally, the objectives for any SEO campaign are to:
      Ensure that your website is coded in a manner that is visible by search engine crawlers
      Maximize keyword exposure so that your site appears higher in organic rankings
      Drive more relevant traffic to your website; and secure more conversions (i.e. leads or sales)
    • 13. seo tools
      Meta Data:
      First thing search engine will look for
      Determines what people will see in the SERP page
      On-site Content Optimization
      Pages should be optimized for one keyword
      On-page content keyword density goal: 3-7%
      Indicates to Google on which topics you are an expert
    • 14. seo tools (con’t)
      Cross Linking:
      Helps control page rank
      Pages with higher ranking priority should have more links pointing to them internally within your website.
      Consider anchor text used in cross-linking
      In-bound Links & Link Building
      Search engines see links to your site as a “vote” for the quality of content on your site.
      The relative authority of the linking site plays a part in determining the importance assigned to the links they provide to your pages.
    • 15. seo tools (con’t)
      Google Webmaster:
      Provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google
      Free tool offered by Google
      Social Media
      Google Caffeine increased the speed at which social media sites are indexed.
      Links back to your site can be a link building strategy
    • 16. SEO How-To & To Do
      3-7% keyword density:
      Keyword research tool:
      Search engine ranking and volume report – we can do this for you (show example)
      setup google profiles for you and your
      schedule a time to review your local 
      Get a dynamic website that is not built 100% in flash and is built on a platform you can update yourself (content management system)
    • 17. PPC Objectives
      Generally, the objectives for any PPC campaign are to:
      Very quickly drive relevant traffic to your website
      Generate geographically targeted traffic to selected landing pages
      Allow you to capture traffic from a broader set of keywords (outside of what your site is optimized for)
      Allow you to be visible when competitive keywords are typed in.
    • 18. ppc campaigns
      Four major components to PPC effort
      Keyword selection
      Ad text/ copy
      Landing page
      Conversion/ follow-up
    • 19.
    • 20. online marketing stats
      1/3rd of the United States is participating on Facebook
      “This is not a phase… it is more important than ever to build a brand and engage your target market [on the internet]” – RV Business
      “Empowered consumers today expect a customized, interactive brand experience that goes way beyond a 30 second television spot or two-dimensional print ad. Forty-two percent of online adultsand 55% of online youth want to engage with their favorite brands through social applications”
      – Forrester Research
    • 21. Social Marketing
      What is it?
      An online meeting place for consumers and influencers to create, share and interact with content.
      The tools are free, the content is not.
      Why should we?
      “More than 60% of those in the Boomer Generation (born between 1946 and 1964) are actively consuming socially created content like blogs, videos, podcasts, and forums.”
      --Forrester Research
    • 22. where should you be?
    • 23.
    • 24. how can i use
      To listen! Your competitors, vendors, customers and prospects are talking about you, right now.
      To build a presence and expand the influence of your brand
      To enhance search engine ranking (SEO)
      To communicate and educate
      Start connecting with clients, vendors, partners, admirers, employees, dealers, etc
      Contests, product previews, service priority, VIP access, product reviews, product input, marketing input, service input, feedback
      Surpassed 500 million global users in July, 2010
    • 25.
    • 26. How you can use
      Buy a Flip camera
      Create a library of videos that highlight product and company distinctions
      Use .ppt to create and upload online presentations
      Set up a YouTube Channel
      Start connecting with and informing partners, prospects, clients, coworkers and friends
      Can be a source of content for your social marketing efforts
      Improve organic search rankings
      Distribute dealer training
      QR Codes
    • 27. what you need to know to decide
      Attendance and discipline are half the game
      Content is king
      Dedicate resources to making this work
      Seek first to understand, then to be understood
      The conversation is going on right now, the only decision is if you will be involved
      Identify what level of involvement is sustainable
      Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
    • 28. questions?