SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Interconnects


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This training module introduces SEARAY connectors from Samtec, their applications and processing recommendations.

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SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Interconnects

  1. 1. SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Interconnects Source: Samtec
  2. 2. Introduction Purpose  This training module introduces SEARAY connectors from Samtec, their applications and processing recommendations. Outline  Introduction to SEARAY connectors  SEARAY with single-end configuration & the measurements  SEARAY in RapidIO application  Processing recommendation Content  14 pages
  3. 3. SEARAY™ SEARAY is a 0.050” high density, high speed board-to-board interconnect system. SEARAY can be mapped as a single-ended application, differential pair application, or a combination of both. The contacts in the SEARAY system are robust and allow for “zippering” when mating and unmating the connectors. Open pin field for maximum routing and design flexibility Up to 500 I/Os Solder charge terminations allows for easier processing Low insertion / extraction forces SEAM SEAF
  4. 4. SEAM / SEAF Series Characteristics 1.27mm x 1.27mm pitch interconnects system Available in 5, 6, 8 and 10 row open pin field arrays 20, 30, 40, and 50 positions High speed rating  Single-Ended: up to 9.5GHz / 19Gbps  Differential: Optimal Vertical: up to 9.5GHz / 19Gbps Optimal horizontal: up to 10.5GHz / 21Gbps High Density Vertical: up to 8.5GHz / 17Gbps
  5. 5. SEARAY in Single-Ended Configuration Single Ended ImpedanceWaveforms shown are from both the SEAM and SEAF side of the connector.
  6. 6. SEARAY in Single-Ended Configuration Single-Ended Impedance FilteredWaveform shows how the connect works with faster and slower edge rates in theTime Domain.
  7. 7. SEARAY in Single-Ended Configuration TDT Risetime Measurements TDT measurements were taken from the SEAM port to the SEAF port.
  8. 8. SEARAY in Single-Ended Configuration Single-End CrosstalkThe waveforms are for all NEXT measurements. Most FEXT measurementsshowed a Crosstalk of less than 1%.
  9. 9. SEARAY™ in RapidIO Application Circuit Model
  10. 10. RapidIO Application – Interconnect Budget RapidIO short run driver template intervals at 2.5Gbps RapidIO short run driver template intervals at 3.125Gbps
  11. 11. RapidIO Application – 2.5Gbps Eye Pattern
  12. 12. RapidIO Application – 3.125Gbps Eye Pattern
  13. 13. Processing Recommendations Minimum stencil thickness to be 0.005” (0.12mm) Complete solder pad coverage is critical. Stencil cleaning may need to be monitored more frequently to ensure complete solder pad coverage is maintained. The connector must be fully seated. As the solder charges reflow, the weight of the connector causes it to settle so that the body rests on or slight above the board after processing. Time and temperature must be controlled prior to processing or production.  Thermocouples should be placed as close to the solder charger as possible in the center and on the outside edge.
  14. 14. Additional Resource For ordering the SEARAY connectors, please click the part list or Call our sales hotline For additional inquires contact our technical service hotline For more product information go to ies=SEAF