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Piccolo F2806x Microcontrollers
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Piccolo F2806x Microcontrollers


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To introduce Piccolo F2806x microcontrollers and their new features.

To introduce Piccolo F2806x microcontrollers and their new features.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Welcome to the training module on Piccolo F2806x Microcontrollers.
  • This training module will introduce Piccolo F2806x microcontrollers and their new features.
  • Taking a broad look at TI’s embedded processing portfolio, C2000 comes in as a 32-bit microcontroller optimized for real-time control. C2000 offers a broad range of microcontrollers ranging from 40MHz to 300MHz, and from 16KB to 512KB of RAM. Its math-optimized core gives designers the means to improve system efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. Powerful integrated peripherals make C2000 devices the perfect single-chip control solution.  With code-compatibility across all C2000 devices, C2000 is the ideal solution for applications such as digital motor control, digital power, lighting, and renewable energy.
  • C2000 has been designed for real-time control applications since its inception. The portfolio has evolved over the years to merge the performance benefits of its high-performance signal processing core with the integration, low cost and ease-of-use traditionally associated with microcontrollers. And that’s what you see here. C2000 currently has two series: Piccolo, for the most cost-sensitive application spaces, and Delfino, which meets the need of customers that need high-performance floating point. But there is this growing group of developers that need something to fill the gap between the two – developers of real-time control applications that need that tailored 80 MHz mid-range performance, but also require low cost, floating-point ease of use, more connectivity options and more memory. This is especially important for applications like renewable energy, where developers are looking to add the intelligence of networking to wind farms; or hybrid electric vehicles and charging stations. So that’s what we’re here to talk to you about today – more than 15 new low-cost Piccolo MCUs that also bring a brand new math engine and peripheral enhancements, so let’s take a closer look.
  • So why do engineers need these new MCUs? First, they need to achieve optimal efficiency and functionality. TI enables them to do this with a cutting edge math engine. C2000 is rooted in TI’s 25+ years of digital signal processing leadership, and has always had DSP instructions. C2000 has also since added a revolutionary parallel loop controller (CLA) and now has introduced the VCU, essentially a DSP and system specific Hardware accelerator.  Second, engineers need add intelligence while reducing system cost and complexity. The F2806x enables this by adding new communications capabilities within and externally. Most significant are the power line communications optimizations that are part of this device. And third, engineers need to get their own products to market fast. With the software and code generation tools provided for the customers in controlSUITE, and with real-world hardware application development tools, C2000 gives engineers a huge head start by providing software and kits that resemble real-world implementations.
  • Let’s take a closer look at the device. It starts with leading math capabilities, and F2806x provides up to 3 key features, which are floating point instructions, the control law accelerator (or CLA), and the Viterbi and Complex Math Unit (or VCU) When people think floating-point, they immediately think ease of use benefits, but many aren’t aware of the performance benefits. These graphs show the 40% reduction in cycles that floating-point can bring, which means more bandwidth to do other control functions. For example, a single F2806x device can control two motors, a Power factor correction stage, and facilitate power line communication. The CLA was first introduced with the Piccolo F2803x series and is a coprocessor that acts independently of the CPU. It is optimized for control loops, and also supports floating-point. And the VCU is a brand new extension that includes a viterbi unit, arithmetic unit and CRC unit.
  • The F2806x devices add floating-point to the C2000™ Piccolo MCU series as well as more memory, more peripherals, and new technologies for real-time control applications. F2806x devices add to the F2803x family with double the memory—up to 256KB of Flash and 100KB of RAM. Performance is boosted to 80 MHz, and additional processing power is gained with the Control Law Accelerator (CLA) as well as the new VCU (Viterbi, Complex Math, CRC Unit) for complex math operations. A larger set of advanced control peripherals includes the new High-Resolution Capture (HRCAP) module. This family is code-compatible with previous C28x-based code, as well as providing a high level of analog integration. An internal voltage regulator allows for single-rail operation. Enhancements have been made to the HRPWM module to allow for dual-edge control (frequency modulation). Analog comparators with internal 10-bit references have been added and can be routed directly to control the PWM outputs. The ADC converts from 0 to 3.3-V fixed full scale range and supports ratio-metric VREFHI/VREFLO references.
  • Let’s take a moment to look at the VCU. Communications outside the system is becoming more important than ever before. PLC is one method that customers are using to integrate networking and it is a popular method because it leverages existing infrastructure instead of having to install separate, dedicated networks such as Ethernet. However, the power line is a very noisy environment, so you need to do a lot of processing power for filtering, FFT processing, and decoding, to accurately transmit data. In addition to the complexity, developing and evolving protocol standards make it even harder for engineers to create the right solution. Right now, developers have to use a dedicated device to add PLC. This is necessary because of the required processing bandwidth, and it keeps the system relatively modular for future changes in protocols and standards. However, Piccolo with the VCU can eliminate that extra device from the system. The VCU presents a balance of hardware acceleration to increase processing proficiency and flexibility to reprogram for new or updated protocols and standards. This reduces system cost and complexity from both hardware and software standpoints. PLC is just one example of a technology that benefits from the VCU. O ther applications such as automotive radar, and power electronics safety & reliability measurements (such as vibration analysis) benefit from the additional optimized performance.
  • But for real-time control, you need more than just the brain. So let’s talk about the peripherals. From an input perspective, Piccolo has the best-in-class 3 Mega-samples-per-second ratio-metric 12-bit ADC, ensuring accurate and speedy sensing the input. Three analog comparators allow quick, asynchronous detection and response to conditions like overcurrent or overvoltage. On the output side, the F2806x devices have the industry’s highest resolution PWM with 150 picoseconds of resolution on both frequency and duty cycle. The PWMs are highly flexible in that they can support multiple power topologies. This is critical for renewable energy customers who need to be able to support a specialized DC/DC topology while also controlling an inverter topology, all handled by a single MCU. F2806x enables that. And then, there’s the external communication. F2806x provides all of the industry standard interfaces – Controller Area Network (or CAN), SPI, I-squared-C (I 2 C), UART as well as TI’s Mult that is a flexible serial port that can connect to a wide variety of industry standard codecs and data converters. TI has also added USB 2.0, which is becoming increasingly important for customers that want need to add field firmware upgradeability or data logging. And customers are able to get all of this in the F2806x MCUs, starting at 4.95 in one thousand unit pricing.
  • And, of course, to get customers started, TI provides a full platform of software, tools and support. C2000 spends a lot of time making sure that customers can easily and fully leverage all of the features of our devices and the breadth of system application knowledge that has been built over the last 15 years. With controlSUITE, all of that knowledge and software is freely available in one location. After downloading controlSUITE at, you’ll have free, full access to a whole slew of device examples, math libraries, and application libraries. All of the hardware files for development tools are also accessible for engineers to freely modify and recreate. You can directly find application notes, technical documents, available training, and even valuable resources from C2000’s developer network. On the hardware tools side, F2806x will have two main, low-cost evaluation kits. First, the F2806x controlSTICK is a full kit in USB stick form factor. With an onboard emulator and access pins, getting started with F2806x is as easy as plugging it in to your computer. A step up is the F2806x Experimenter Kit, which also includes onboard emulation. The Experimenter kit provides access to all F2806x I/O pins and includes a prototyping area. This kit uses the F2806x controlCARD, which can be purchased separately. The controlCARD is completely pin-compatible with other controlCARDs within the C2000 family, allowing it to be plugged into any of our application development kits as well.
  • Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on “ Piccolo F2806x Microcontrollers” . If you would like to learn more or go on to purchase some of these devices, you may either click on the part list link right beside the play button on the TechCast portal, or simply call our sales hotline. For more technical information you may either visit the TI site, or if you would prefer to speak to someone live, please call our hotline number, or even use our ‘live chat’ online facility. You may visit element14 e-community to post your questions.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Piccolo F2806x Microcontrollers
      • Source: T EXAS I NSTRUMENTS
    • 2. Introduction
      • Purpose
        • To introduce Piccolo F2806x microcontrollers and their new features.
      • Outline
        • C2000 MCUs overview
        • Piccolo series overview
        • F2806x MCUs introductions
        • VCU technology
        • Development tools
      • Content
        • 11 pages
    • 3. Embedded Processing Portfolio MPUs – Microprocessors 32-bit ARM Cortex ™ -M3 MCUs 16-bit ultra- low power MCUs DSP DSP+ARM ARM Cortex-A8 & ARM9™ MPUs Stellaris ® ARM Cortex-M3 MSP430 ™ Sitara ™ ARM Cortex-A8 & ARM9 C6000 ™ DaVinci ™ video processors TI Embedded Processors Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM ® -Based Processors OMAP ™ Software & Dev. Tools Up to 100 MHz Flash 8 KB to 256 KB USB, ENET MAC+PHY CAN, ADC, PWM, SPI Connectivity,Security, Motion Control, HMI, Industrial Automation Up to 25 MHz Flash 1 KB to 256 KB Analog I/O, ADC LCD, USB, RF Measurement, Sensing, General Purpose 32-bit real-time MCUs C2000 ™ Delfino ™ Piccolo ™ 40MHz to 300 MHz Flash, RAM 16 KB to 512 KB PWM, ADC, CAN, SPI, I 2 C Motor Control, Digital Power, Lighting, Ren. Energy Ultra Low power DSP C5000 ™ Up to 300 MHz +Accelerator Up to 320KB RAM Up to 128KB ROM USB, ADC McBSP, SPI, I 2 C Audio, Voice Medical, Biometrics Multi-core DSP C6000 ™ 375MHz to >1GHz Cache, RAM, ROM USB, CAN, SATA, SPI, PCIe, EMAC Industrial automation, POS & portable data terminals 24,000 MMACS Cache RAM, ROM SRIO, EMAC DMA, PCIe Telecom test & meas, media gateways, base stations 300MHz to >1Ghz +Accelerator Cache RAM, ROM USB, ENET, PCIe, SATA, SPI Floating/Fixed Point Video, Audio, Voice, Security, Conferencing
    • 4. C2000 ™ MCUs are Tailored For R eal-time C ontrol Fixed Pt Low Cost Delfino ™ Fixed Pt w/Co-Processor Options Piccolo ™ 40 100 150 300 MIPS 60 80 Low Cost Motor Control Elec Vehicle Lighting & PLC DC/DC AC/DC Low Cost Motion Control Servo Drives & motion control Driver Assist- ance Power Monitor- ing Floating Pt High Performance C2834x F2833x F2803x F2802x Performance & Memory Low End Drives Renew- able Energy + PLC Hybrid Elec Vehicle +PLC Floating Pt w/Co-Processor + VCU options F2806x 15+ new MCUs
    • 5. Low-cost Floating Point Meets Real-time Control in 15 new Piccolo ™ MCUs Get to market fast
      • Industry-leading tools, software & support:
      • Real-world hardware application development tools
      • Free controlSUITE™ software & code gen tools
      • IQmath Library for scaling throughout Piccolo family
      Achieve optimal efficiency & functionality Add intelligence, reduce system cost & complexity
      • Cutting-edge math engine:
      • Floating-point performance and ease-of-use
      • 80 MHz plus optional control law accelerator
      • New CPU extension (VCU) for complex math
      • Increased communications and throughput:
      • Power line communication (PLC) optimizations
      • USB 2.0, McBSP and CAN
      • Direct memory access (DMA)
      Up to 7X faster
    • 6. It Starts With Leading Math Capabilities
      • Floating-point at the core delivers:
        • Performance boost
        • Ease of use/time to market
          • Eliminate scaling and saturation
          • Better support for meta-language tools
        • Better Code Efficiency
      • Control Law Accelerator adds:
        • Extra 80 MIPS performance
        • Parallel control loops
      • New VCU adds:
        • Viterbi Unit, Arithmetic Unit, CRC Unit
        • 75 added math instructions
      *State Estimator shown in 10s of cycles Floating Pt: Up to 40% fewer cycles F2806x Float Floating point: Up to 40% fewer cycles F28x Fixed
    • 7. F2806x Piccolo Series Markets: Power Line Modem, UPS, Motion and Low End Drives 105C/125C and Q100
      • 80 MHz C28x 32-bit CPU
      • Floating Point Unit
      • VCU (Viterbi, Complex Math, CRC)
      • Control Law Accelerator
      • Full software compatibility with previous generations
      • 6 Ch DMA
      • Control Law Accelerator
        • Extra 80 MIPS Performance, runs parallel with main core
        • Floating Point, direct control of peripherals
      • Memory
        • Flash: 128, 256 KB
        • RAM: 52, 68, 100 KB
      • Highlights
        • Single 3.3V supply
        • High accuracy on-chip oscillators (10MHz)
        • Three analog comparators with 10-bit reference
        • 150ps resolution on PWM frequency
        • 12-bit ratio-metric ADC
        • 2 x Quadrature Encoder Pulse (eQEP) Unit
        • CAN 2.0B up to 16 mailboxes
        • USB 2.0 Full-speed, MAC+PHY, host and device
      Packages: 80-pin LQFP, 100-pin LQFP
      • Best mix of control peripherals
      • Robust software libraries
      • Code compatibility across C2000 platform ranging from 40MHz to 300MHz
      • Increased on-chip analog integration
      Serial Interfaces Piccolo Memory 256 KB Flash Debug Real-Time JTAG 100 KB RAM Boot ROM Power & Clocking
      • Dual Osc 10 MHz
      • On-Chip Osc
      • Dynamic PLL Ratio
      • Changes
      • POR
      • BOR
      16 ch, 2SH, 12-bit, 3 MSPS ADC Converter 2x SPI, 1x McBSP 1x I 2 C 2x SCI 1x CAN 3x Comparator Missing Clock Detection Circuitry 128-Bit Security Key/Lock C28x 32-bit 80MHz Peripherals Timer Modules 3x 32-bit CPU Timers Watchdog Timer 2 x 32-bit eQEP 3 x 32-bit eCAP 8x ePWM Modules: (8x 150ps high-res) 16x PWM outputs FPU Unit DMA-6CH VCU Unit CLA USB 2.0 FS 4 x HRCAP
    • 8. VCU Enhances Complex Math Capabilities Out Power line modem example C28x VCU
      • Optimized implementation of Viterbi decoder
        • - Performs ADD-Compare-Select & trace back operation in hardware
      • Complex number arithmetic and FFT calculation
        • 2 cycle complex-number multiplication; 1 cycle complex-number addition
        • 2-cycle Complex-MAC
      • Generate CRC8, CRC16 and CRC32 on data stored in memory
        • Byte-wise calculation to support PRIME
      Viterbi Unit (VU) Arithmetic Unit (AU) CRC Unit (CU) Real Imag
    • 9. F2806x Peripherals
      • High accuracy on-chip oscillators (10MHz)
      • Three analog comparators with 10-bit reference
      • 150ps resolution on PWM frequency
      • 12-bit ratio-metric ADC
      • 2 x Quadrature Encoder Pulse (eQEP) Unit
      • CAN 2.0B up to 16 mailboxes
      • USB 2.0 Full-speed, MAC+PHY, host and device
      Serial Interfaces 16 ch, 2SH, 12-bit, 3 MSPS ADC Converter 2x SPI, 1x McBSP 1x I 2 C 2x SCI 1x CAN 3x Comparator Missing Clock Detection Circuitry 128-Bit Security Key/Lock USB 2.0 FS
    • 10. F2806X Tools And Development Kits Software Development Tools
      • All software for F2806x is available as part of controlSUITE. Download controlSUITE to find:
      • Comprehensive set of device examples
      • Math and DSP libraries
      • Fixed- and Floating-point libraries
      • IQmath Library: easily scale between fixed and floating-point MCUs
      • CLA library and VCU library
      • Application libraries (digital motor control, digital power)
      • Development tools example software, complete hardware schematics
      • Executable interface for all C2000 resources including training, app notes, tech docs…
      • Automatic Updates
      • For Power Line Communications software, download plcSUITE
      • Framework for PLC modulation, protocol & application development
      DC/DC LED Kit PLC Modem Developer’s Kit High Voltage Sensorless FOC DMC + PFC Developer’s Kit controlCARD can be plugged into existing C2000 kits such as:
      • F2806x controlSTICK – Everything needed for development in a USB stick!
      • Orderable part number: TMDX28069USB
      • F2806x Experimenter Kit – controlCARD, emulator, and prototyping area in one kit
      • Orderable part number: TMDXDOCK28069
      • F2806x controlCARD – plug-and-play with any existing controlCARD-based development kit
      • Orderable part number: TMDXCNCD28069
      All development tools examples, software, and hardware files available free in controlSUITE !
    • 11. Additional Resource
      • For ordering Piccolo F2806x MCUs, please click the part list or
      • Call our sales hotline
      • For more product information go to
        • /piccolo
      • Visit element14 to post your question
      • For additional inquires contact our technical service hotline or even use our “Live Technical Chat” online facility