Gr8 Looking Logs


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A presentation for grade 8 students on creating their Looking Logs for the excursion to Chang Mai, Thailand.

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Gr8 Looking Logs

  1. 1. Grade 8Art Looking Logs Chang Mai culture, observation, drawing & photography
  2. 2. ? Looking Log what is a You will be creating 8 artistic pages to represent your time spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Think of it as a travel journal meeting a sketchbook.
  3. 3. Your looking log is to be used to record sketches, notes & drawings throughout your trip.
  4. 4. You will prepare some papers to create your work on before you go. These should be carried with you in an A4 ziplock bag, along with your art materials.
  5. 5. Your art materials consist of pencil, black pen, coloured pencils etc. image credit:
  6. 6. Make sure you record regularly, noting location, time and context. image credit: You can add sketches & observations of your experiences in Thailand at any time.
  7. 7. You can create quick 5-10 minute sketches as well as more sustained drawings. image credit: image credit:
  8. 8. Check out & record religion,temple grounds, markets, wats, people, patterns, food & ways of life. imagecredits:FrankCurkovic
  9. 9. You can use pencil, pen or colour media to record from observation. Make good use of space rather than always drawing in the centre of the paper. image credit: Frank Curkovic
  10. 10. You are creating a visual record of various aspects of your visit. You may add notes to your drawings. You may include photographs. image credit:
  11. 11. Carry a camera to all your visits to record image credit: events, objects, sculptures, artifacts, people & patterns etc.
  12. 12. You will have some class time to complete your looking log upon your return. imagecredit: Capture a wide variety of imagery. You can bring these back to class, to further develop your looking log.
  13. 13. Photo ideas: people, textures/surfaces, closeups, patterns, lanterns, baskets, food, pottery, statues, buildings, etc. imagecredit:
  14. 14. A good photo will consider lighting, composition, framing, angle & always be in focus.focusfocus
  15. 15. (You will also be creating a Picasa photo album upon your return.)
  16. 16. Whilst in Thailand, collect a range of papers and materials to use upon your return. You may get an opportunity for this at the night market. Collect patterned papers, maps, postcards & ticket stubs etc. to incorporate and/or collage into your work. Advice:
  17. 17. Drawing Criteria: You can draw from observation and from photographs. Sketches should convey a strong sense of atmosphere and context.
  18. 18. Sustained drawings are sophisticated in style, well observed and show depth & focus.
  19. 19. Use a range of prepared surfaces to demonstrate some risk taking and interest in your work.
  20. 20. Use a range of drawing media and execute it skillfully.
  21. 21. Integrate collagecreatively intoyour studies.
  22. 22. Use colour with flairand have a clearunderstandingof its impact and relevance. image credit:
  23. 23. Layout Criteria: Individual pages should have a strong and well planned layout & design. They should be full and bursting with imagery.
  24. 24. demonstrate vibrant, sensitive colour choices, tonal contrasts and carefully selected media. All pages should
  25. 25. should clearly explain the context, time and focus for the study. Annotations (notes) imagecredit:
  26. 26. student examples
  27. 27. .......
  28. 28. .......
  29. 29. ......
  30. 30. ..../.
  31. 31. ....
  32. 32. ...
  33. 33. Today’s class: ●Go online to search for interesting images related to Chang Mai – patterns,maps,etc ●Print these out ●Use these as background collage for some of your prepared papers,you can easily dull them by white washing over lightly If you have some spare papers: ●Select an image to refer to and create a sustained drawing of it on your piece of prepared paper. ●Develop your drawing with color (ink,paint,pencil). Think about composition and placement of images. ●Concentrate on developing contrast and drama in your work.Use a range of light and dark tones. ●Annotate your page with information on the date , why you chose this image,thoughts and feelings.
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