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As a gamer you’ve probably spent a decent chunk of change on video games—maybe even literally in an arcade machine. But even if you’re up to date on all of the latest consoles, game releases and peripherals there’s still a ton of gamer swag out there to collect. (Think of it as a side quest.) From your morning caffeine intake to your phone accessories and even your decor, there are a lot of ways gaming can invade all aspects of your life.

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Impressive Video Game Inspired Gadgets and Gear

  1. 1. Visit o rs who re ad t his b lo g also re ad ... I like t his b lo g Search for ok r4i-3dsSunday 26 aug ust 2012Top Video Game Inspired Gadgets and Gear Overview Blo g : R4, R4i, Nintendo 3DS News and Review Categ o ry : R4 3DS Review R4i 3DS Cards video g ames blog elektronichouse Nintendo 3DS Games Des c riptio n : Professional video g ames blog about R4i 3DS Information, R4 R4i 3DS Tech Tips by Share this blog As a g amer you’ve probably spent a decent chunk of chang e on video g ames—maybe even literally in an arcade machine. But even if you’re up to date on all of the latest consoles, Back to homepag e g ame releases and peripherals there’s still a ton of g amer swag out there to collect. (T hink Contact
  2. 2. of it as a side quest.) From your morning caffeine intake to your phone accessories and evenyour decor, there are a lot of ways g aming can invade all aspects of your life.Tayog o Mp3 Subacqueo Create a blogG amebo y Watc hSure, handheld g ames have come a long way since the Gameboy, but there’s nothing wrongwith showing off your love for the orig inal with a mini Gameboy Watch. Created as apromotional item a few years back, these bad boys are now kind of hard to come by (socheck eBay if you’re interested in one). Last articles Top Video Game Inspired Gadg ets and Gear Full Review Madden NFL 13 PlayStation Vita Tech Recensione HT C Desire C 10 Best Android Racing Games Video How to Get an iPad Interface in Your PC Competitive Coin Rush Hands O n In London Town: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Microsoft Xbox Live online g aming FAQ Sony PlayStation Mobile still aims to take on Android and iO S g ames Rumors: Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming O ctober 26th for $199 Connect your Android phone with a PS3 controller Complet list Calendar AUGUST 20 12 M T W T F S S
  3. 3. M T W T F S STetris Alarm Clo c k 1 2 3 4 5T his Tetris Alarm Clock bring s back memories, even if it can’t bring back all those hours you 6 7 8 9 10 11 12lost playing . T he numbers on the clock fall into place like Tetris blocks and the alarm playsthe unforg ettable theme song … which is probably in your head now. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 << < > >> Newsletter Subscribe to newsletter E-mail address Nintendo 3DS News Nintendo R4i 3DS R4i 3ds for NINT ENDO 3ds R4i X360 ProMario Pipe Mug Nintendo R4 3DSInspired by everyone’s favorite plumber, the Mario Pipe Mug looks like it came straig ht out of R4the g ame, pixelated hig hlig hts and all.
  4. 4. Nintendo DS i XL Android Tablet Dual Sim MobileWo rking Arc ade Lig ht S witc hIf much of your youth (and allowance) was spent on arcades then you’ll appreciate being ableto . bring a little Of bit of course the arcade into yournow hitting your old button combos won’t earn you any extra points, it’s just g onna make thelig hts flicker.
  5. 5. NES Co ntro ller iPo d Do c kIf you haven’t touched your old NES controller in over a decade, it mig ht be time to let it g o.But if you think you’ll miss it, pick up a NES Controller iPod Dock for a little touch of Nintendonostalg ia.
  6. 6. Mario Ques tio n Blo c k LampT he Mario Question Block Lamp is perfect for any g ame who wishes real life was more likevideo g ames. T he lamp turns on and off by “punching ” the bottom and plays the coin soundfrom the g ames… and every 8 times you tog g le the lig ht you’ll g et rewarded with the 1-UPsound instead.
  7. 7. Pac -Man Bo ttle OpenerIf you can g et past the fact that Pac-Man looks kind of disturbing with fang s, the Pac-Manbottle opener is g reat to have around for opening tasty beverag es during long g amingsessions.
  8. 8. Leg end o f Zelda Trifo rc e Lig hterIt mig ht not g ive you the power of Din’s fire, but this Zelda Triforce Zippo is still pretty hot.
  9. 9. Upc yc led Co ntro ller Offic e S upply Ho ldersT here’s not a lot of reasons to hold on to your old video g ame systems and controllers.Especially since a lot of classic g ames are now available on newer consoles or on the PC. ButUpcycled Controller O ffice Supply Holders g ive them new life.
  10. 10. Arc ade Mac hine BankIf you miss the experience of dropping coins in an arcade machine and g etting to play ag ame, then check out the Arcade Machine Bank. Every time you add a coin you g et 2 minutesof Space Invaders style g aming . Sure it’s not exactly the same as playing it in the arcade, butyou also g et to take your coins back whenever you want.
  11. 11. Pixel Heart Heat Chang ing MugWhen your energ y is low, you need something to g ive you a power boost—this holds true ing aming and in real life. Pixe l Heart Heat Chang ing Mug lets you refill your hearts with anenerg iz ing hot beverag e.
  12. 12. G amebo y iPho ne Cas eYou mig ht not carry around a Gameboy any more, but thing s haven’t chang ed too much. Youstill have a g adg et that comes with you everywhere and keeps you entertained on longcar/train rides. T he Gameboy iPhone cases makes your latest handheld obsession look morelike your first one.
  13. 13. iCade iPad CabinetYou may be able to play your favorite classic g ames on your shiny new iPad, but it hardly feelsthe same… until now. T he iCade iPad Cabinet lets you convert your iPad into a mini arcadecabinet.
  14. 14. Jo ys tiq Hang erDesig ned by Felipe Morales, the Hang & Play hook g ives your old joysticks a new purpose.Unfortunately these aren’t for sale, but if you can manag e to find the parts a DIY projectseems doable.
  15. 15. G ame Cartridg e Hard Drives Etsy seller 8BitMemory repurposes old Nintendo and Super Nintendo g ame cartridg es into cool retro g aming hard drives. Your old g ame cartridg es may not have had a lot of storag e space for g ame saves, but these Game Cartridg e Hard Drives have plenty of space. 0 Twe e t 0 Like 0 Share Mo re Like Send Sign Up to see what your friends like.By e le ktro nicho use .co m Po ste d in: e le ktro nicho use .co mEnte r co mme ntPrevious : Home
  16. 16. Previous : Full Review Madden NFL 13 PlayStation...r4i-3dsR4 i 3DS Tec h T ips and Nintendo 3DS News by elektro nic ho us e.c o m C REATE YO UR B LO G FO R FREE O N O VER-B LO G .C O M - C O NTAC T - TERMS O F S ERVIC E - EARN RO YALTIES - REPO RT AB US E - MO S T C O MMENTED ARTIC LES