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CACHE ADVANCE Presentation Transcript

  • 1. NC E VA AD A C E H C D
  • 2. CACHE ADVANCE is a reality-based CONCEPT competition show where teams of complete strangers are pitted against each other in a hunt to find GEOCACHES that will earn them the ONLY MONEY they will have to continue racing, competing, and surviving through a specific region of the world and every terrain from the top of a skyscraper to the bottom of the sea.
  • 3. GEOCACHING Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game where players use GPS enabled devices to locate secret containers called GEOCACHES hidden throughout the world. Geocaches can take nearly any shape, size, or design and are given a RATING based on the cache’s location, terrain, and difficulty to find. Caches can be as small as a marble or as big as a steamer trunk and are located everywhere. Every cache contains a logbook to sign in your visit. Some caches include other objects like trinkets and prizes. GEOCACHES WORLDWIDE: 2.2 million LOCATIONS: 100+ countries, all 7 continents GEOCACHERS WORLDWIDE: 6+ million LOGS IN THE LAST 30 DAYS: 8 million
  • 4. Teams are formed by randomly pairing contestants. Each team will be provided with a GPS enabled device, a survival backpack with bare essentials, and ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY. Each episode is a new GEOCACHING CHALLENGE: a race between teams to earn money by finding and collecting as many geocaches as possible before time expires. The amount of time for a challenge, number/type of caches, and locations will vary from episode to episode, but every challenge will be uniquely designed to test a team’s ingenuity, willpower, and guile. All teams have the same GOAL: earn enough money to continue in the competition or risk being eliminated. LET THE GAMES BEGIN. THE GAME
  • 5. STARTING POINT For each challenge teams are given coordinates for the STARTING POINT. When challenge starts every team will be given the coordinates and ratings for of the geocaches. CACHE TOKENS Inside every geocache will be a single CACHE TOKEN. These tokens will have a monetary value and be divided into three categories: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. LOW caches will be the most abundant, easiest to locate, and worth the least amount of money. HIGH caches will be fewest in number, most difficult to acquire, and worth the most amount of money. THE GAME
  • 6. FINISH WAYPOINT Teams must arrive at a designated FINISH WAYPOINT with all cache tokens before time expires or face monetary penalties. CACHE IN At the end of a challenge teams will CACHE IN their tokens for actual money-- the ONLY MONEY they will have to survive until the next challenge. Earnings will be split between teammates. CACHED OUT (ELIMINATION) The team earning the least amount of money in a challenge will be eliminated, or CACHED OUT. THE GAME LET THE DRAMA BEGIN.
  • 7. With finite funds and tight budgets teams will have to determine what’s most valuable: a cold beer? A warm shower? A hearty meal? Clean clothes? A roof over their heads for the night? Teammates will inevitably disagree on how to SPEND or SAVE their earnings, which will only lead to drama and tension between teams and teammates. With challenges continuously changing locations, from cities to jungles to islands and different countries, teams are expected to keep up with the game’s movement. Teams will be responsible for their own transportation to challenge locations and if they can’t keep up, they’ll be CACHED OUT. Regardless if a team is winning or losing, it will be a constant struggle to prioritize spending while remaining competitive. THE GAME
  • 8. INTRO Episodes will begin with team TRAVEL and SURVIVAL updates since the last challenge. This is a forum to learn what drama has unfolded between teams and teammates living and traveling on limited budgets. CHALLENGE The HOST will reveal specifics of the challenge (instructions, cache types and values, required transportation, etc.) and will provide STARTING and ENDING WAYPOINTS. Then it’s off to the races. EPISODE FORMAT CACHE IN - CACHE OUT Teams Cache-In their tokens and discover how much they’ve earned, who won the MegaCache and it’s value, and finally which team has been Cached-Out. WRAP UP Watch teams: celebrate staying in the game, assess their performances, how they spend their evening, and finally strategizing how to get to the next challenge location.
  • 9. MEGACACHE In addition to LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH caches, every Geocaching Challenge will have a single MegaCache token hidden amongst the other caches. The value of a MegaCache will be unknown until it’s CACHED IN at the FINISH WAYPOINT. A MegaCache could be any number of things: a night at a luxury hotel, a delicious meal, free transportation to the next Geocaching Challenge. CACHE ADVANCE In every challenge there will also be a hidden CACHE ADVANCE token. When this token is used it freezes teams where they are and gives whomever used it the ability to find geocaches while the other teams sit idly for a brief period of time. MegaCaches and Cache Advances can be saved and used at a team’s discretion. Only ONE Cache Advance can be used per challenge. GEOCACHES
  • 10. CHALLENGES GEOCACHING CHALLENGE Challenges will get progressively more difficult with every episode and will require greater amounts of physical and mental constitution. Examples of Geocache Challenges are as follows: POWER TRAIL Hundreds of caches will be hidden in close proximity within a confined perimeter. This challenge is about sheer quantity. URBAN CENTER Strategically placed caches are hidden in an urban center. MULTI-CACHE / RIDDLE CACHE A series of waypoints that have riddles which need to be solved in order to get to the next waypoint/cache. WATER Teams will search for caches in rivers, waterfalls, and even in underwater caves.
  • 11. DISTANCE Caches will be spread apart by long distances and will require an immense amount of travel by any, and all, means possible. JUNGLE OUTBACK Teams will brave dense overgrowth, elephant rides, and river rafting in search of not only caches but food and shelter. NIGHT TRAIL Teams will use headlamps and flashlights until sunrise as only reflective marks will signify correct paths and waypoints to caches. ELEVATION This will test a team’s stamina, endurance, and athleticism as they trek up mountains with heavy backpacks in search for hidden caches. CHALLENGES EXTREME ALL-TERRAIN Remaining teams will be tested on every level from a combination of previous challenges.
  • 12. THE HOST (TBD)
  • 13. CONTESTANTS The ideal candidate for Cache Advance is a healthy person between 18-80 who possesses an adventurous spirit and an inherent curiosity for the world around them. Regardless if they’ve travelled around the world or never left their hometown, these people must be hungry for new experiences.
  • 14. Cache Advance is a format with huge potential. Geocaching has experienced double-digit growth in popularity every year and its reach is GLOBAL. Geocaching is an activity for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Regardless of age, gender, or location, if you’re one of the 1.5 BILLION people in the world with a GPS enabled device, you’re one step away from being a geocacher. You can sign up for free on a number of websites and start hunting immediately. Geocaching is a sport, an adventure, a treasure hunt and a learning experience all in one. It can introduce you to amazing places and things in your country, city, town, or neighborhood that you never knew existed. SCOPE
  • 15. EXPERIENTIAL Cache Advance is not only a competition but also a travelogue that will lead contestants across the world to dense urban centers and unknown natural wonders. This show is an immersive experience where both contestants and viewers get a taste of the larger world around them and are inspired to traverse it on the cheap.
  • 16. GENERAL PUBLIC: After every episode airs, all of the caches in the show will released to the public. Special Cache Tokens, redeemable for prizes, will be hidden in these caches for the first Geocachers to find them. MULTI-PLATFORM PARTICIPATION SOCIAL MEDIA: Cache Advance will have dedicated pages on social media sites that will grow the community and link fans to new caches, events, and contests.
  • 17. With access to over 6 million geocachers worldwide (generating more than 150 million page views monthly), already has established relationships with major brands like Jeep, Timberland, Geico, Ranger Rick, PBS, Magellan and Garmin. Cache Advance can capitalize on these existing partnerships while expanding to even more brands and categories with copromotion and integration opportunities: Wireless Provider / Device Manufacturer Clothing/Equipment Beverage/Food Pharma Travel Cache Advance will brand itself with its own identifiable icons, logos, and badging with an eye on becoming synonymous with excellence in the geocaching community. PARTNERSHIPS
  • 18. LOCATIONS Southeast Asia would be the preferred location for the the first season because of its natural beauty, current exchange rates, and its tourist friendly environment. This is the most popular region for affordable backpack travel and has preexisting geocaching communities. AESTHETICS Ideally each season will select a single country to cover so that audiences can get a consummate travelogue experience of the country while watching the competition unfold. PRODUCTION This show will strive to capture the striking visual imagery and feel of shows like CNN’s ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’, HBO’s ’24/7’, and BBC’s ‘Top Gear’.
  • 19. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Elek Hendrickson - Elizabeth Ai - Justin Sprague -