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F*ck you, Do Something
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F*ck you, Do Something


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Actual slides of 2012 talk with Eric Steele, Matthew Wilkes.

Actual slides of 2012 talk with Eric Steele, Matthew Wilkes.

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  • 1. Fuck You,Do SomethingMyths, complaints & conceptions that “make daddy drink”
  • 2. Diffs & Patches DO SOMETHINGMYTH If I put a diff patch in trac, the hardest part is already ✓ Pull request or done! GTFO ✓ Test cases! Someone in the futureREALITY ✓ Stay on top andBITES will be very sad when bring to they see that the problem peoples was 80% fixed years attention previously, but left to rot ✓ Be clear: No instead of committed. contributor agreement orSTORY Reviewing Pull Requests do you want review?
  • 3. Add-ons DOMYTH Other people care about my SOMETHING fucked up add-on integration wammy kablamey bug that ✓ Isolate the can’t be recreated without problem to a installing my exact set of add- specific add on ons. ✓ Report in the correct tracker Not a chance in hell. YouREALITY ✓ Contact theBITES made that bed, enjoy author sleeping with that herpe personally laden code dumpster you ✓ Pay someone call a Plone site. big $$$STORY My first tune-up. ✓ Fix it yourself
  • 4. “I can’t believe DO this hasn’t been fixed yet! SOMETHING How shitty is Plone?!? This ✓ Report all bugs fix is SO EASY. I just can’t do it because ... ✓ Triage existing bugsEXCUSE ... I don’t have time to do it ✓ Have everyone     signEXCUSE ...client contracts don’t agreements allow it ✓ Make businessEXCUSE ... I’m not good enough policies & train peopleEXCUSE ... the framework is too ✓ Review pulls complex” ✓ Mentor
  • 5. Tickets DOMYTH Tickets are for getting things SOMETHING fixed. When I put a ticket in Trac, there are people who ✓ Fix it yourself are very concerned and who ✓ Give it a good will fix it ASAP because I’m effort and not happy. triage to the best of yourREALITY People fix the easiest bugs abilityBITES and release blockers. Trac ✓ No skills? Try is more for discussing fixes, workarounds, and tracking barter! blockers. Preference goes to ✓ Avoid phrases bugs making friends happy. like “Plone SUX!!!”* * People say this all the time. Then ask for a fix. I shit you not.
  • 6. MYTHFeature requests DO SOMETHINGshould be documented inTrac. There they are ✓ Work togethercarefully reviewed by the ✓ ImproveTrac masters and existing add- ons firstassigned to a team of new ✓ Start featuresfeature development with clientsavengers. Big or small, ✓ Open andthey are always looking maintainout for my interests! ✓ Find a co- author (or two)No one cares about your users and PLIP itbetter or more than you.
  • 7. Core Features DOMYTH If it is a meaningful enough SOMETHING feature “someone” will add it ✓ Participate in to core eventually discussions onMYTH Core Plone is decided by a tickets cabal of people who know ✓ Respond to what’s best feedback on plone-devMYTH The UI/Marketing/ mailing list Framework team are capable of vetting new features for ✓ Provide YOUR my users. They are detailed use experienced and all knowing cases for demi-gods discussion
  • 8. PLIPs DOMYTH Whoever writes a PLIP SOMETHING should maintain it forever. Quality is all on them! ✓ Follow the PLIP processMYTH PLIP implementors are ✓ Participate in responsible for developer, discussion on user, & integrator the ticket documentation ✓ Offer help onMYTH New PLIPs shouldn’t be PLIPs with integrated without code, reviews, documentation documentation ✓ Test releases early & often
  • 9. MYTH Plone sucks because no one listens DO SOMETHING to me. If I just complain loud enough, ✓ Talk the talk & often enough, to the walk the walk right person, Plone ✓ Earn your will be awesome. complaining privileges All complaints are beingREALITY ✓ Contribute inBITES redirected to action. It is one area for a conspiracy, and no one good will in is exempt another
  • 10. DO SOMETHING"Developers make ✓ Take time to learnPlone so hard so that something hard, thenthey can make more fucking fix itmoney customizing it ✓ Review code as it is added andfor us regular people." make sure it is simple ✓ TALK to implementors about your issue
  • 11. Bad Feedback DO SOMETHING ✓ Think critically ✓ Provide• +1 on tickets is meaningful feedback and meaningless in the think about worst way consequences for you and• Translation: “If you your users do, ok…. but I wont” ✓ “Not relevant” is more important than “I don’t care”
  • 12. MYTH MacYET DO is a real jerk and a SOMETHING huge problem for ✓ Talk the talk & Plone walk the walk ✓ Earn your If anyone else answered,REALITY complainingBITES it wouldn’t be an issue privileges ✓ Contribute in one area for good will in another
  • 13. NEW RULES1. No diffs or patches2. No solo PLIPs3. Limit the +1’s4. Listening to complaints? Get a card. Followup.5. No excuses!