High power pim testers improve quality and increase revenue for mobile network operators
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High power pim testers improve quality and increase revenue for mobile network operators




The Quality of Service (QoS) issues that arise as a result of passive intermodulation can directly impact a Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO) ability to retain customer loyalty and minimise churn. For MNO’s an effective PIM management strategy is essential to improve quality and increase revenue.



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High power pim testers improve quality and increase revenue for mobile network operators High power pim testers improve quality and increase revenue for mobile network operators Document Transcript

  • High power passive intermodulation measurements are essential in order toreveal network problems9th of July 2012, BelgiumThe Quality of Service (QoS) issues that arise as a result of passive intermodulation can directly impact a Mobile Network Operator’s(MNO) ability to retain customer loyalty and minimise churn. For MNO’s an effective PIM management strategy is essential toimprove quality and increase revenue.In order to represent real-traffic network conditions PIM measurements must be made at the base station radio power level or higher.PIM tests that are performed at low power can mask the presence of passive intermodulation in the network. The ability to exceedthe current 20W specification gives operators much more measurement confidence and with UMTS and LTE carrier power levelslikely to be specified at 40W the ability to test at these levels will become mandatory.PIM Testing at 40WCommunications Components Inc.’s (CCI) range of precision Passive Intermodulation ( PIM) testers provide 40W PIM testing for allof the current and proposed mobile communications standards including LTE, UMTS, GSM900 and GSM 1800. This comprehensiverange of solutions, available from Electro Rent Europe, means that Mobile Network Operators can be assured that their PIM testingrequirements can be met now and in the future.Peter Jackson, European Director for CCI commented: “In order to better represent real-traffic network conditions, PIMmeasurements should be performed at the BTS radio power level, or slightly higher. Testing for PIM at 40W has been demonstratedas a more stringent network test and a device that meets the desired PIM performance at 2W, may well fail if subjected to higherpower levels of 20W or 40W. PIM tests that are performed at low power can also mask the presence of PIM, and althoughperforming PIM testing at 40W is considered to be a more stringent test then is currently required, it exposes a cell site’s PIMvulnerabilities in a significantly more quantitative manner leaving little room for conjecture as to the integrity of the devices orcomponents under test.”The CCI PIMPro 900 is a full band unit, for use across the whole 900 band, which includes E-GSM, UMTS900 and LTE band 8. ThePIMPro 1800 is a full band unit for whole of the 1800 band, applicable for GSM1800, LTE Band 3 and LTE Band 9. PIMPro is aruggedized, field tool, with a flexible, touch screen, icon driven user interface, which enables PIM testing to be done swiftly, efficientlyand with confidence by the field technician. As a compact, easy-to-use and fully portable unit it can be moved readily to the point oftest, allowing a logical measurement process to be followed in order to troubleshoot PIM events efficiently.Rent or BuyElectro Rent Europe can provide CCI’s range of PIMPro PIM analyzers on a sale, rental, lease or rent-purchase basis. By usingElectro Rent Europe’s services MNO’s can get immediate access to the PIM solutions they need for their current technology andthen migrate to new solutions as their technology evolves. In addition by renting or leasing MNOs can shift their equipmentinvestment from capital to operational expenditure minimising their balance sheet exposure.David Saeys, General Manager for Electro Rent Europe commented, “At Electro Rent we always aim to keep pace with thetechnology demands of our customers. PIM testing is a critical issue in mobile communications. The challenge is to providesolutions that match the developments in mobile communications technology. CCI’s range of PIM testers is comprehensive and
  • addresses all the current needs of our customers. In addition we know that CCI, as a well-established company committed to thisindustry, will continue to develop its products to meet our customers’ needs. By offering sales, rental and leasing services for CCI’sproducts we are helping our customers gain access to the testing solutions they need today while ensuring that we can continue tomeet their requirements for the future.”Passive IntermodulationPassive intermodulation is one of the greatest challenges in todays mobile communication systems. Passive intermodulation arisesdue the signal degradation effects of passive elements within the transmission system. An incorrectly torqued connection, poorlymaintained equipment, minor damage to an antenna or even a rusty bolt can result in two or more frequencies clashing. PIM canaffect any RF-based communications system but as mobile transmissions rates rise to 100MB/s and beyond it is now accepted thatPIM is an industry benchmark in determining the health of a cell site.Editorial ContactsGert Vluymans, Electro Rent Europe nv, +32 15 740 800, gvluymans@electrorent.comAbout Electro RentElectro Rent Europe ( http://www.electrorent-europe.com/ ) is a subsidiary from Electro Rent Corporation withheadquarters in USA. Electro Rent Corporation, is one of the largest global organisations devoted to the rental, leasing and sales ofgeneral purpose electronic test equipment, personal computers and servers.About CCICommunication Components Inc. ( www.cciproducts.com) is one of the fastest growing providers of base stationenhancement products. With thousands of field-proven solutions in deployment, in PCS, Cellular and SMR environments, CCI bringsexpertise, technology, and reliability to meet base station enhancement needs.Electro Rent Europe nvIntercity Business ParkGeneraal de Wittelaan 9/18BE-2800 MechelenBelgium
  • “Safe Harbor" Statement:Except for the historical statements and discussions in this press release, the company’s statements above constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements,which include, but are not limited to, Electro Rent’s ability to provide customers with test and measurement equipment when theyneed it, at the best possible price and with the most attractive terms, reflect Electro Rent’s managements current views with respectto future events and financial performance; however, you should not put undue reliance on these statements. When used, the words"anticipates," "believes," "expects," "intends," "future," and other similar expressions identify forward-looking statements. Theseforward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties. The company believes its managements assumptions arereasonable; nonetheless, it is likely that at least some of these assumptions will not come true. Accordingly, Electro Rent’s actualresults will probably differ from the outcomes contained in any forward-looking statement, and those differences could be material.Factors that could cause or contribute to these differences include, among others, those risks and uncertainties discussed in thecompany’s periodic reports on Form 10-K and 10-Q and in its other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Shouldone or more of the risks discussed, or any other risks, materialize, or should one or more of our underlying assumptions proveincorrect, our actual results may vary materially from those anticipated, estimated, expected or projected. In light of the risks anduncertainties, there can be no assurance that any forward-looking statement will in fact prove to be correct. Electro Rent undertakesno obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.Gert Vluymans Electro Rent Europe NVMarketing Coordinator Intercity Business Park Generaal de Wittelaan 9/18 BE-2800 Mechelen www.electrorent-europe.comToll free 00800 1234 40 40 http://blog.electrorent-europe.com/Tel +32 15 740 800Fax +32 15 740 841 VAT BE 0480.078.140 RPR Mechelen