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Facts & Figures about electronica 2014

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Factsheet electronica - ENGLISH

  1. 1. Connecting Global Competence Factsheet All information about electronica. Welcome to Planet e. Facts and figures. 26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications Messe München November 11–14, 2014 www.electronica.de 2014 years
  2. 2. Why Planet e is the place to be. Welcome to Planet e—electronica 2014. A place that is unique in the universe as we know it. Nowhere else are there as many ways to promote your business and also get an exclusive look at the future of the electronics industry. What makes Planet e so special: Comprehensive range of products and services From components to systems, applications and services: Everything here revolves around the world of electronics. Global business platform: The high quality of the visitors on Planet e including decision-makers from Germany and abroad who are willing to invest ensures first-rate potential for new business. Theme-oriented forums in the program of related events give you additional presentation opportunities. Conferences with prominent speakers: electronica automotive conference, embedded platforms conference and the Wireless Congress The entire electronics universe at one place INTERDISCIPLINARY EXHIBITION THEMES Semiconductors Embedded systems Displays EXHIBITION PROFILE AT A GLANCE 73,051 trade visitors from 79 countries 2,669 exhibitors from 50 countries 98 % share of trade visitors 47 % share of visitors from abroad 63 % share of exhibitors from abroad Micro- and nanosystems Sensors Test and measurement Electronic design (ED/EDA) Passive components Electromechanics/System periphery Power supplies PCBs and other circuit carriers 143,000 m2 of exhibition space in 2012 EMS Electronic manufacturing services System components Automotive Wireless Services HIGH DECISION-MAKING AUTHORITY 89 % As of 2014, manufacturers of hybrid components will be integrated into electronica’s exhibition portfolio: share of decision-makers** 29 % are key decision-makers** 47 % hold management positions 20 % are in upper management Molded interconnect devices (MID/3D-MID) Preliminary products/Semifinished goods/Materials Prototype production electronica 2012: The media’s international trade fair 523 journalists from 33 countries filed some 2,200 reports FOCUS: APPLICATION-ORIENTED THEMES A detailed list of exhibition themes is available here: www.electronica.de/exhibitionfields Automotive Embedded Solutions Security ** Basis: All actively employed visitors. All information and statements regarding ratings were taken from the TNS Infratest survey of electronica exhibitors and visitors in 2012. Multiple responses are possible in some cases.
  3. 3. Signs of high satisfaction EXHIBITORS—RATING OF GOOD TO EXCELLENT VISITORS—RATING OF GOOD TO EXCELLENT 90 % electronica overall 97 % Completeness and scope of exhibits 89 % Transparency/breakdown of exhibits 97 % Share of international exhibitors 88 % Quality of visitors 96 % electronica overall 87 % Character as leading exhibition 95 % Character/role as leading exhibition 84 % Share of international visitors 94 % Presence of market leaders 90 % Transparency/breakdown of exhibits EXHIBITORS—BUSINESS GOALS REACHED 94 % Cultivate existing business ties 94 % Company/product presentation, cultivate image 96 % Cultivate existing business ties 88 % Monitor competition, market overview 95 % Prepare for investments 79 % Establish new business ties 94 % Market orientation in general 89 % Ongoing education, expand knowledge 89 % Information about/search for new developments 87 % Monitor competition 87 % Establish new business ties 86 % Make concrete investments 94 % of visitors feel that attending electronica benefits them moderately to greatly with regard to their professional activity 93 % of visitors feel that it benefits them moderately to greatly compared to other events 96 % of visitors plan to attend electronica again 95 % of exhibitors plan to participate in the next electronica VISITORS—BUSINESS GOALS REACHED
  4. 4. Three elements that make Planet e so unique. A superior, tried-and-tested concept gives you a number of advantages and opportunities. After all, everything on Planet e is based on three elements: the exhibition, the program of related events and conferences. Which is why your success is guaranteed: Optimum presentation platforms. Various ways to dialog with customers and exchange information Excellent networking opportunities PIONEERING CONFERENCES AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS embedded platforms conference: The communication platform Leading suppliers and independent experts give visitors an overview of and insights into the ecosystems of modern embedded platforms. Creates a sound foundation for selecting future embedded platforms and optimizing existing ones electronica automotive conference: The universal gathering The communication and networking event for the automotive sector on Planet e. With speakers from upper management and some 300 participants from 18 countries, the conference was a central event in 2012. Three highlight topics await you in 2014: Light, Sensor Fusion and Connectivity. Strong presence in 2012: 215 participants from 17 countries Event partners Strong networking with the “Embedded” sector in hall A6 Several national and international trade associations and partners support electronica‘s program of related events and the orientation of its content. www.electronica.de/partner Wireless Congress: State-of-the-art technologies Prominent panel: Speakers are recognized industry specialists. Revolves around significant developments that pertain to current and future wireless technologies “Elektronik” magazine and the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) have been cooperation partners for several years. Related-events program and conferences on Planet e—find out more at: www.electronica.de/supportingprogram
  5. 5. YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AND CAREERS: THIS IS WHERE THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE Students Day in conjunction with semica, VDE and ZVEI HIGHLY SATISFIED WITH CONFERENCES AND FORUMS 96 % electronica Forum 94 % electronica automotive conference 93 % automotive Forum 92 % embedded Forum 92 % PCB & Components Marketplace 90 % Wireless Congress 87 % embedded platforms conference 86 % exhibitor Forum Cosima Award in conjunction with the VDE Job Forum for the electronics industry in conjunction with semica A total of some 7,000 people participated in conferences and forums in 2012.
  6. 6. Planet e. A cosmos of diverse interests 73,051 trade visitors from all areas of responsibility, all departments and all branches of industry. MAIN BRANCHES OF INDUSTRY** Sell/distribute electronic components/ assemblies/subsystems 27 % Manufacture electronic assemblies/subsystems 21 % Use/application of electronic components/ assemblies/subsystems 8% Services 17 % Manufacture of electronic components 2% Education and training 14 % Research and development 1% Government agencies/ministries 11 % PRIMARY SECTORS (EXCERPT)** 35 % Industrial electronics 7% Aviation/aerospace technology 21 % Automotive 6% Electronics for railway technology 16 % Electronic for other consumer goods 6% Consumer electronics 15 % Medical electronics 6% Office equipment, IT (OEM) 14 % Telecommunications (wired) 5% E-mobility 10 % Energy 5% Specialty retail, retail, distribution Military electronics 5% Services 9% VISITORS AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY (EXCERPT)** 25 % Electronics development: Hardware 5% Design 13 % Company/business/plant management 4% Basic research 12 % Purchasing/acquisition 3% Engineering 10 % Manufacturing/production/quality control/ testing 3% Marketing/advertising/PR 9% Sales 3% Consulting 8% Electronics development: Software * Basis: All trade visitors ** Basis: All actively employed visitors. All information and statements regarding ratings were taken from the TNS Infratest survey of electronica exhibitors and visitors in 2012. Multiple responses are possible in some cases.
  7. 7. VISITED AREAS* 43 % Semiconductors 26 % electronica wireless 34 % Passive components 25 % electronica automotive 33 % Displays 24 % Electromechanics/system periphery 32 % Test and measurement 23 % Electronics design (ED/EDA) 32 % PCBs, other circuit carriers, EMS 21 % System components 30 % Sensor technology 9% electronica micro-/nanosystems 30 % Embedded systems (electronica embedded) 8% Information and services 27 % Power supplies Countries of the visitors on Planet e A total of 79 represented countries and a 47% share of visitors from countries other than Germany are a clear sign: Planet e is what today’s and tomorrow’s most important markets are oriented to. Top 15 countries 63 other countries TOP 15 VISITOR COUNTRIES AFTER GERMANY Italy Russian Federation Netherlands Austria USA Sweden Switzerland Czech Republic Slovenia Great Britain and Northern Ireland Israel Spain France Poland Turkey
  8. 8. Services for optimum efficiency on Planet e Profit from your visit to Planet e. Make the most of your exhibit. We will provide effective support during every phase. When it comes to planning, participating in the fair or follow-up—take advantage of our services and optimize your presence with little expense. SIMPLE AND UNCOMPLICATED—INVITATION AND CONTACT MANAGEMENT Vouchers for one-day tickets Invite important existing customers and potential new customers the quick and easy way— online or by mail. Cost limit for vouchers for one-day tickets You will be invoiced for no more than 3 redeemed tickets per m2 of booked stand space. Mobile lead retrieval Record your visitor data quickly, easily and electronically. TRADE FAIR SUCCESS INITIATIVE The Trade Fair Success Initiative is our way of helping you to optimize your visit to Planet e. Take advantage of the potential associated with participating in the fair and make the most of it. Besides theoretical assistance, the Success Initiative also gives you active support during the most important steps of preparing for, participating in and following up on the fair. The initiative includes: Assistance planning your exhibition stand Lead-management solutions Exhibitor workshops Practical tips and checklists Reminder service Exhibition budget planner and much more … Find out more: www.electronica.de/fairsuccess
  9. 9. PROFESSIONAL AND COMPREHENSIVE—OUR SERVICES From individual marketing packages and optimum online presence to company entries, press contacts, a job exchange and career counseling: A clearly organized list of services that you can take advantage of during your stay on Planet e is available at: www.electronica.de/exhibitorservices THOUGHT THROUGH AND ATTRACTIVE—EVEN MORE SERVICES You can rely on electronica and more than 90 service partners to ensure that everything related to your exhibit runs smoothly. Among other things, support is available for the following: Stand construction in a variety of designs to meet any needs Stand-related technical services Event services for exhibition and related activities Discount fares on German Railway and Lufthansa tickets Shuttle service from the airport to the trade-fair center Web shop for ordering services quickly and easily Room and hotel service for suitable accommodations Stand construction and participation alternatives on Planet e Whether you build your own stand, order a complete package that includes setup and dismantling, or prefer a combination package for one of our theme-oriented joint exhibition stands: Everything is a little easier and better on Planet e. Our participation alternatives give you the greatest flexibility possible. Additional information is available on our price list: www.electronica.de/application
  10. 10. Discover Planet e. P Nord P2 st We u s ey a or t rkh Pa lti-st Wes u ark M p car C2 C1 P3 C3 P Ausstellungsfreigelände bzw. Parkplatznutzung/ Outdoor exhibition area or for parking P4 P5 C4 P6 Am Me es ee ICM B0 B2 B1 West A t r i u B4 m A t B5 r i u Am Messeturm B6 m Am M esse P+R Parkhaus see Administration building Messehaus A2 A1 W U2 Messestadt West B3 P8 Ost ss P7 i l l ExpressWay y A3 - B r a A4 n d t - Linien-Bus/ Regular bus A A5 l l e A6 Park & Ride car park e electronica Airport-Shuttle Taxi U2 Messestadt Ost As of October 2013
  11. 11. A1 Electronic design (ED/EDA)* A1 Test and measurement A2 Micro- and nano-systems A2 Servo-technology/Drive elements A2 Sensor technology A2 Electromechanics/System peripherals – Casing technology A3 Displays A3 A4 A5 A6 Semiconductors A4 Automotive A6 Embedded systems electronica automotive conference A6 electronica automotive Forum Exhibition embedded platforms conference A6 electronica embedded Forum Exhibition A3 electronica Forum B1 PCB & Components Marketplace Wireless A6 ICM B1 PCBs, other circuit carriers B1 ICM Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications EMS Electronic manufacturing services B2 B3 B4 B5 Power supplies Electromechanics/System peripherals – Interconnection components/systems Electromechanics/System peripherals – Relays, switches and keyboards B5 B6 Passive components in all halls Services, assemblies and subsystems A list of all companies represented at electronica 2012 can be found in our exhibitor database. www.electronica.de/exhibitordatabase * Exhibitors in this exhibition sector allocated throughout entire hall A1
  12. 12. Planet e looks forward to your contact. EVENT November 11–14, 2014 Opening hours: Tuesday–Thursday: 9:00–18:00 Friday: 9:00–17:00 Messe München, Germany ORGANIZER/INFORMATION Messe München GmbH, Messegelände 81823 München, Germany Tel. +49 89 949-20331/20333 Fax +49 89 949-20339 E-mail: projektleitung@electronica.de GLOBAL NETWORK Messe München International has globally active subsidiaries and foreign representatives serving 90 countries, so you can contact Planet e from anywhere on earth. The current address list is available here: www.electronica.de/representatives Besides electronica, Messe München International organizes other leading electronics exhibitions in rapidly growing markets for electronics. This allows exhibitors to profit from the know-how of Messe München International in other regions of the world. www.electronica.de/electronicsnetwork PLANET E ON THE WWW What’s new with Planet e, and what is the industry talking about? You will always stay up to date here: electronica.de twitter.com/electronicaFair youtube.com/electronicaFair flickr.com/electronica slideshare.net/electronicaFair CXXXXXX Published by Messe München Gmbh, Munich; Factsheet DACH E/10.2013 Subject to change without notice. Supplies limited. Available only as long as supplies last. All prices are subject to VAT. Last updated: 10/13 2014