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Facts & Figures about electronica automotive 2014

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Factsheet electronica automotive - ENGLISH

  1. 1. Connecting Global Competence Factsheet electronica automotive Welcome to Planet e. automotive. Facts and Figures. 26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications Messe München November 11–14, 2014 www.electronica.de years 2014
  2. 2. Three elements that keep everything in the automotive sector moving. A superior, tried-and-tested concept gives you a number of advantages and opportunities. After all, on Planet e, three elements keep everything moving: the automotive exhibition sector, the automotive Forum and the electronica automotive conference. Automotive exhibition sector: A complete success trong presence: 1,596 companies at electronica presented S innovations for the automotive sector. reat acceptance: 18,263 visitors, or 25% of all visitors, G were interested in electronica automotive. igh satisfaction: The fair met expectations and received H outstanding marks. electronica automotive conference: The universal gathering The communication and networking event in the automotive sector on Planet e. Perfect for the entire automotive industry: OEMs, component manufacturers, software developers, and for all movers and shakers in the automotive sector. peakers from upper management S ome 300 participants from 18 countries in 2012 S automotive Forum: Launch pad for innovation erfect location: At the heart of the automotive exhibition P sector opics that move the world: Innovations, from e-mobility T to power electronics ighlight topics in 2014: Light, Sensor Fusion and Connectivity H Additional information about the conference: www.electronica.de/automotive-conference reat appeal: Highly frequented, generates a great deal G of attention Find what moves you forward on Planet e. electronica automotive topics Drive trains (engines and transmissions) Chassis/steering Brakes Interior/comfort Car body/safety Active safety On-board electrical network Design and testing
  3. 3. Spending time in the automotive sector is always worthwhile. For exhibitors and visitors alike. Rating of good to excellent from exhibitors in the electronica automotive sector 91% Quality of visitors 88% Fair’s leading character/role in the industry 91% Transparency/breakdown of exhibits 87% Share of international visitors 89% Quality of exhibitor services provided by organizer 82% Fair’s program of related events (conferences, forums, CEO Roundtable etc.) Visitor rating Visitor profile People who visit electronica automotive have a high opinion of the fair in general and of the automotive sector in particular. Rating of good to excellent: The 18,263 visitors in the electronica automotive sector practically represent the entire electronics industry—and in all key categories. 96% Scope and completeness of exhibits 94% automotive Forum Plan to attend the next electronica 94% electronica automotive conference 92% 76% 76% of visitors in the electronica automotive sector said that they would probably or definitely attend the next electronica. electronica automotive exhibition sector Job position* Areas of responsibility* 19% Department/team/group/division head 18% Development: Hardware 12% Project director with managerial authority 15% Sales/marketing 11% Self-employed entrepreneur, partner/freelance professionals 12% Company/business/plant management Managing director/board member 11% Purchasing/acquisitions Other employees, skilled workers, civil servants 10% Manufacturing/production/quality control/testing 8% 27% 8% Development: Software * Basis: All trade visitors. All information and statements regarding ratings were taken from the TNS Infratest survey of electronica exhibitors and visitors in 2012. Multiple responses are possible in some cases.
  4. 4. Sectors/branches of industry** 26% Electronic assembly/subsystem manufacturing 21% Electronic component manufacturing 15% Application/use of electronic components/ assemblies/subsystems 15% 12% Trading electronic components/assemblies/ subsystems Research and development 6% 18% Services Other including students Primary sectors** 53% Automotive 8% Power engineering 28% Industrial electronics 8% Military/defense electronics 15% Electronics for other consumer goods 8% Electronics for aviation/aerospace technology 14% Medical electronics 7% Office equipment and IT (OEM) 12% Telecommunications 6% Consumer electronics 10% E-mobility 5% Services Visitors according to company size** (number of employees) Influence on purchasing/ acquisition decisions** 13% 1 to 9 38% Help decide 19% 10 to 49 26% Advisory capacity 19% 50 to 249 25% Primary decision-maker 9% 250 to 499 9% 500 to 999 32% 1,000 and more ** Basis: All actively employed visitors. All information and statements regarding ratings were taken from the TNS Infratest survey of electronica exhibitors and visitors in 2012. Multiple responses are possible in some cases.
  5. 5. Activate new sales potential on Planet e. Companies that exhibit on Planet e open up opportunities that are not available everywhere in the universe. After all, it only makes sense that visitors from other exhibition sectors also come to the electronica automotive sector in large numbers. Expect a high level of acceptance and strong presence. Share of visitors from other exhibition sectors that also visited the electronica automotive sector Visitors in management positions Gave electronica automotive a rating of good to excellent Relays, switches, keyboards 40% 45% 93% Wireless 34% 48% 90% Power supplies 29% 46% 92% Plug connectors 29% 53% 91% Sensors 28% 45% 88% Electronic design (ED/EDA) 26% 47% 88% Embedded systems 26% 43% 94% PCBs, other circuit carriers and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) 26% 45% 93% Displays 25% 47% 89% Test and measurement 25% 43% 93% Semiconductors 24% 41% 93% Passive components 24% 48% 93%
  6. 6. The industry meets on Planet e. Both an excerpt from the list of companies represented at electronica 2012 and the list of visitors clearly demonstrate that the entire cosmos of automotive electronics comes together on Planet e. Companies represented at electronica automotive (excerpt 2012) AB Elektronik GmbH AB Mikroelektronik GmbH Acculogic GmbH Agilent Technologies GmbH ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH Analog Devices as electronic GmbH Co. KG Autosplice Europe GmbH BMZ GmbH cms electronics gmbh Delphi Deutschland GmbH DELTEC Automotive GmbH Co. KG DIPTRONICS MANU-FACTURING INC. EAO Automotive GmbH Co.KG EMC electro mechanical components GmbH ept GmbH Fairchild Semiconductor GmbH flextem GmbH Freescale Halbleiter Deutschland GmbH Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. GÖPEL electronic GmbH Hirschmann Automotive GmbH Huntsman Advanced Materials GmbH INCOstartec GmbH INOVA Semiconductors GmbH INTECS SpA IQD Frequency Products Ltd Ironwood Electronics Inc. Jauch Quartz GmbH Konfektion E Elektronik GmbH KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH Kristronics GmbH Kunze-Folien GmbH Lacroix Electronics GmbH Littelfuse Europe GmbH Lucius Baer GmbH Marquardt Mechatronik GmbH MathWorks GmbH Maxwell Technologies Inc. Mektec Europe GmbH Melexis Technologies NV MPE-Garry GmbH MTA SpA NXP Semiconductors Netherlands B.V. ODU Automotive GmbH pls Programmierbare Logik Systeme GmbH Provertha Connectors, Cables Solutions GmbH Renesas Electronics Robert Bosch GmbH Automotive Electronics Semiconductors Sensors SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC AG Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH SMK Europe N.V. Stansomatic A/S STMicroelectronics TDK-EPC Corporation Thor Europe SPRL Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH u-blox AG Vector Informatik GmbH Vectron International Vishay Electronic GmbH Visteon Innovation Technology GmbH WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH XINTEK Electronics Co. Ltd ZF Friedrichshafen AG (CHERRY) Zollner Elektronik AG All of the companies represented at electronica 2012 can be found in our exhibitor database. www.electronica.de/exhibitordatabase electronica automotive visitors (excerpt 2012) 2E mechatronic GmbH Co. KG AB Elektronik GmbH Abatek International AG Adam Opel AG A.D.C. Automotive Distance Control Systems GmbH Alpine Electronics (Europe) GmbH Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg AG ap microelectronic GmbH Atmel Automotive GmbH Audi AG AUDIO MOBIL Elektronik GmbH Automotive Lighting Reutlingen GmbH Autosplice Europe GmbH Autoliv AVL List GmbH BW Fahrzeugentwicklung BAG automotive GmbH Behr GmbH Co. KG Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH Berner Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH Bertrandt AG BHTC Blaupunkt Antenna Systems GmbH Co BMW AG BMW Motorsport BMW Peugeot Citroën Electrification Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH Bourns Sensors GmbH Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH Co. KG Bühler Motor GmbH BuS Elektronik GmbH Co. KG CDN automotive AG Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH Continental AG Continental Teves AG Co. oHG Daimler AG Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH Delphi Delco Electronics Europe DELPHI Deutschland GmbH Delphi Grundig Car InterMedia Denso Automotive Deutschland GmbH EADS Deutschland GmbH EAO Automotive GmbH Co. KG EDAG GmbH Co. KGaA Elektrobit Automotive GmbH ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH FCI Automotive FIAT Research Centre Ford Werke GmbH Freescale Halbleiter Deutschland GmbH Freudenberg Co. KG Gigatronik GmbH Grupo Antolin Harman Becker Automotive Systems GmbH Helbako GmbH HELLA KGaA Hueck Co. Hirschmann Automotive GmbH Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH Honda Huber Automotive AG IAV GmbH Infineon Technologies AG Jaguar Land Rover Ltd Johnson Controls KATHREIN-Werke KG Knorr-Bremse AG Konfektion E Elektronik GmbH Kostal GmbH Kromberg Schubert GmbH Co. KG Kuhnke Automotive GmbH Co. KG Lear Corporation LEONI Bordnetz Systeme GmbH Leopold Kostal GmbH Co. KG MAGNA Electronics Europe GmbH Co.KG MAGNA Powertrain AG Co KG MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG Co. KG MAGNETI MARELLI HOLDING S.P.A. MAN Truck Bus AG MBtech GmbH Co KgaA Mercedes-Benz NAP automotive Produkte GmbH Nexans autoelectric GmbH OMRON Corpora­ ion Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe GmbH Preh GmbH Porsche AG PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN t RENAULT SA Robert Bosch GmbH Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH Saab AB Schaeffler Technologies AG Co. KG SG Automo­ tive d.o.o Sonceboz Automotive SA SPAL AUTOMOTIVE SRL STMicroelectronics Telemotive AG Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH Toyota Motorsport GmbH TTTech Computertechnik AG TRW Automotive GmbH Valeo GmbH Visteon Deutschland GmbH Volkswagen AG Volvo Car Corporation W.E.T. Automotive Systems AG YAZAKI Europe Ltd ZF Friedrichshafen AG (Cherry)
  7. 7. ponenten, en der Elektronik S t r a ß e e r e m R i Discover Planet e. Mün stelle/Motorway exit chen A)* A1 A2 Electronic design (ED/EDA)* A1 Electronic design A1 P Nord P eripherie P2 P3 A2 Ausstellungsfreigelände bzw. Parkplatznutzung/ Outdoor exhibition area or for parking A2 P4 A5 A6A2 C4 A6 P6 peripherals – Casing technology B4 B5 B6 u A r i u A4 Ost m A5 Am Messeturm P+R Parkhaus A6 Park Ride car park se e W i l l y - B r a n d t - A l l e e ExpressWay Linien-Bus/ Regular bus electronica Airport-Shuttle U2 Messestadt Ost P12 EMS Electronic manufacturing services B2 A3 Taxi P11 PCBs, other circuit carriers Power supplies B3 embedded platforms conference B4 Electromechanics/System B1 U2 Messestadt West Embedded systems P10 electronica automotive conference electronica automotive Forum A6 B1 Exhibition A6 etplace n A3 t e A2 m B i - r g A1 t o Am M e ss e Administration building Messehaus A and subsystems A6 P9 B1 ICM i West A6 Automotive Services, assemblies r in all halls Wireless e B3 p B2 s ee B1 Semiconductors a es B0 G A m ss ICM P8 - Embedded systems B1 PCBs, other circuit carriers B1 EMS A3 Electronic manufacturing services B2 Power supplies B3 B4 Electromechanics/System peripherals A3 A4 A5 – Interconnection components/systems A6 B5 Electromechanics/System peripherals A4Relays, switches and keyboards – B5 B6 Passive components M e s s e f r e i g e l ä n d e P7 Me e S t r a ß erence rum Sensor technology Displays P a l m e nference rum Wireless A2 Electromechanics/System Automotive e C3 P5 Servo-technology/Drive elements D C2 and nano-systems Electromechanics/System peripherals – Casing technology P A3 A2 Displays Nord A3 A4 Semiconductors Am O l o f - , Sensor A2 technology Micro- A6 C1 (ED/EDA)* Servo-technology/Drive elements A2 uring Services eripherie en/-systeme eripherie aturen Test and measurement MicroA1 and nano-systemsmeasurement Test and A4 estückte Tower A99/Passau Ausstellungsfreigelände Nord/ Outdoor exhibition area North e mente st We au s e y r k h - stor est Pa lti W M u park car Feldkirchen-West 26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications Messe München November 11–14, 2014 www.electronica.de A94 ICM peripherals – Interconnection components/systems electronica embedded Forum Exhibition electronica Forum B5 Components Marketplace PCB Electromechanics/System peripherals – Relays, switches and keyboards Wireless Congress: Systems Applications B5 B6 Passive components * Exhibitors in this exhibition sector allocated throughout entire Hall A1 Planungsstand / Planning status as of: 08/2013 As of October 2013 Services, assemblies and subsystems in all halls 23.08.13 14:02 ICM A6 electronica automotive Forum Exhibition electronica automotive conference embedded platforms conference A6 A3 * Exhibitors in this exhibition sector allocated throughout entire Hall A1 electronica embedded Forum Exhibition ­ electronica Forum B1 ­ PCB Components Marketplace ICM Wireless Congress: Systems Applications Stand construction and participation alternatives on Planet e Whether you build your own stand, order a complete package that includes setup and dismantling, or prefer a combination package for one of our theme-oriented joint exhibition stands: Everything is a little easier and better on Planet e. Our participation alternatives give you the greatest flexibility possible. Additional information is available on our price list: www.electronica.de/application Sponsoring Thanks to its sponsoring packages for the electronica automotive conference, Planet e gives you even more chances to put yourself in the best light. If you are interested, contact us for additional information. Your platform at Planet e—the automotive Forum: As an exhibitor, you can book a presentation timeslot (30 min.) at the automotive Forum and present your products and services to a well-versed audience of interested professionals.
  8. 8. Planet e looks forward to your contact. EVENT November 11–14, 2014 Opening hours: Tuesday–Thursday: 9:00–18:00 Friday: 9:00–17:00 Messe München, Germany ORGANIZER/INFORMATION Messe München GmbH, Messegelände 81823 München, Germany Tel. +49 89 949-20331/20333 Fax +49 89 949-20339 E-mail: projektleitung@electronica.de GLOBAL NETWORK Messe München International has globally active subsidiaries and foreign representatives serving 90 countries, so you can contact Planet e from anywhere on earth. The current address list is available here: www.electronica.de/representatives Besides electronica, Messe München International organizes other leading electronics exhibitions in rapidly growing markets for electronics. This allows exhibitors to profit from the know-how of Messe München International in other regions of the world. www.electronica.de/electronicsnetwork PLANET E ON THE WWW What’s new with Planet e, and what is the industry talking about? You will always stay up to date here: electronica.de twitter.com/electronicaFair youtube.com/electronicaFair flickr.com/electronica slideshare.net/electronicaFair CXXXXXX Published by Messe München GmbH, Munich; Factsheet automotive E/10.2013 Subject to change without notice. Supplies limited. Available only as long as supplies last. All prices are subject to VAT. Last updated: 10/13 2014