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Today’s attribution tools - Digital World Expo 2012
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Today’s attribution tools - Digital World Expo 2012


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Published in: Business

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  • Most attribution tools are based on data rows recorded. Often times there is a price that can be loosely associated with page views and a price for display impressions. (billed on a CPM basis)Google Analytics Premium is a fixed fee of $150,000 annual with an annual commitment. Remember, the cost of the tool is just access, if you are paying for the tool, you will want analysts gathering insights.
  • Most attribution technologies require a JavaScript code implementation. Often times, a piece of code will be placed on all pages (similar to a standard Google analytics implementation).With additional code being set to fire upon a “conversion” A Developer will likely be required for implementation as you will want to pass dynamic values to the conversion tag, such as order amount and order id
  • Attribution modeling WILL provide you with TONS of data, reporting can be difficult and may require additional tools IF the attribution platform does not provide the reports you need directlyAdditional tools such as a BI (business intelligence), Tableau (data visualization), and a data warehouse may be required for efficient reporting.
  • When using multiple sources for revenue tracking, such as Google Analytics, Adwords, DFA, or Social platforms, your revenue numbers often overlap, inflating your overall revenueWith a proper attribution setup, you will have only 1 source of revenue data, where the final conversion amounts total up to the net revenue in your books.As a result, the success metrics often change, as what was deemed successful before may not be very different. An ROI goal when counting revenue 3 or 4 times is very different than counting revenue only once. Even further, goals will change based on attribution models selected and it is important to note the model used when reporting success per channel.With Google Analytics (standard) assisted conversion amounts overlap, so it is important to note that it is not true attribution modeling.
  • Software as a service, you get access to a tool platformReporting you get scheduled reporting sent to youAnalysis, someone is looking into the data, and providing insights and recommendations
  • Transcript

    • 1. Today’s Attribution Tools Follow up questions can be sent to: Justin Goodman - @electricmice Lisa Riolo @lisashandle
    • 2. What does this all cost?
    • 3. Implementation
    • 4. Reporting
    • 5. Success Metrics Change Before After PPC & PPC & SEO PPC & SEO SEO $$$ Social Social Media Social Media Media $$$ Conversion $$$ Display Display Display $$$ Affiliate Affiliate Affiliate $$$
    • 6. How Attribution within a funnel changes Last Click Linear First Click First Click Influencer Influencer Last Click Last Click 100% Last Click 33% First Click 33% Influencer 33% Last Click
    • 7. How Attribution within a funnel changes Time Decay U Model First Click First Click Influencer Influencer Last Click Last Click 10% First Click 40% First Click 30% Influencer 20% Influencer 60% Last Click 40% Last Click
    • 8. Expected Engagement •SAAS •Reporting •Analysis
    • 9. Questions