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U72 lesson 01






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    U72 lesson 01 U72 lesson 01 Presentation Transcript

    • Japanese Word of the Week (14)
    • Aims & Objectives
      Students will exemplify types of storytelling within games and interactive media
      All students will identify 3 forms of storytelling
      Most students will identify 3 forms of storytelling and describe 1 form in detail
      Some students will identify 3 forms of storytelling and describe 2 forms in detail
    • Computer Game Story Development
      12 April 2010
      Unit 1 Research Techniques for Media Industries
      Unit 2 Pre-Production for Media Industries
      Unit 70 Computer Game Design (part)
    • Computer Game Story Development
      1 Understand storytelling for games
      2 Be able to produce a story for a game
      3 Be able to produce game dialogue
      4 Be able to reflect upon own narrative work.
    • Understanding Storytelling
      • Historical texts for interactive media and games
      • Narratology
      • Plot devices
      • Examples of ‘storyplay’ for QTEs
      • Linear and non-linear experiences
      • Strength of characterisation – ‘letting the characters speak for themselves’
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Early Storytelling
      • Cave paintings
      • Campfire legends
      • Old Wives Tales
      • Songs
      • Gods, Paganism & Mythology
      • Fear
      • Control
      • Heroism
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Early Storytelling
    • Film 1
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Oral Traditions
      • Beowulf
      • Sea Shanties
      • Folklore
    • Activity
      How reliable are oral traditions in the telling of historical fact?
      Allow me to demonstrate!
    • Examples of Oral Tradition
      • Canterbury Tales
      • Cycles and Passion Plays
      • Robin Hood!
      • Arthurian Legend
      • Homer’s Odyssey
      • The Stories of Lord Krishna
      • Journey to the West and the Teachings of Buddha
      • Jūratėand Kastytis and Eglė the Queen of Serpents
      • The Dream of Grand Duke Gediminas and the founding of Vilnius
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Post-Colonial Cultures
      • Native English speaking
      • North America
      • India, African Nations, Polynesia/Australasia
    • Activity
      Can you give me 3 examples of how oral traditions of storytelling have made their way into games and interactive media?
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Digital Storytelling
      • New traditions, old formats
      • Challenging environments for developing stories
      • More reliance upon the player.
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Digital Storytelling
    • Film 2
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Cultural Influences
      • Ethnicity / Gender Roles
      • Religion
      • War
      There’s loads more, but here’s the big three to get your cogs turning. More next week!
    • Film 3
    • Activity
      What are 3 main cultural implications of making stories based on some of the influences mentioned in the previous slide and any other influences that you can think of?
    • Understanding Storytelling
      Cultural Implication
      • Controversy
      • Localisation costs
      • Research
    • Film 4
    • Overview – What Have We Learned?
      • The origins of storytelling
      • The development of storytelling
      • Getting it right and wrong
      Have we met our outcomes?
    • Next Week
      Your assignments, how to write for games and interactive media part one, and the X-Men!