Student Notices 5th Oct


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Student Notices 5th Oct

  1. 1. Weekly Student Notices 5 th October 2009
  2. 2. Castle Radio   The new Castle College AM Radio Station is to be set up to run along the lines of a Student Union society. This gives Confetti students many opportunities in terms of helping to run the station and providing or developing content for transmission. The next development meeting is to take place on: Thursday 8 th October at 6pm in S020 . If you’re interested in helping to run the Radio Station please email [email_address] with details of the jobs you’d like to do.    
  3. 3. Delay in receiving EMA payments   EMA payments will be delayed by up to four weeks.  This is due to delays processing enrolment paperwork at Castle College.  Please see EST if this is going to cause any problems for you financially. Please note that you will receive back dated payments for all weeks that you have attended    
  4. 4.   Confetti Library- Open for Business Confetti welcomes you to begin making the most of our funky new library space behind reception on the ground floor.  Feel free to pop in to browse the book, CD, DVD and magazine collection.  Before making a loan, be sure you’re registered by completing the library registration cards given to you by your tutor and have your selection booked out correctly by the tutor in the LRC. Alternatively, a member of EST will be able to assist you.  Your library number will be the same as your Castle College student number so be sure to remember what it is as this will also give you access to the library facilities on any Castle College campus.
  5. 5.   Recruitment Days - Casual Staff Vacancies The Antenna Bar & Restaurant is now open for business and we are looking for part-time Bar Staff, Waiters & Waitresses to work in our prestigious new facility. Experience is preferred, but is not essential, however you must be hardworking, presentable, flexible in your attitude to work and love being a part of Confetti! We’re holding Recruitment Days on the Antenna Bar on the 7th & 9th October between 9am and 6pm. Rates of pay dependant on age and experience.
  6. 6. NUS Cards   Buy your NUS card at reception now for only £10!
  7. 7. Student Cards At enrolment you will all have been issued with a new Confetti card, lanyard and holder – you will need to make sure you are wearing it visibly at all times whilst on site. It is also a fire safety requirement that you use it to log in and out of the building. For security purposes, any member of staff may ask to see your Confetti card at any time. If you cannot produce your ID, you will be asked to leave the premises. Your card is your responsibility; lost or stolen cards can be replaced at EST, but you will need to pay for this service.
  8. 8. New Selection of Food Available Over the coming weeks and months students at Confetti will be able to benefit from the new catering services offered in Antenna. A selection of reasonably priced and healthy sandwiches, rolls and salads are being made from fresh by our own team of Chefs and sold in our vending machines. We are also working on a scheme to allow access to hot food in the near future, as has been requested by many of you in feedback questionnaires. Watch this space for developments!  
  9. 9. Student Reps will need to be chosen by each group very soon. When making your selection make sure you are confident they will attend meetings regularly and be able to speak for your group confidently and without bias.   The Role and Commitment of a Student Rep: Student Reps will need to attend an away day in October to complete training. This is essential to ensure you get the most out of the role and represent your  group effectively.   Student Reps from every course meet each term to discuss the quality of Confetti’s services and provide feedback to help us improve. Further responsibility can be opted for to attend Confetti Education Managers meetings, where you get the opportunity to provide valuable insights into the views of your peers and help to shape decisions that are made about our provision.   Being a Student Rep looks great on CV’s and UCAS applications! Whatever level you are involved at being a Student Representative at Confetti is an interesting insight to the workings of Creative Industries.  
  10. 10. Cultural Calendar Friday 9 October – Jewish, Hoshanah Rabbah The 7th day of Sukkot. Friday 9 October – Sikh, Birthday of Guru Ram Das Guru Ram Das (1534-1581) was the fourth of the Sikh Gurus. Saturday 10 October – Jewish, Shemini Atzeret Shemini Atzeret can be translated as "the assembly of the eighth (day)." In Israel the festival is combined with Simchat Torah. Sunday 11 October – Jewish, Simchat Torah Simchat Torah means "Rejoicing in the Torah." This holiday marks the completion of the yearly cycle of weekly Torah readings.