The domestic electrical trade: A great opportunity for you!


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Electricians Career provide mature career changers with the opportunity to train as an electrician. This brochure provides information and advice on how their electrician courses can help you get into the electrical industry.

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The domestic electrical trade: A great opportunity for you!

  1. 1. Your electrical career starts here To find out more Freephone 0800 037 9909
  2. 2. Electrical ProgrammeThe domestic electrical trade:A great opportunity for you! The demand for electricians 6,720 new electricians are required every year (according to Construction Skills, the Government’s skills council for the industry). In 2010 the annual salaries earned by employed electricians ranged from £20,000 to £50,000, with self- employed electricians earning more. We have trained 7,500 students for a new career since we started in 1998. There is great opportunity for you to train now for a secure, fulfilling and well paid career - whatever your background. Add solar photovoltaic panel installation to really profit Thanks to the financial support provided by the Government’s Feed In Tariff to home owners installing solar photovoltaic panels (solar PV), the demand for solar qualified electricians is at a high point. Summit Skills (the industry’s sector skills council) forecasts that there is a need for 124,000 trained solar photovoltaic electrical installers in the UK. Our advanced electrical programme includes solar photovoltaic training and advice on setting yourself up as an installer. An end-to-end service We will train you in the theory and the practical skills for domestic electrical work; we will help you achieve the certificates you need to work safely; and most importantly we will help you to find work or start your own business as a domestic electrician. And once you are out working in your new career our tutors are there should you need support, and you will have access to our exclusive NCS community of qualified trade professionals. To Find out more, contact New Career Skills. Freephone 0800 037 9909
  3. 3. Electrical ProgrammeYour career as a domesticelectrical installer.As a qualified domestic electrical installer you will (solar PV) panels are a fast growing new area forenjoy a fulfilling and varied career. It is a challenging, electricians, as more and more homeowners installsatisfying job which involves high amounts of individual solar panels on their roofs to generate electricity fromfreedom and responsibility. As successful New Career the sun, supported by Government financial incentives.Skills students will tell you, it is also financially very New Career Skills is one of the UK’s leading providersrewarding. If you haven’t already seen the testimonials of solar PV training.and videos from them on our web site - why not take alook? Other areas of work you can choose from include: • Re-wiringWe recognise that we need to deliver you first class • Electrical Installationtraining and that we also need to support you once • Fittingsyou’ve graduated, unlocking the value of your training • Emergency Workand your new skills. That is why we offer a staged • New Buildstraining and support programme – theory and • Maintenancecertification, practical training and hands-on experience, • First and Second Fixhelp finding work or starting your own business, and on • Conversionsgoing support once you are out working. You will find • Portable Appliance PAT Testingout how we do this as you read on. • Design • Appliance RepairAnd when you have completed your career change • Estimatingprogramme you will discover the wide range of • Solar Photovoltaic Panelspotential areas in which you can work and some areaswhere you may want to specialise. Solar photovoltaic A complete career change programme New Career Skills delivers a complete programme to give you (1) skills for your new career, (2) help bridging the gap between training and working, (3) support finding work and (4) continued support while you are in work. With our unique approach to re-training we can confidently deliver the results you want – here’s how: Blended Career Ongoing Learning Development Support • Flexible delivery • Work experience programme • Join the NCS community • Hands on practical in centre • Support finding work • Exclusive access to jobs • City & Guilds, EAL, BPEC • Help starting your own • Tutors available for advice Accredited Training business • Career Search continues • Pass rates over 95% • 73% of students start in their to support you in work new career after training with us* 73% of students start in their new career after training with us* * 2011 survey of 200 NCS graduates To Find out more, contact New Career Skills. Freephone 0800 037 9909
  4. 4. Electrical ProgrammeWhat makes New CareerSkills different?New Career Skills was founded in 1998 as a specialist Excellenttraining provider. Recent years have seen New Career • Our tutor to student ratio is typically 1 to 8Skills expand and in 2008, we were named by the • We achieve pass rates of over 95%Sunday Times as one of the 100 fastest growing • A first re-sit (should you ever need it) is free andcompanies in the UK. We believe the secret to our you can even retake a week’s practical freesuccess is delivering a service that’s best in class. • Student satisfaction rates are consistently over 95% and we publish these rates on our website every Established month• We have trained thousands of successful students• We own our training centres, and deliver all training End-to-end ourselves, using an employed team of tutors, so we • Our fees include everything – there are no hidden can be confident of quality charges (some other organisations do not include • We are an accredited examination centre for exam fees or retakes or extra weeks training) City & Guilds, EAL, BPEC and Logic • You receive the services of NCS Career Search – help finding employment or starting your own Expert business, plus offers and discounts on vital services • All our course materials are written by experts and and free professional development courses lead to industry standard qualifications, accredited • You can join the NCS Community - a free resource by top awarding bodies centre and a place where you can source work or • Our tutors are all qualified and also have real world work alongside other trained NCS graduates already industry experience running businesses• Students practise hands-on in specially constructed • A tutor is contactable even after you graduate to training bays offer advice while you’re working To Find out more, contact New Career Skills. Freephone 0800 037 9909
  5. 5. Electrical ProgrammeHow the New Career Skillstraining programme worksfor you.We recognise that some people learn best from books, the quality of tuition they receive in centre. Thesesome in a class and some by doing rather than reading. results are published on our web site. Our tutorsWe try to offer what suits you best. You will train for consistently achieve satisfaction grades of 95% andyour new career using our special blended above for training style and delivery, helpfulnesslearning approach. and friendliness.The structure is very simple – you study a block of Even after you have finished your course, our tutors willtheory at home and then you book in for a week of be available to give you advice while you’re working.practical hands-on learning at one of our training So if you get stuck when you are out on a job, you canfacilities. We try to offer you maximum flexibility and call. Or if you have a big project and you need somebreak everything down into bite size chunks. guidance, go and see your tutor for a chat first.At the training sessions you will be guided by your tutorand practise hands-on in a safe, controlled environmentthe theory you have learnt in home study. Because youdo the theory at home you do not have to spend dayssitting in a classroom. You can get started straight away.You are in control of when you learn and the pace atwhich you learn. This approach is taken so that youdo not have to give up your job until you are ready tobecome a full-time electrician.How you tutor will support youYou will have access to our team of tutors while youlearn your theory at home. Later, during your practicalweeks in centre, we have around 1 tutor for every 8students. You will work in a specially designed baywhich is a replica of what you will find on a domesticjob. As you work through the different practicals eachweek, your tutor will be at your side, supervising andguiding you through.All tutors have many years hands-on experience intheir relevant industry and also a number of years ineducation, which means you get the best possiblesupport available, and a lot of common sense advice.At the end of every week we ask our students to rate To Find out more, contact New Career Skills. Freephone 0800 037 9909
  6. 6. Electrical ProgrammeGetting your first job; startingyour own business with NCSCareer Search.NCS Career Search is a division of New Career estimating, renewable technologies and many otherSkills which supports you starting out and growing your courses which may be of use to career. Career Search will help you get a job in theelectrical industry or start your own business and, once The NCS Career Search web site also gives you accessyou are working, it can help you to succeed. to a range of products and services at exclusive discounts which will be helpful to you in your newNCS Career Search has a dedicated team in centre, career – services like web design, financial and legala web site, and also an advice, low cost van hire, insurance discounts, andexclusive community, MyNCS, to serve you better. money off tools and workwear.Help you will receive from NCS Career Search NCS Community - MyNCSDuring your course you will be contacted by your Throughout your course and beyond you will be ableCareer Search advisor and right from the start you to access the NCS community, called MyNCS. Throughwill be offered advice on preparing your CV, interview this community you can keep in touch with the othertechnique and creating a business plan (including sales, students you meet while training, and stay in contactmarketing, finance, staffing issues and legislation). even after you graduate, so you can share jobs with them. New Career Skills trains people as electricians,Work experience – NCS Access plumbers and in renewable technologies (like solarAs you progress through your course, subject to and heat pumps), so there are plenty of jobs whichavailability and on recommendation by your tutor, you can be shared amongst the community. Early on ifmay be eligible for the NCS Access programme. This is you have a large job you may wish to share it with aan opportunity for you undertake work experience with more experienced NCS graduate, who can give youan NCS graduate who is already running a business a few pointers as you start out. Job opportunities arein your area, and provides a real world environment also posted on the community and there is a library offor you to test out the skills and knowledge you have materials you can download for free and use in yourlearnt in your practical sessions. Because we have business, including quote sheets, sample contracts,trained thousands of trade professionals we are in a customer satisfaction forms, marketing materials andposition to offer this exclusive financial planning templates.Career Manuals NCS Career Search is an important part of your careerTowards the end of your course you will receive change programme. Its services are only possiblemanuals on working as an electrician or setting up your because we have been delivering trades training forown electrical business. These manuals contain plans so many years and can draw upon the experienceand techniques for starting and growing your business of people who have successfully completed ourand some invaluable tricks of the trade. You will also programme and are now running new businesses. It isbe introduced to a range of other opportunities to a unique and vital ingredient in your success. Visit thefurther your skills, with free workshops on pricing and web site to find out more. To Find out more, contact New Career Skills. Freephone 0800 037 9909
  7. 7. Electrical ProgrammeSuccessful students!From advertising hell to electrical heavenIvan was tired of work stress and long hours and realised he needed a change.After completing his training, Ivan has his own electrical business and is lookingto take on additional staff. “A year ago I had no idea that I would be able to getto where I am now. Anyone thinking about re-training shouldn’t think about it toolong otherwise the opportunity will pass you by.” From a desk job to entrepreneur with a van Before he had even got half way through the course Ben, with the help of the New Career Search job search service, found work with a local electrical contracting firm. “Within four weeks I had got the hang of it and now I don’t look back as my confidence has grown. I’ve worked on many domestic jobs, as well as a few commercial jobs, including a Toyota garage.”Fast learnerNatasha was a professional make up artist working in TV and film. She wanteda job which would give her more freedom and still an opportunity to earn a goodliving. Less than a year after enrolling with us she was qualified. “It’s hard work, butwomen aren’t any less capable of doing it then men. I enjoyed it!” She now runs herown business, called Electra. Like father, like son Nigel Crossman runs Blue Lightening Electrical, having trained with us as an electrician, “The package over all just seemed to outclass the competitors. NCS offered something which would equip you with all you needed to know to allow you to go out on your own as soon as the programme finished”. Last year his son Antony trained as a plumber with NCS and joined his father’s fast growing business.In control of his destinyFor Neil James from Salisbury, changing career aged 43 and setting up his ownbusiness was not just about being his own boss. The former infantry soldier wantedto be ‘in control of his own destiny’ and retrained as an electrician to make his dreama reality. Neil immediately set up his own firm, Bourne Valley Electrical Services. Now,three years later, Neil has a large base of happy clients and gets to spend more timewith his wife, Lynn, who works with him as the company secretary. To Find out more, contact New Career Skills. Freephone 0800 037 9909
  8. 8. What you need to do next...The shortage of domestic electricians provides an Some successful New Career Skills students left schoolopportunity for those who want a well-paid, secure at 16 with no qualifications, others went to university -and fulfilling career. New Career Skills has helped whatever your age or background it does not matter.many people like you into the electrical industry who The single most important factor in making the breakare now very successful. Remember, you don’t need into the industry is your determination to succeed.any previous experience or qualifications. We can answer all your questions about the course, your new career, qualifications, job prospects, work experience and support. Call New Career Skills free on 0800 037 99 09 NCS worked for them: now make NCS work for you! V5.01 (10/11)Lacuna Place, Havelock Road, Hastings, TN34 1BGTel: 01424 456800 | Email: |